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28 Aug 2010 21:52


Culture: Posted without comment: Paris Hilton’s first post-arrest tweet

In bed watching Family Guy. Love this show.! So hilarious! Stewie is my favorite 🙂 love his accent.Sat Aug 28 09:56:06 via mobile web

06 Mar 2010 14:48


Culture: Seth MacFarlane’s comedy somehow less funny on YouTube

  • This YouTube clip includes two things: One, a 30-second commercial for Priceline done in Seth MacFarlane’s patented animation style, and two, a not-funny one-minute clip that was seemingly rejected from a episode of one of MacFarlane’s three TV shows. If it couldn’t make it into three different TV shows, you know it sucks. This one, however, is a bit better. source

30 Nov 2009 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Chris Matthews has the biggest talking head of all

  • Yeah, that’s him Family Guy recently had a pretty spot-on parody of Chris Matthews recently, noting both his forehead and the way that he never lets people finish. Hilarious. (On a side note – NewsPolitics is no longer on YouTube, and are now hosted by Mediaite. That’s great, but: Dear Mediaite, fix your messy embed codes!)
  • She’s been there On “Fox News Sunday,” former Bush press secretary Dana Perino talked about her experiences with public events and how something like the gate-crashing incident could’ve happened. Ultimately, the main point she makes is that Obama wanted to lighten up White House security, but he really can’t do that.
  • A ticking time bombRecently, Glenn Beck made a reference to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu being a hooker for supporting the health care bill after multiple concessions for her state. Fellow radio host Bill Press says that Fox News – beyond showing hypocrisy for letting Beck be sexist – is setting themselves up for a huge, public Glenn Beck blow-up.

12 Nov 2009 11:19


Culture: CollegeHumor nails Seth MacFarlane’s cookie-cutter animation niche

  • Is it us, or has CollegeHumor gotten funnier over time? On this particular clip, they hit really close to home for Seth MacFarlane’s empire of cookie-cutter Fox shows. We have to admit, though, if they got rid of the families and just had the talking snowmen and blenders, we’d probably watch it.

01 Oct 2009 10:22


Culture: “The Cleveland Show”: Is it racist? Here’s someone arguing that

  • I wonder about the black people who did bother to tune into ‘The Cleveland Show’ debut. Were we so busy laughing that we failed to realize the joke was on us?
  • Jasmyne Cannick • Discussing, in an article on Alternet, why she sees Seth MacFarlane’s “Family Guy” spinoff as a collection of racist, misogynist jokes which really aren’t all that funny. Cannick further argues that with the election of Obama, and the improved image of black people that came along with it, “Fox’s debut of the ‘The Cleveland Show’ is nothing more than a desperate and stealth attempt to work against the improved international image of black people.” Do you agree? • source

14 Sep 2009 10:01


Culture: “Family Guy” guy Seth MacFarlane interviewed by a total hater

  • Personally, I find the show’s rape jokes especially unfunny. In one episode, Peter learns that three co-eds were raped and murdered. He says to himself, ‘Everyone’s getting laid but me.’ Why is that funny?
  • New York Times Magazine reporter Deborah Solomon • Questioning Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane with the zest of a dimly-lit interrogation. Beyond this question, which clearly comes from someone who doesn’t like the show, she grills MacFarlane on other topics related to the Emmy-nominated show, such as sexism, abortion and the supposed low quality of the show’s animation. We hope he didn’t confess to a crime by accident. • source

18 Aug 2009 11:22


Culture: “Family Guy” trashes on the Emmy competition

  • This is how to run an Emmy campaign. Family Guy is up for a “Best Comedy” Emmy – a rarity for an animated show – and they’ve chosen to come up with viral videos trashing the other nominees. This one trashes “The Office.” source

16 Jul 2009 10:58


Culture: Three comedy-leaning surprises in the Emmy nominations

  • one “Family Guy” got nominated for “Outstanding Comedy Series,” despite the fact animated series never get nominated in that category.
  • two “Flight of the Conchords” got nominated in that category, too, and Jemaine Clement was nominated for “Lead Actor in a Comedy.”
  • three Finally, the brash Sarah Silverman unexpectedly got a nomination for “Lead Actress in a Comedy” for “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Go comedy! source