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08 Feb 2012 10:28


Politics: Rick Santorum wants to be “the conservative alternative to Barack Obama”

  • I don’t stand here and claim to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.
  • Rick Santorum • Offering up a bold line while speaking to supporters in St. Louis, who picked him for the non-binding primary in Missouri last night. He also won caucuses in Minnesota, and somewhat surprisingly, Colorado. Two weeks ago, it looked like Gingrich was the guy going toe-to-toe with Romney. Now, with last night’s wins, that storyline looks old hat. Does Santorum have a shot at going all the way? source

08 Feb 2012 01:53


Politics: Santorum won big tonight, yes. But there’s a catch…

  • yes…Rick Santorum swept tonight’s nominating contests, winning Colorado and Minnesota’s caucuses in addition to Missouri’s primary. He’s now won more states than Mitt Romney.
  • however…No delegates were awarded tonight, so these victories–as well as all victories to this point–are significant primarily from the standpoint of public perception and media narratives. source

07 Feb 2012 20:41


Politics: Tuesday primaries, caucuses not really all that super. … zzzzzz

  • Currently watching the results from the biggest primary day of the season thus far. That doesn’t mean much, though. In Missouri’s non-binding primary (which means that the results of the primary will have no effect on how delegates will be decided next month, i.e. it means nothing), it’s a fairly close race between Romney and Santorum, and the two caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado are happening tonight, too. source

29 Sep 2011 00:36


U.S.: Today’s lesson: Don’t buy cantaloupe from Jensen Farms.

  • If it’s not Jensen Farms, it’s okay to eat. If you can’t confirm it’s not Jensen Farms, then it’s best to throw it out.
  • CDC director Thomas Frieden • Discussing the tainted cantaloupes that have killed and/or sickened dozens of people. The CDC is calling this listeria outbreak the deadliest one of its kind in the past decade. There’s no official list of the distributors in 25 states of the listeria-ridden cantaloupe, and on top of that, not all of the cantaloupes are labeled — or have such obscure labels as “Colorado Grown,” “Distributed by Frontera Produce,” “” or “Sweet Rocky Fords.” The CDC recommends you ask your grocer where the cantaloupe came from. If it came from US3, however, you should be fine. source

28 Sep 2011 10:23


U.S.: Deadly listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupes kills, sickens dozens

  • 13+ people killed in a deadly listeria outbreak linked to cantaloupes
  • 72+ people sickened by the worst outbreak in over a decade source
  • » Not like E. Coli or Salmonella: While those diseases are more well-known because outbreaks happen more often, listeria is deadlier, especially for those who are elderly, pregnant or have a weakened immune system. And the disease often manifests itself in a way that makes it tough to detect immediately. “That long incubation period is a real problem,” said the CDC’s Dr. Robert Tauxe. “People who ate a contaminated food two weeks ago or even a week ago could still be falling sick weeks later.” The cantaloupes, from Colorado, were sold in 25 states between late July and early September.

21 Apr 2011 09:44


U.S.: A dozen years after Columbine, jerks still trying to set off bombs

  • 1999 In one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history, two Columbine High School students killed a over dozen people, then themselves. The Colorado tragedy caused a spate of copycat incidents nationwide and led to much cultural hand-wringing over why it happened.
  • 2011 On Columbine’s 12th anniversary, Southwest Plaza Mall, located less than two miles away from the site of the shooting, had a close call with an apparent bomb threat. The suspect placed explosives in an area of the mall usually closed to the public. A security guard caught it before it went off. source

06 Apr 2011 10:14


World: Should police pepper-spray eight-year-old children? Ever?

  • I was angry. I didn’t understand. I was on my way. … Why didn’t they talk to him. He was red, handcuffed, crying, screaming how much it burned.
  • Mandy Elliot • Expressing rage about what happened to her son, Aidan. See, Aidan, an 8-year-old Colorado child, was maced by police for behavior in the classroom. Admittedly, he wasn’t exactly acting like an upstanding student on Feb 28. Aidan, who is in a class for children with behavioral problems, threatened to kill teachers and students with a piece of wood he held just like a knife. Eventually, police were called and Aidan got pepper-sprayed. (They defend their decision.) His mom, as you might guess, is blaming the school. “I think there is a problem, but it’s with school and Aidan,” she said. “It only happens at school. It doesn’t happen at soccer. It doesn’t happen at swimming. It doesn’t happen with babysitters, with family members.” source

09 Feb 2011 13:44


Offbeat: How do you get rid of an unwanted bear? Play some honky-tonk

  • problem Whilst doing some work on a hospital in Boulder, CO, a plumber found an unwanted guest sleeping underneath one of the residence buildings: a hibernating bear.
  • solution Rather than tranquilize the bear, they blasted country music, and it ran away. Because even bears don’t like country music (except for these bears, of course). source

10 Aug 2010 23:25


U.S.: Democratic primaries: One guy holds on, another gets an upset

Obama-backed Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet held on after a challenge within his own party. Someone did score an upset, though. Not Bennet’s cute daughter, though. source

06 Aug 2010 15:14


U.S.: Want to rob somebody? Do it in lovely Colorado Springs

There’s apparently a 23 percent chance that the penny-pinching city’s cops are all busy. There’s a 100 percent chance that we just took your wallet. source