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14 Oct 2011 16:09


U.S.: Kansas City bishop indicted for failing to report child abuse by priest

  • The first time a Catholic Church official has been charged: In what’s a major development regarding the sexual abuse scandals that have engulfed the Catholic Church since the 1980s, an official — and his diocese — have been charged with a crime. Bishop Robert Finn, above, who leads the Catholic Church diocese in Kansas City and nearby St. Joseph, has been charged with failing to report child abuse (the photography and possession of child pornography, specifically) allegedly committed by one of his priests. The diocese itself was also charged. Finn’s lawyer denies the allegations. Either way, yikes. source

27 Jun 2010 12:09


World: Does the Pope take kindly to police raids on church property?

  • NO dude is super angry with Belgian authorities source

01 Feb 2010 20:47


U.S.: Jesus wouldn’t approve: A cardinal deposed in abuse scandal

  • For five hours last month, Cardinal Roger Mahony answered the questions. The L.A.-based leader of the largest Catholic archdiocese in the U.S. was interviewed as part of a civil trial regarding one of his former priests in a child molestation case. Michael Baker, the priest in question, has been defrocked and is serving ten years in prison. Despite the grilling, Mahony isn’t the target of the investigation, authorities say. source

02 Jan 2010 23:00


U.S.: Rick Warren’s church gets more cash than he begged for

  • $900,000 please the amount Warren asked his congregants to give after a budget shortfall emergency
  • $2.4
    the amount Warren got in just a few short days; he got huge cheers at a Saturday service source

31 Dec 2009 02:01


06 Dec 2009 10:51


U.S.: A lesbian bishop in the Episcopal Church? What, me worry?

  • If by chance people are going to withhold consents because of Mary’s sexuality, it would be a violation of the canons of this church.
  • Los Angeles Bishop Diocesan J. Jon Bruno • Describing his reaction to news that he’d be working with the Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool, who was voted bishop suffragan yesterday. Glasspool is one of two gay bishops the Episcopal church has – and the first new one since 2003. As you might guess, this is something of a flash point for controversy. source

21 Oct 2009 10:47


World: Daily Poll: Catholics and Anglicans in a fight to the death

  • Yesterday, the Catholic Church announced a bold move to grab members from the Anglican Church, the offshoot of Catholicism created after King Henry VIII wasn’t allowed a divorce hundreds of years ago. A lot’s changed since then, most notably the Anglican church’s allowance of gay pastors and bishops, which has become a wedge issue that has many Anglicans looking elsewhere. Is this the way the Catholic party should be headed? Vote. source

17 Jul 2009 08:11


World: Holy crap! The Pope broke his wrist today

  • Pope Benedict XVI got ganked in a fall while on vacation. The world’s holiest guy (well, depending on your religion – for example, Rainn Wilson doesn’t swing that way) was injured while hanging out in his chalet in the mountainous Valle d’Aosta region of Italy. Vatican spokesman suggests it’s “nothing serious,” and the dude was able to eat a little breakfast and have mass before he went to the hospital. Though, we just have to wonder: Does el Popearino have killer health insurance? If not, he should. source

03 Jul 2009 02:18


U.S.: Next in the police-messing-with-good-samaritans file …

  • previously As you might remember, an ambulance in Oklahoma was pulled over by a police officer while he had a patient inside after the officer believed he was flicked off by an EMT. That situation was very he-said-he-said.
  • now A church pastor in Texas was arrested for obstructing the duties of a police officer during a traffic stop. During the incident, the pastor was tased by an officer near a church. This situation? Also very he-said-he-said. source

31 May 2009 20:44


U.S.: Key quote from George Tiller, the abortion doctor murdered today

  • The women in my father’s practice for whom he did abortions educated me and taught me that abortion is about women’s hopes, dreams, potential, the rest of their lives. Abortion is a matter of survival for women.
  • George Tiller • A Wichita, Kansas-based doctor who specialized in late-term abortions. His office is one of just three in the country. Tiller started Women’s Health Care Services in response to the outrage he felt after hearing a tale of an illegal abortion, done after his father declined the procedure, in which the mother died. Tiller died today after being murdered while attending church. • source