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12 Aug 2011 14:42


U.S.: Serial killer Anthony Sowell sentenced to death by lethal injection

Sowell, from Cleveland, was convicted in the deaths of 11 women. He didn’t even look at the victims’ families during the sentencing, nor did he acknowledge the judge when asked to sign a court document. source

13 Jul 2011 13:36


U.S.: Hasidic Jewish boy brutally murdered in Brooklyn

  • Leiby Kletzky’s body was found today. The eight-year-old had been missing for two days, and it turns out he was kidnapped walking home from day camp. His parents were waiting outside to meet him — but he got lost on the way home. This video shows him a few blocks off course, walking near a hardware store (he walks by after about 15 seconds in this video). Apparently, a short while after this video was recorded, someone offered to take Kletzky home, but kidnapped him instead. A massive search was launched, and when the suspect learned of how extensive the search was, he reportedly killed Leiby. His dismembered body was found in the suspect’s refrigerator and in a trashcan on a street. Horrific story. (via jvbrewer) source

12 May 2011 16:41


World: Syria’s Assad vows no firing on protests

  • So, would you trust this guy? That’s the question facing members of the Syrian opposition. Syria has been a hellish place for those protesting the Bashar al-Assad government of late, as live rounds have been fired into protests, many have been captured (and, given the human rights record there, almost certainly tortured), and even army soldiers who’ve refused to unload on civilians have been shot dead by the state police. Now, however, the opposition says that Assad has vowed there won’t be such attacks made on a planned protest on Friday. Forgive us if we’re skeptical, but Assad’s brutality is a cat that was let out of the bag a long time ago. source

24 Mar 2011 12:57


U.S., World: Rapid legal response to Der Spiegel’s Afghan photos

  • 24 year sentence for Jeremy Morlock in Afghan murders source
  • » “The plan was to kill people.” So says the man himself, in pleading guilty to three counts of murder, and one count each of conspiracy to commit assault and battery, illegal drug use, and obstructing justice. He’s expected to testify against fellow soldiers who are allegedly party to the plot, all this legal brew-ha-ha unfolding after German newspaper Der Spiegel published pictures (warning: the images are graphic and terrible … you can go find them yourself) of Morlock and his cohorts posing with the corpses of Afghan civilians.

23 Feb 2011 14:54


U.S.: Jury finds Shawna Forde guilty, sentences her to death

  • crime In 2009 Shawna Forde, the leader of Minutemen American Defense, committed a home invasion near the Arizona/Mexico border, hoping to find drugs to sell for the group’s finances. They ended up shooting and killing a Hispanic father and his daughter, aged 9, both U.S. citizens.
  • verdict A court sentenced Forde with the death penalty yesterday, finding her guilty of orchestrating the home invasion and subsequent killings of Raul and Brisenia Flores. The girl’s mother, who survived the shooting with injuries, said Brisenia was shot point-blank while begging for her life.
  • response Latino activists are upset by the lack of coverage this story received compared to the murder of Robert Krentz last year, which caused stridently anti-illegal immigration rhetoric and policy to flourish. Compared to the tepid response to this case? Yeah, it’s a starkly bad double standard. source

14 Feb 2011 10:23


U.S.: Chandra Levy’s mom not 100% sure Ingmar Guandique killed her

  • To be honest, I always have that 5 percent of not being sure.
  • Susan Levy • Expressing doubts about the conviction of Ingmar Guandique – whether he was the dude who killed her daughter, Chandra Levy, a decade ago. This didn’t stop the elder Levy from calling Guandique “lower than a cockroach” and a “hideous creature” the other day, mind you. We understand Levy’s pain, and while we hope, for both their sakes, the right man was convicted, we can understand her doubts. This case has been a freaking mess ever since the name “Gary Condit” was tied to it all those years ago. source

11 Feb 2011 12:36


U.S.: Chandra Levy’s convicted killer sentenced, didn’t get life in prison

  • 60 years in prison for convicted killer Ingmar Guandique source

13 Jan 2011 20:17


11 Jan 2011 23:33


U.S.: Gabrielle Giffords’ surgeon: Things going as well as they could be

  • No one that shouldn’t have died, died.
  • University Medical Center Trauma Unit chief Peter Rhee • Sounding cautiously optimistic about the results his surgery crew has had with the Gabrielle Giffords shooting last week. Rhee sounds like the right guy to be handling a shooting like this unfortunate mess – he has loads of experience with these sorts of incidents. “I was in the Navy for 24 years and I trained for nothing but battlefield casualties,” he said. . “We can take anything they throw at us from a civilian standpoint.” Giffords, by the way, remains in critical condition. source

09 Jan 2011 22:34


Politics: Max Headroom: Sheriff Clarence Dupnik takes on “vitriolic rhetoric”

  • To simply the current societal argument going on right now: Some are arguing that the current anger and rage in our country’s politics have influenced events like the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy in Tucson on Saturday. Pima County, Az. Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has perhaps been the leading voice for this kind of opinion. Many conservatives have been of the other opinion on this whole issue. This piece on Fox News, led by Megyn Kelly narrows the two points into one convenient video. Dupnik has some valid points, but Kelly arguably wins – she sticks to her guns and keeps asking for hard evidence, not speculation. She never gets it.
  • Olbermann’s repudiation hunt “If all of these are not responsible for what happened in Tucson, they must now be responsible for doing everything they can to make sure Tucson does not happen again.” It takes a few minutes for Olbermann’s main point to become clear, but when it does, it shines. The reason why it shines? Because he criticizes himself and his own side in the clip. That’s why it sticks to your bones.
  • The most heart-wrenching Story “I just assumed they got into a car accident.” When Christina Taylor Green went to witness Gabrielle Giffords speak on Saturday, she went with the kind of ambition that most nine-year-olds don’t have. And that’s what hurts the most about this incident. Gabrielle Giffords is still holding on and may make it. But her potential successor did not. You could feel it from the way her mom talks. Our heart breaks for her.