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16 Feb 2011 22:11


Offbeat: Meet the British government’s highest-ranking cat. (Seriously.)

  • Meet Britain’s new Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office: Larry the Cat has one of the most important jobs in Britain – and it’s one that the government, wisely, didn’t put on the chopping block during their recent austerity craze. See, Larry, a 4-year-old former stray, will be in charge of killing mice inside of David Cameron’s 10 Downing Street office. There are many rats in London, and Larry seems like he’s up to the job. We salute you, old chap. source

10 Feb 2011 13:10


Politics: Julian Assange brings entire governments, cats to their knees

  • Julian assange asserts his human dominance: So says German author Daniel Domscheit-Berg, writing in his new book about his experiences with WikiLeaks and Assange. Domscheit-Berg claims that while Assange stayed with him in 2009, the silver-haired Australian began to abuse and battle his tomcat, which is adorably named Herr Schmidt. “Julian would constantly attack the animal. He would spread out his fingers like a fork and grab the cat’s throat,” the upcoming book says. Assange does have a built-in excuse for this abusive behavior, though, if he can only prove that this cat was a bastard. source

11 Sep 2010 10:56


Offbeat: Because we’re not purrfect: Here are two cats we missed

  • Also, Here’s how to find the cat photos! First of all, the cats (from left Lil’Bit and Kirara) above come from friend of the site Megan Lavey, and somehow we missed them. We apologize profrusely. Want to find these and the rest of Catstravaganza’s photos? Head here. Also, we’ll be keeping a link to the CatFormBlog site design on the top of the page for the next few days. Sometime next week we’ll move the posts to the Offbeat section, which is about to get flooded by kittens. Anyway, we’ll get all serious after this post. Promise!

10 Sep 2010 23:43


Cats!: Our final cat: Maine Coons grow up to be all huge and stuff

  • OK guys, here it is. Last one. We hope you enjoyed Catstravaganza – all two days of it. When we do this next, we’re not extending it to three. Just an FYI. Not to be jerks or anything, but we think there’s a good reason why the site’s balance leans heavily towards the Afghan War and inside politics over cats. But it’s good to take a break from that once a year, right? 🙂 Anyway, here’s our last one, from Emily Johnson, who has a cat that’s going to grow very big someday:


  • What Emily’s Maine Coon looks like:
  • A Maine Coon all grown up:

10 Sep 2010 23:23


10 Sep 2010 20:46


Cats!: Nearing the home stretch, complete with a fluffy cat!

  • We still have a couple more cat pics for you guys, and despite feeling a little like this as we head towards the kitty finish line, we’re not going to give up quite that easy. Because some cats (like Meghan McKinney’s cat photo, above) deserve it. In other news, which do you think is fluffier, the cat or the couch?

10 Sep 2010 20:38


Cats!: We think we caught these cats in the middle of something

  • As embraces go, Stimp and Piggy’s moment (sent to us by Shawn LaGrange, who was also responsible for this shot) is a little bit more caught in the moment than this cute one we posted earlier. Maybe not as cute. But definitely grabbing.

10 Sep 2010 15:58


Cats!: Gangsta cats are our favorite kind, BTW. What what?

  • Amber Nettles’ cat Pyle has enough street cred to show up in an Ice-T video. Yeah, we said it. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Pyle was sporting an AK, either. That said, Amber’s one of our favorite people and a key inspiration for us doing Catstravaganza again. (Thanks!) Anyway, she also sent a couple more pics our way:
  • Pyle looks bored and tiredWhich, honestly, is how we look after reading yet another story from Mashable. That site sucks, guys! They have no content!
  • Puddin’s all about the whiskersThis fuzzy little guy has some of the more notable whiskers we’ve seen in two years of doing this. Besides ours, that is.

10 Sep 2010 12:27


Cats!: Catstravaganza: The cutest photo we’ve received this year

  • Paul Wallen’s lovely cats are basically balled up in a ball of cuteness. We wish we could be this cute, but instead we’re just annoying. Wallen also sent us this photo last year.

10 Sep 2010 11:18


Cats!: A cat-abuse story that should make you pretty angry

  • On Sept. 1, police found a home filled with animals. The Estancia, New Mexico home, being checked as part of a routine mental health check of its resident, had so many animals in it that officers had to use respirators to go inside the home, due to all the ammonia smell caused by all the animal waste. “It was the most filthy thing I’d ever seen in my life,” said police Sgt. Andy Baldridge. How many animals were there? Here’s a rough count.
  • 70 animals living under one roof; most were in poor health
  • 30cats were found in the home, many were feral and most were sick and had to be put down
  • 25dogs were in the home; some were so malnourished that they couldn’t eat
  • 20other animals, including chickens, two geese and a turkey, were also found on the property source
  • » What happened to the owner?: The owner, 63-year-old Raymond Karbel, is reportedly in the care of an Albuquerque veterans’ hospital. But it’s not the first time he’s been accused of animal abuse. In fact, he was arrested in May on suspicion of extreme animal cruelty. Charges were dropped, however. (Editor’s note: While this isn’t cute, we’d like to think that cat-rights-related issues in general need to be brought up. All cats should be treated well.)