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29 Aug 2010 23:16


Politics: Max Headroom: Epic Glenn Beck rally post-mortem edition

  • Not our next president Beck was asked by Chris Wallace this morning if he would possibly consider a Beck/Palin presidential ticket after the huge success of yesterday’s event. He called himself “unelectable.” Understandably.

  • most over-the-top chatterOn “Reliable Sources” today, Howard Kurtz took his boy Bill Press to task for comparing the Beck rally to “granting al-Qaeda permission to hold a rally at Ground Zero.” Really?! Oh boy.

  • View from the MetroOne enterprising DC blogger, Carlos in DC, did a lot of his own coverage of the rally, and most of it is worth reading. The highlight for us is this clip which shows the glut of people from another angle.

30 Nov 2009 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Chris Matthews has the biggest talking head of all

  • Yeah, that’s him Family Guy recently had a pretty spot-on parody of Chris Matthews recently, noting both his forehead and the way that he never lets people finish. Hilarious. (On a side note – NewsPolitics is no longer on YouTube, and are now hosted by Mediaite. That’s great, but: Dear Mediaite, fix your messy embed codes!)
  • She’s been there On “Fox News Sunday,” former Bush press secretary Dana Perino talked about her experiences with public events and how something like the gate-crashing incident could’ve happened. Ultimately, the main point she makes is that Obama wanted to lighten up White House security, but he really can’t do that.
  • A ticking time bombRecently, Glenn Beck made a reference to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu being a hooker for supporting the health care bill after multiple concessions for her state. Fellow radio host Bill Press says that Fox News – beyond showing hypocrisy for letting Beck be sexist – is setting themselves up for a huge, public Glenn Beck blow-up.