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19 Sep 2011 23:57


Culture: “Two & a Half Men” not so bad without Charlie Sheen

  • Ashton Kutcher didn’t bomb during premiere? According to USA Today, the introduction of his new character to “Two and A Half Men” was nearly seamless. Sure, they had to start with a funeral for Charlie Sheen’s legacy, but the show picked up with the same tone as before. Whether or not that’s a good thing, we’re still not sure of. source

13 May 2011 15:27


Culture: What Charlie Sheen thinks about his replacement, Ashton Kutcher

  • nice When asked to react to news that Ashton Kutcher would replace Sheen on “Two and a Half Men,” he had this to say: “Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer.” And he has way more followers than Charlie.
  • not-so-nice However, Chuckie had more to say to the producers of the show. “Enjoy the show, America. Enjoy seeing a 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB,” he said. Hear that? That’s the sound of a man with a chip on his shoulder. source

02 Mar 2011 10:08


Culture: Recap: The people currently living with Charlie Sheen right now

  • one former model, nanny and graphic designer named Natalie Kenly
  • one porn star named Bree Olson (Her real name? Rachel Oberlin)
  • zero kids; they were taken away yesterday by police officials source
  • » What happened? For obvious reasons, Sheen’s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, filed a restraining order against the Alex Jones devotee and then took the twins from Sheen and his “goddesses” with the help of a sheriff’s deputy. Sheen plans to use legal action to get the kids back. But considering he’s now unemployed and living with a porn star, this oughta be tough.

28 Feb 2011 22:18



  • Who seriously thought this was a good idea? OK, we know, he’s friends with Charlie Sheen. But seriously, if you let this guy talk for 30 seconds, you realize that he shouldn’t be allowed within 12 feet of this show. Still hilarious, though – he’s name-dropping the World Trade Center in his rant about Charlie Sheen for some reason. Blood tests. Urine tests! He name-dropped! The TSA! Police state! Why did they let him on this show? source

27 Feb 2011 22:40


Culture: Did Charlie Sheen’s sidelining expose a double-standard?

  • So the message from CBS and Warner Brothers seems clear: abuse yourself and the women around you to your heart’s content, but do not attack the golden goose.
  • New York Times columnist David Carr • Pointing out the elephant in the room with the Charlie Sheen/”Two and a Half Men” situation, which is that Sheen did a number of things arguably worse than any of his current drama – and to women, even – but insulting his boss ended up being the thing that got him fired. It’s a good point, and one that shouldn’t get overlooked as CBS attempts to figure out what happens next.  source

25 Feb 2011 13:37


Culture: Charlie Sheen: Oh, I was just calling Chuck Lorre by his “real name”

  • I was referring to Chuck by his real name, because I wanted to address the man and not the @(!&%$(! persona.
  • Charlie Sheen • Explaining why he called his “Two and a Half Men” boss, Chuck Lorre, by his Jewish name, Chaim Levine. Not that this is going to appease Jewish groups. “By invoking television producer Chuck Lorre’s Jewish name in the context of an angry tirade against him,” says Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham H. Foxman, “Charlie Sheen left the impression that another reason for his dislike of Mr. Lorre is his Jewishness.” Hey Charlie, may we offer a word of advice for you? You know why you don’t really see Mel Gibson in many movies these days? It’s because he said things like this. source

18 May 2010 10:18


Culture: Charlie Sheen decides not to cut down “Two and a Half Men”

  • Dude was talking about leaving the series. Look, Charlie Sheen‘s had a weird year. He’s been the subject of domestic violence calls (and hilarious mug shots). Some guy ganked his SUV and drove it down a cliff. And he’s constantly in the tabloids. It’s hard to forget sometimes that he still has time for a hit series. But the “Two and a Half Men” star will stay with the show for at least two more seasons, building it’ll likely be on for nine total. Well, as long as that domestic violence trial in Aspen goes his way. source

29 Dec 2009 10:06


Culture: Is Charlie Sheen the Teflon Sheen? Observers say he is

  • Charlie Sheen has bounced back from various scandals, and I don’t think anyone expects anything more from him. Bad-boy behavior is part of his persona that’s been a work in progress since the 1980s. He has bounced back time and time again.
  • Public relations expert Vanessa J. Horwell • On why Charlie Sheen can do things like get in domestic violence disputes (with hilarious mug shots), accidentally shoot his girlfriend (I’m really sorry, Kelly) and show up prominently on the Hollywood Madam’s list without seeing any visible effect on his career. It’s because, unlike Emilio, everything rolls off him. It’s his sheen (*rimshot!*). source

25 Dec 2009 19:34


Culture: Mugshot alert: Charlie Sheen arrested on domestic violence charges

  • On the scale of celebrity police mugshots, pretty high. OK, it’s no Nick Nolte. Mel Gibson might be slightly better. But it definitely outdoes Charles Barkley and a few others. Charlie Sheen, he of family-friendly image thanks to “Two and a Half Men,” was arrested on domestic violence charges in Aspen, Colorado this morning. He’s spending the day in jail. source