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04 Mar 2012 20:00


Politics: Gingrich predicts Big Oil will hand the election to the GOP

  • “That’s a pretty big burden while he’s waging war on the Catholic Church and apologizing to Islamic extremists”: In which Newt Gingrich tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that Big Oil will intentionally tank the American economy, placing an insurmountable obstacle on President Obama’s path to re-election. source

16 May 2011 15:11


Politics: Bin Laden conspiracy theories predictably rampant in U.S.

  • 19% of Americans think Osama might be alive, poll says source
  • » Distrusting against all odds: The penchant for some of the population to prefer any explanation, even a bad one, that makes a chaotic world make sense to them is nothing new. That said, there’s one very salient reality behind this story that makes the doubts notably, patently absurd. Let’s imagine, for a moment, that Osama bin Laden is alive. Why then has al-Qaeda conceded that he’s dead? All they’d need to do to deal a complete and utter deathblow to America’s credibility, domestically and internationally, would be to produce a live bin Laden. It would be catastrophic, and would cast Barack Obama as a liar and fraud of the highest order, a win which they’d never in a million years pass up. But they won’t, and can’t — the guy is dead as dirt.

12 Apr 2011 16:18


Offbeat: Obama brain surgery scar conspiracy hits the web

  • At absolutely any cost: Conspiracy theories can be dangerous at their logical extremes. That said, they can also be pretty funny, when the jumps in logic and assumptions become so pronounced and inane that you can almost see the rumor’s creator feverishly hammering a square peg against a round hole. With that in mind: this picture proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our President has had brain surgery. See that innocuous looking, faint line through the side of his hair? That’s hard proof. And if somebody’s been tinkering inside Obama’s brain… well, just think of the implications of that! (h/t Mediaite) source

28 Feb 2011 22:18



  • Who seriously thought this was a good idea? OK, we know, he’s friends with Charlie Sheen. But seriously, if you let this guy talk for 30 seconds, you realize that he shouldn’t be allowed within 12 feet of this show. Still hilarious, though – he’s name-dropping the World Trade Center in his rant about Charlie Sheen for some reason. Blood tests. Urine tests! He name-dropped! The TSA! Police state! Why did they let him on this show? source

05 Sep 2010 22:20


Politics: Max Headroom: Looking ahead to Obama’s jumpstart plans

  • MCcain’s takeHaving saved himself from the brink of a tough primary, John McCain’s now got the economy and his party’s political future on his mind, both of which he talks about at length with Chris Wallace. He says that people have “lost confidence” in Obama’s economy-fixing skills.
  • Lindsey’s takeIn twelve seconds, Lindsey Graham (a far more moderate Republican than McCain, even) says what it take McCain to say in twelve minutes. Obama’s tone-deaf on a number of issues (including the economy), and that’s why Republicans are going to win big in November.
  • Alex Jones’ takeOh, who are we kidding? This is just a hilarious piece on that insane conspiracy theorist radio host whose videos are always on YouTube. Nightline did a piece on him, and it’s pretty effin’ hilarious. Nightline calls his work “paranoia porn.” That’s pretty spot-on.

27 Aug 2010 22:15


Politics: Fidel Castro convinced Osama bin Laden is a U.S. spy

  • Who showed that he [Bin Laden] is indeed a CIA agent was WikiLeaks. It proved it with documents.
  • Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro • Saying some crazy crap about Osama bin Laden, the CIA, George W. Bush and Wikileaks. We wish we could add more to this, but we simply can’t. It’s just too crazy. source