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22 Jul 2010 09:17


Politics: Bill O’Reilly: I’m sorry for my comments on Shirley Sherrod, but …

  • Bill O’Reilly, just like a lot of other people (see: the White House), jumped to conclusions in the Shirley Sherrod case, causing him to humble himself for a moment and admit that, uh, well, he was wrong. But he found a different way to tackle them, so good for him! He still has a line of attack, so he has something to rail against on the program! source

11 Jun 2010 21:31


Politics: Charles Schumer justifies Gaza blockade with straight-wrong facts

  • Yo, Charles, what happened? The New York Senator, who is Jewish, woefully misinformed a Orthodox Union crowd by saying that most Palestinians don’t support a two-state solution in Israel. Actually, they do. By using this train of thought, he gets to this conclusion: “Since the Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas, while certainly there should be humanitarian aid and people not starving to death, to strangle them economically until they see that’s not the way to go, makes sense.” It’s no Helen Thomas-level gaffe, sure, but what an awful justification. source

12 Apr 2010 11:01


Politics: Bizarro hippie Michele Bachmann calls herself Nostradamus

  • Oh, and she says 51 percent of the economy is owned by the federal government. Ever hear a claim so insane that there’s simply no way it’s actually true? Well, Rep. Michele Bachmann, a favorite of the bizarro hippie movement, makes a straight-faced claim that the more than half of the economy is nationalized thanks to Obama. Chris Wallace does rebut at least one of her claims (Bush, not Obama, implemented most of the policies she’s criticizing), but it doesn’t go far enough. As The Raw Story points out, one thing Obama hasn’t done is nationalize banks. source

08 Mar 2010 09:10


World: Was Adam Gadahn arrested in Pakistan yesterday?

  • NO thanks for the inaccurate report, Pakistan source

26 Nov 2009 22:29


World: We’re not thankful for Iran swiping a Nobel Peace Prize from its winner

Shirin Ebadi won the award in 2003. The Norwegian foreign ministry says it’s “the first time a Nobel Peace Prize has been confiscated by national authorities.” Lame. source

25 Nov 2009 22:21


Politics: Sean Hannity’s cold on how hot our planet is this year

  • You can also look it up, this is one of the coldest years in history, this past year.
  • Sean Hannity • Completely getting his facts wrong on how warm it is this year. Media Matters (which is admittedly a liberal site, BTW) points out that Hannity has repeatedly said that this is one of the coldest years on record – facts not backed up at all by the NOAA, NASA and Britain’s Met Office. Data from all three says that it’s one of the warmest years on record. We wonder what crow tastes like. source

08 Nov 2009 11:45


U.S.: How a 9-year-old prevented his mom’s car from getting jacked

  • normal A lady left her kids in the car when she went to the store. She left the keys in the ignition.
  • bad A random guy decided to attempt to steal the vehicle – with the kids still inside the car!
  • great A super-brave 9-year-old took the keys and fought back. He got punched in the face. source

24 Oct 2009 18:00


World: The Saudi sex chat story means lashes for a female journalist

  • 60 lashes for a woman who reported on a guy talking dirty source

04 Oct 2009 10:34


Culture: TMZ said Maya Angelou was in the hospital. They were wrong. Ha!

  • They’re usually right about these sorts of things. From scooping every other mainstream media outlet by hours on Michael Jackson’s death to getting the photo of the Rihanna after the attack by Chris Brown, they usually nail the facts. But not this time. Word is that Angelou, who they said was rushed to an L.A. hospital, wasn’t even in L.A. at the time. Good job, goobers. source

24 Sep 2009 10:30


Offbeat: Dear sick bastards, please don’t duct tape cats. It’s sick.

The sad part is that this photo SCREAMS internet meme. Which is depressing because it’s really just terrible animal cruelty. source