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15 Feb 2011 00:13


Politics: Max Headroom: Ron Paul’s feeling pretty good after CPAC, guys

  • Ron Paul makes his victory lap: If there was one guy who came out of CPAC looking better than he did going in, it was Paul, whose straw-poll win gave him some momentum as he went on “Morning Joe” this morning. Paul, always one to speak his mind, interestingly puts many Tea Partiers in the same camp as traditional Republicans for not going all the way with their anti-tax beliefs. Our favorite part of the clip is where Joe Scarborough brings up military spending, with Paul being very careful to emphasize that “defense spending” is a misnomer.
  • Barbara Bush mocks John Boehner Nothing like looking back at family history to get the waterworks going, which Jenna Bush Hager and her famous grandparents, George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush, are more than happy to do. But what wasn’t expected is Barbara’s goofy rip on the house speaker, where she says to George, during one emotional scene, “You could be Speaker of the House!” LOL.
  • Did she have a stroke?In one of the more unfortunate clips to go viral in the past week or so, KCBS reporter Serene Branson had an unfortunate post-Grammy moment where she started talking in gibberish live on the air. Unfortunately for those who made fun of her, she was possibly having a stroke-like medical crisis, so now you should feel guilty for making fun of her, monsters.

24 Jan 2011 01:26


Politics: Max Headroom: Andrew Wakefield denies autism study fraud

  • The autism/vaccine guy speaks out: In recent weeks, Andrew Wakefield’s name, already synonymous with a questionable autism study from over a decade ago, has been dragged through the mud further amid reports that the report is an elaborate fraud. He still stands behind his study, claims the reporting of Brian Deer was completely, utterly wrong, and emphasizes that he did not personally profit off the study as reported. Credit to Alisyn Camerota, who hits him pretty hard with questions the whole way through. It’s weird that this interview isn’t getting much attention at the moment. (Note: He said he was going to upload some proof to his blog, but we see absolutely nothing new there.)
  • Shouting at your laptop If you’re like us and do searches on newsworthy political topics on YouTube every once in a while, you might run into this guy. This guy, a conservative, likes yelling really quickly. it’s his whole schtick. Here, he’s yelling about Keith Olbermann. He’s like a combination of Billy Mays (God rest his soul) the Micro Machines guy, and Rush Limbaugh. Mostly Rush.
  • Backed into a birther corner On “Meet the Press,” our boy David Gregory was chattin’ up our good friend Eric Cantor, basically trying to get him to say something bad about birthers. Cantor, eventually realizing that he couldn’t weasel out of Gregory’s line of questioning, gave him a half-answer on the question. Honestly, Cantor was right the first time. Why are we talking about this still?

20 Dec 2010 00:24


Politics: Max Headroom: MSNBC gets slam-dunk chance to mock Fox News

  • Like shooting fish in a barrel: As you might guess, MSNBC had a bit of a field day with the University of Maryland’s study that suggested that Fox News leaves viewers more misinformed. Let’s face it, if MSNBC couldn’t do an entertaining report on this story, why do they even exist? To give Contessa Brewer work? To make Rachel Maddow sound like the voice of reason? So Dylan Ratigan can make randomly awesome speeches? Let’s face it, as objective as they like to pretend to be on the surface, they live for stories like this one.
  • imaginary friends = Unhealthy This Fox News clip just makes us laugh. Father Jonathan Morris, who moonlights as a Fox News contributor, discusses why we need prayer to get through our toughest times. Hilariously, the study also suggests that atheists could benefit, too, with the help of an imaginary friend, a suggestion he pooh-poohs. And then, from there, it gets weird.
  • Larry King’s last stand “Instead of goodbye, how about ‘so long’?” We admit that we greatly enjoyed the comfort food that Larry King put on our plates for most of our adult lives. There’s nobody like him – those suspenders, those glasses, those ties, that hair – and Piers Morgan won’t be a good substitute no matter how many British tabloids he edited before becoming minorly famous.

14 Nov 2010 21:44


Politics: Max Headroom: James Clyburn not THAT annoyed by his role

  • Not too bothered James Clyburn made a passionate defense for himself – and Democratic leadership in general – on CNN’s “State of the Union” today. He claims that the same team being criticized now led Democrats “out of the wilderness” four years ago, and could do it again.
  • The Ed Show annoys us Ed Schultz took on Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Clyburn, and for balance, had Ron Christie, a former Cheney staffer, on to defend Rush. Rachel Maddow is not like Fox News a lot of the time. Ed Schultz, however … man, why the loud yelling, dude?
  • Rand Paul: Cut everywhere In one of the Kentucky senator-elect’s first interviews since being elected two weeks ago, he seems much stronger than he did six months ago. But he still is fervent about Washington not changing his anti-big-government ways. Ah, idealism. Will it hold up?

