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03 Mar 2012 13:30


World: Sarkozy says he’s not fit to lead European Commission or Council

  • I don’t think I have the qualities to be a good European Commission or European Council President.
  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy • Responding to a reporter’s question about his political future at an EU summit in Brussels, Belgium. The French president’s future came into question because, with elections next month and polls showing him in second, it’s possible this could be his last appearance at an EU summit. Sarkozy also voiced his support for recently re-elected European Council president Herman Van Rompuy, saying “I am sure I would do it less well than him.” source

14 Dec 2011 11:06


World: Belgian mass attack: Woman’s body discovered in gunman’s storage facility

  • six number of deaths in yesterday’s deadly rampage in Liege, Belgium, including the gunman
  • 120+ number of people injured by the incident, which involved a man firing guns and grenades from a roof source
  • » A woman’s body discovered in a storage facility: As investigators continue to figure out what led Nordine Amrani to cause such a rampage, a new discovery added a layer of confusion around the incident. The woman, who reportedly worked as a cleaner, was found in a story facility that Amrani once used to grow large quantities of marijuana, which he previously went to jail for. A significant number of weapons were found at the facility and at Amrani’s home. However, officials were careful to say that he had no apparent ties to terror groups, a definite fear in the region months after the deadly mass shooting in Norway.

13 Dec 2011 10:52


World: Deadly Belgium mass-attack: Man opens fire, throws grenades

  • The man previously went to jail for firearm possession: In the Belgian city of Liege, at least four people have died and another 75 have been injured — including an 18-month-old boy — as the result of a domestic terror attack, in which a man on the roof of a building fired upon a crowd using an automatic weapon and threw a handful of grenades in the process. The man, Nordine Amrani, had previously gone to jail for firearm possession. After the attack, the gunman killed himself. “It was quite incredible,” said Greg Ienco, a journalist who witnessed the deadly attack. “We saw one man on the roof who tried to kill people. This man killed himself with a grenade.” Prosecutors say he didn’t have any ties to terrorist groups. source

27 Jun 2010 12:09


World: Does the Pope take kindly to police raids on church property?

  • NO dude is super angry with Belgian authorities source

23 May 2010 12:03


Offbeat: Belgian dude loves his marbles while in the process of losing them

  • This is like an episode of “The Office.” This Belgian dude, 72, spends his days playing with marbles. He has his own room set aside just for the purpose of playing with marbles. He’s had the obsession since he was 12. Look, we understand obsession. We run a blog. But, come on. This is pathetic.

30 Apr 2010 15:17


World: Belgians to Muslim women: Lose the veil or get a fine (or jail time)

  • $35 maximum size of the fines the country will be handing out
  • seven number of days women could go to jail for wearing them source
  • » The explanation: According to Belgian officials, the law isn’t meant to be discriminatory, but instead is meant to ensure public safety by making it easier to see the faces of people in public places. As you might guess, human rights groups aren’t buying that.

15 Feb 2010 08:36


World: A massive train crash in Belgium leaves many dead, dozens injured

  • 25+ were killed in the rush-hour train collision in Buizingen, outside of Brussels
  • 150+ were injured in the crash, which may have been due to poor weather conditions source

19 Nov 2009 20:14


World: The new European Union president: He sure blends into a crowd

Who’s the least-recognizable person in this lineup? If you chose the dude on the bottom right like we expected, you just picked new EU president Herman Van Rompuy. source