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29 Sep 2011 23:15


Offbeat: Ig Nobel prize: From bladders to wasabi, dubious science celebrated

  • When people reach a point when they are in so much pain they just can’t stand it anymore, it was like being drunk. The ability to hold information was really impaired.
  • Ig Nobel Prize-winning scientist Peter Snyder • Describing his team’s findings — that really having to use the bathroom creates an effect on drivers similar to driving drunk or on limited sleep — at the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize awards ceremony Thursday. Snyder’s bladder-busting team (who won for medicine) was only one of many to get awarded for their weird or dubious honors, including that crazy Lithuanian mayor who used a tank to prove his point about illegal parking (he won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize), a Norwegian group that produced a useless study on sighing (psychology), and a group of Japanese researchers who created a fire alarm that uses the smell of wasabi as its key alarm agent (chemistry). All in all, a pretty Ig Nobel night. source

11 Feb 2011 20:33


Politics: Dead-on Sarah Palin impersonator causes scene at CPAC

  • Here at ShortFormBlog, we have instituted a standing no-Sarah-Palin policy until she actually announces she’s running for political office again. But that doesn’t mean we can’t post anything about Sarah Palin impostors hilariously storming CPAC. She’s not technically Sarah Palin. So, there you go guys … a Sarah Palin impostor hilariously storming CPAC. It’d be much funnier if it was a dude in drag, but we’ll take it. source

10 Dec 2010 11:20


Tech: Groupon CEO Andrew Mason holds mastercourse in dodging questions

  • Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, is officially the coolest interviewee ever. He dodges questions like some would paint impressionist art. He answers questions using stories nobody would ever think of bringing up. Matt Lauer has no idea what to make of him. And it’s great. source

22 Nov 2010 09:58


Offbeat: Some genius figured out how to put Jimmy Wales on every site

  • Meet our new favorite extension ever. Some clever bastard decided to make a Google Chrome extension that takes those Jimmy Wales guilt-you-into-donating banners and puts one on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Here’s one on, just to show the power of this amazing, immaculate banner. Worth an installation just for a laugh. source

01 Nov 2010 14:29


Culture: “My Girl’s a Republican”: Working class GOP values, set to a beat

My Girl’s a Republican from jeff on Vimeo.


  • It’s the day before the election, and what better way to celebrate than a really catchy hip-hop song about Republican girlfriends? Oh, and you should vote. (via Foster Kamersource

30 Oct 2010 20:39


Culture: Awesome: Zach Galifianakis turns pot panel into pot party

  • Someone has to start to break the taboo against marijuana, and it might as well be Zach Galifianakis. Strange, we would’ve assumed Lawrence O’Donnell would’ve done it.

13 Oct 2010 11:24


Culture: Sesame Street: What worked for Old Spice didn’t work for Katy Perry

  • Sesame Street has always used spoofs of popular culture to draw in and connect with its audience. We use spoofs and celebrity appearances to draw in the adult, because research shows that a child learns best when co-viewing with an adult.
  • Sesame Workshop vice president and executive producer of Digital Media Miles Ludwig • Explaining the quick success of last week’s Grover “Old Spice” parody, which has earned millions of views in just a few days. You know what’s funny, though? That’s exactly what another Sesame Workshop employee said about the Katy Perry thing on Good Morning America not so long ago. It seems to us that when they hit it, they hit it out of the park, but when they miss, something like Katy Perry happens. source

24 Sep 2010 13:30


Culture: Sesame Street smarts: Grover puts Katy Perry thing into perspective

  • Well played, Grover. Well, played. In response to the whole Katy Perry faux-cleavage scandal, Grover and Elmo showed up on “Good Morning America” this morning. Elmo promised another playdate with Perry, while Grover asked if his outfit was “too revealing.” You have the comic timing of a champ, Grover. source

24 Sep 2010 12:47


Politics: “U.S.A., Number 1”: Stephen Colbert stumps for migrant farm workers

  • I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, sliced by a Guatemalan . . . and served in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian.
  • Stephen Colbert • Speaking at today’s House subcommittee hearing on immigration in the U.S. The point being made? That working farm labor jobs, as many illegal immigrants do, is really freaking hard. Colbert knows. He’s tried it before. He suggests it’s a job you, too, should try. “Americans may consider taking jobs once conditions are better,” Colbert said. “I trust both sides will work on this together in best interests of the American people – as you always do. U.S.A., Number 1.” source

20 Sep 2010 10:47