19 Oct 2010 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Sorry we’re late; here’s an awesome soap opera

  • A C-Span telenovelaWe’re sure Jonah Goldberg’s new book is great, but around the 1:45 mark, he’ll be upstaged by some lovers’ dissent within his panel. Todd Seavey and Helen Rittelmeyer used to date. They don’t anymore, and Todd clearly has some issues with that. It’s easily the best thing ever aired on C-Span.
  • Bathroom buddies? Joe Miller was on Fox News today telling his side of the whole blogger-arrest incident. He lets out a piece of info in this Neil Cavuto interview which he hadn’t mentioned before – which is that the Alaska Dispatch co-founder followed Miller into the bathroom. He was attracted by the beard.
  • ghost of Spitzer’s pastWe were on the hunt for some good “Parker Spitzer” clips, but then managed to notice the new Spitzer doc coming out next month. Just in time for the one-month mark of the new CNN show! Oh yeah, remember when Seth mentioned the political operative with the Nixon tattoo? He’s in this clip. With the tattoo.

10 Oct 2010 23:53


Politics: Max Headroom: New Jersey governor Chris Christie likes cutting stuff

  • Repudiate this The thing about this clip that’s entertaining is not the subject matter, which involves Eric Cantor denouncing a candidate for Congress with an unfortunate interest in Naziism. It’s entertaining because Cantor used “repudiate” correctly. Take notes, Sarah.
  • Pissed-off in Philly Obama spent his sunday in Philadelphia stumping, specifically for Joe Sestak, that guy who knocked Arlen Specter out of the Senate. During his speech, Obama made a blatant rip on the GOP’s fiscal policies, clearly blaming them for the economic crisis.
  • Explaining Chris ChristieIn case you’re wondering why the New Jersey governor decided to cancel a huge public works project (which, after much complaining, he’s reconsidering), this anecdote explains it. This guy is fiscal conservatism to the core, and he’s not afraid to use his clout.

05 Sep 2010 22:20


Politics: Max Headroom: Looking ahead to Obama’s jumpstart plans

  • MCcain’s takeHaving saved himself from the brink of a tough primary, John McCain’s now got the economy and his party’s political future on his mind, both of which he talks about at length with Chris Wallace. He says that people have “lost confidence” in Obama’s economy-fixing skills.
  • Lindsey’s takeIn twelve seconds, Lindsey Graham (a far more moderate Republican than McCain, even) says what it take McCain to say in twelve minutes. Obama’s tone-deaf on a number of issues (including the economy), and that’s why Republicans are going to win big in November.
  • Alex Jones’ takeOh, who are we kidding? This is just a hilarious piece on that insane conspiracy theorist radio host whose videos are always on YouTube. Nightline did a piece on him, and it’s pretty effin’ hilarious. Nightline calls his work “paranoia porn.” That’s pretty spot-on.

29 Aug 2010 23:16


Politics: Max Headroom: Epic Glenn Beck rally post-mortem edition

  • Not our next president Beck was asked by Chris Wallace this morning if he would possibly consider a Beck/Palin presidential ticket after the huge success of yesterday’s event. He called himself “unelectable.” Understandably.

  • most over-the-top chatterOn “Reliable Sources” today, Howard Kurtz took his boy Bill Press to task for comparing the Beck rally to “granting al-Qaeda permission to hold a rally at Ground Zero.” Really?! Oh boy.

  • View from the MetroOne enterprising DC blogger, Carlos in DC, did a lot of his own coverage of the rally, and most of it is worth reading. The highlight for us is this clip which shows the glut of people from another angle.

23 Aug 2010 00:14


Politics: Max Headroom: A fact check is not a second opinion, just an FYI

  • A rip from Howard DeanJust remember, Obama staffers: He says this out of love, not hate. Howard Dean, still an icon of progressivism, ripped into Obama’s staff today, saying that they didn’t understand the concerns of regular people in their own party. Ouch.
  • Blago explains himselfOn “Fox News Sunday,” the man, the myth and the hair did a pretty terrible job evading Chris Wallace’s questions about how his case could hurt Democrats nationally. We think he should probably stick to awful reality TV instead.
  • Fact check? Not reallyWhile the guy they have on here certainly makes some good points about Franklin Graham’s rant on CNN the other day, the fact of the matter is that Boston University professor Stephen Prothero is analyzing, not “fact-checking.”

01 Aug 2010 21:57


Politics: Max Headroom: According to Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer has balls

  • Talkin’ ’bout cajones On “Fox News Sunday,” Sarah Palin totally stumbled through what she was trying to say, only to make an amazing comeback by suggesting that Jan Brewer has the cajones to take on immigration – and Barack Obama doesn’t.

  • Gettin’ used to AmanpourCNN’s “Reliable Sources” seems to not know what to make of Christiane Amanpour’s first appearance on “This Week,” with Howard Kurtz and his guests stumbling over themselves to say the same thing – she’s new.

  • Anthony Weiner = cajonesPeople in New York, you have pretty much the loudest congressman in history. And we mean that in the nicest way possible. We swear. This scene in Congress last week is a method acting tour de force disguised as anger at the GOP.