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10 Sep 2010 15:58


Cats!: Gangsta cats are our favorite kind, BTW. What what?

  • Amber Nettles’ cat Pyle has enough street cred to show up in an Ice-T video. Yeah, we said it. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Pyle was sporting an AK, either. That said, Amber’s one of our favorite people and a key inspiration for us doing Catstravaganza again. (Thanks!) Anyway, she also sent a couple more pics our way:
  • Pyle looks bored and tiredWhich, honestly, is how we look after reading yet another story from Mashable. That site sucks, guys! They have no content!
  • Puddin’s all about the whiskersThis fuzzy little guy has some of the more notable whiskers we’ve seen in two years of doing this. Besides ours, that is.

15 Feb 2010 08:36


World: A massive train crash in Belgium leaves many dead, dozens injured

  • 25+ were killed in the rush-hour train collision in Buizingen, outside of Brussels
  • 150+ were injured in the crash, which may have been due to poor weather conditions source

26 Jan 2010 09:11


U.S.: D.C.’s Metro once again fails at not causing accidents

  • 2 workers died before rush hour; this is not an isolated incident source

28 Nov 2009 12:05


World: Russia’s high-speed Nevsky Express hit by a terrorist blast before

  • A similar blast in 2007 injured 60. As Russian authorities center in on the probable cause of the train derailment that’s killed at least 26, it’s worth noting that there has been a history of this on the Nevsky Express. In the latest incident, survivors claim they heard a blast before the train derailed. This line is an important one for Russia – 27,000 people are facing delays aboard 60 trains as a result of the crash. source

16 Nov 2009 11:18


Offbeat: Bugatti Veyrons, pelicans and water don’t mix very well

  • Well, that’s bound to knock down its value a couple of notches. This Bugatti Veyron, a million-dollar car that’s one of the fastest in the world, recently met a watery fate thanks to a stray pelican. There are other videos with more to them than this, but this is pretty much all you need to know about this crash. source

12 Jun 2009 14:54


Offbeat: A meteorite hit some German kid at 30,000 mph. Good for him.

  • He survived, but he has a radical 3-inch scar on his hand. 14-year-old Gerrit Blank, who kinda looks like Carrot Top, had a rare meteorite attack happen to him. “At first I just saw a large ball of light,” Blank explained, “and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand.” The pea-sized piece of space junk left a bite much bigger than its visual bark, leaving a foot-wide hole in the ground and Blank with a crazy hand injury. source

11 Jun 2009 10:33


Tech: We’re all gonna die! Earth could hit another planet someday

  • The BBC sez that Earth’s orbit could be in danger of running into Mars’ or even Venus’ orbit in a few million years, creating a killer explosion, we’re sure, but also the death of lots and lots of cyborgs. source

16 Feb 2009 10:28


U.S.: Two nuclear subs get a little close for comfort

  • Both submarines remained safe and no injuries occurred. We can confirm that the capability remained unaffected and there has been no compromise to nuclear safety.
  • First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Jonathan Band • on a British nuclear submarine hitting a French nuclear submarine earlier this month. Maybe that shouldn’t happen ever again, guys. They are called “nuclear” subs for a reason. • source

13 Feb 2009 15:27


Tech, World: There’s a lot of junk in space right now

Two satellites crashed together, made a big mess and inspired this awesome illustration. source