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26 Jan 2011 10:55


Politics: Video proof: Paul Ryan wasn’t red-eyed during SOTU response

  • The video quality here is fairly crystal-clear, and one big difference we noticed between what we saw between what we watched last night and the clip we saw today is that Ryan didn’t really need Visine. It was all bad lighting, guys. But there were other issues with the speech, as Dave Weigel makes clear at the link over here: source

25 Sep 2010 10:10


Politics: Obama on GOP Pledge: Whatever, stupid jerks

  • That’s not a prescription for a better future. It’s an echo of a disastrous decade we can’t afford to relive.
  • President Barack Obama • Discussing the GOP’s new “Pledge to America,” which promises to repeal many of the things Obama has done. He’s ticked that the GOP, for example, wants to roll back health care. In regards to the recession in general, Obama had this to say: “We have to keep pushing to promote growth that will generate the jobs we need, and repair the terrible damage the recession has done.” source

20 Sep 2010 10:47


28 May 2010 18:47


U.S.: Obama on oil spill: It’s not going to be easy, but I have smart people

  • There are going to be a lot of judgment calls here. There are not going to be silver bullets or perfect answers.
  • Barack Obama • Speaking about the oil spill in Louisiana today. What are his plans? A few things. First off, check this site for the latest info on the response to the spill, which combines everything from all the involved parties. Second, he’s tripling the size of the response crews in Louisiana. Third, he’s keeping pressure on BP to pay for damages caused by the spill. Fourth, he’s going to help small business with loans needed due to the spill along with loan deferments for those they needed during Katrina. Finally, and most importantly, he’s approving a barrier island that will help prevent some of the oil from reaching shore. Will it help? Fingers crossed. source

28 May 2010 18:16


U.S.: Obama’s in Louisiana, willing to help for the long haul

There’s Obama, on his A-game, trying to help. Despite what some apparent lobbyist flack commenters who are trying to influence our posts think, we think this is a good thing. source

28 May 2010 10:30


Politics: This is how bad Obama’s response to this spill could ding him

  • Having flown over this disaster, I can tell you it greater than anyone can ever imagine. My constituents are watching a slow-motion tragedy unfold in front of them. Our culture is threatened, our coastal economy is threatened, and everything I know and love is at risk.
  • Rep. Charlie Melancon • In a House Energy subcommittee meeting. After saying this, Melancon excused himself because his emotions got the best of him. Melancon is a Democrat, by the way. Democratic strategist James Carville has also taken Obama to task for a perceived slow federal response to the oil spill. This is why Obama is headed to the Gulf today and is going out of his way to get involved in this mess. Because if he doesn’t, this could be worse for him than Katrina was for Bush.  source

10 May 2010 10:08


Biz: As expected, the market loved Europe’s response to the debt crisis

  • 3% the worldwide stock increase after Europe put its full financial might behind the debt crisis
  • 2% the amount the Euro gained on the dollar; in recent days, it had been floundering source

17 Feb 2010 11:16


World: Yeah, we got him: Pakistan finally admits to Taliban leader’s arrest

  • Sure took them a while, didn’t it? The arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the reported No. 2 in the Taliban (who’s such a big figure that we don’t even have a photo of him) was met with muted response from Pakistan yesterday, but today, they finally came clean. Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, referred to it as an “important arrest,” but didn’t say much else (out of fear?). source

18 Nov 2009 20:20


Politics: Expect a long, drawn-out process to a Senate health care vote, guys

  • We’re talking about one-sixth of the economy. This should be a very deliberative process. And it should take more than a month and a half.
  • Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah • Discussing Republicans’ desire to stretch out the process of voting on the health care beyond the end-of-year deadline Obama wants. Hatch also says it’s unlikey any Republican senator will support it, which means that Harry Reid needs to get his boys on point if he wants 60 votes. • source

05 Oct 2009 20:16


Culture: David Letterman is still feeling the effects from the sex scandal

  • I’ll be honest with you folks. Right now, I would give anything to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I get in the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn’t speaking to me. Ouch.
  • David Letterman • Speaking out on Monday’s show in response to his admission on Thursday that he slept with staffers. He initially didn’t want to bring it up again, but it’s still heavy on the news cycle. So he’s talking about it again. Perhaps the most painful thing thing about the controversy might be dealing with his wife Regina, who he didn’t mention in Thursday’s monologue at all: “”She has been horribly hurt by my behavior, and when something happens like that, if you hurt a person and it’s your responsibility, you try to fix it.” Dude’s got a crappy next few months ahead of him. • source