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22 Mar 2011 14:21


World: Released NYT journalists recount arrest horror

  • I heard in Arabic, ‘shoot them,’ and we all thought it was over.
  • New York Times foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid • Reflecting on his arrest, as well as his three NYT compatriots, at the hands of pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya. The story seems to indicate a reluctance Gaddafi’s people had to actually make good on that remark and shoot the journalists; upon realizing they were Americans, they thankfully scuttled that plan. Lynsey Addario got the worst treatment, having “every inch of [her] body” groped by the pro-Gaddafi soldiers, while photographer Tyler Hicks was threatened with decapitation. So, all in all, a pretty sickening story, and one that we hope people remember when somebody is mocking a journalist on the ground for feeling threatened. These are real dangers, folks. source

19 Sep 2010 20:20


U.S.: Cultlike group found before anything bad happened; leader held

Reyna Marisol Chicas is currently being held, even though everyone was found alive, out of fears that there was a suicide pact at play. source

28 Aug 2010 21:52


Culture: Posted without comment: Paris Hilton’s first post-arrest tweet

In bed watching Family Guy. Love this show.! So hilarious! Stewie is my favorite 🙂 love his accent.Sat Aug 28 09:56:06 via mobile web

09 Aug 2010 21:22


04 Jul 2010 17:37


Offbeat: Can we just say that Kobayashi’s arrest is the weirdest thing EVER?

  • He wanted to compete in the hot-dog eating contest. But he wouldn’t sign an exclusive contract with the dudes who run it (“Major League Eating” – we’re not kidding, that’s what they’re called), so when he ran onto the stage after the event, he was arrested. This is the hot-dog-eating equivalent of running onto the field during a football game in the midst of a contract hold-out. And you know what? It’s going to reflect really badly on the corporatized nature of what was once a goofy, fun event. (By the way, Joey Chestnut won for a fourth year in a row. But he only ate 54 hot dogs – far short of his own record.) source

06 May 2010 10:51


Culture: NFL great Lawrence Taylor (a.k.a. LT) arrested on rape charges

The former NFL star, who was on “Dancing with the Stars” just last year, was accused of rape at the Holiday Inn Holidome Hotel in Suffern, New York. source

23 Mar 2010 11:20


U.S.: We hope we don’t get arrested like this Milwaukee student today

  • The person who shot this is totally in stealth mode, clearly nervously trying to keep this camera out of sight of the scene. The scene? Crazy student gets arrested for throwing a water bottle at a fellow University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student during class. Based on the clip, she let it escalate to this point. But wow, we’re glad we’ve never had a class quite like this. source

17 Feb 2010 11:16


World: Yeah, we got him: Pakistan finally admits to Taliban leader’s arrest

  • Sure took them a while, didn’t it? The arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the reported No. 2 in the Taliban (who’s such a big figure that we don’t even have a photo of him) was met with muted response from Pakistan yesterday, but today, they finally came clean. Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, referred to it as an “important arrest,” but didn’t say much else (out of fear?). source

14 Feb 2010 10:49


U.S.: Protip: You can apparently go to jail for owning obscene manga

  • 6 months in prison for a guy who got some CRAZY Japanese manga source

08 Feb 2010 21:30


U.S., World: Sick Haitian kids can’t get to U.S. hospitals due to red tape

  • 15 number of Haitian children airlifted to U.S. hospitals each day before the Baptist missionaries were arrested
  • three number of children airlifted daily now; other kids are getting held back due to paperwork issues source