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14 Oct 2011 11:49


Politics: Why are some of the GOP candidates threatening to boycott Nevada?

  • what A number of GOP candidates — including Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich — have threatened to boycott the Nevada primary. Jon Huntsman went a step further, promising to boycott Tuesday’s Nevada-based debate.
  • why Nevada is attempting to gain influence on the primaries by pushing their primary up to mid-January, meaning New Hampshire would have to hold theirs in December to ensure that theirs is still the first one. In effect, it gives weaker candidates less time. source

23 May 2011 16:09


Politics: 2012 Election: Will T-Paw finally put his name in the hat?

  • YES Tim Pawlenty is officially running for President source
  • » The least surprising item of the day: It’s not as if anybody really doubted that Tim Pawlenty would be running for President, as he’s made that rather abundantly obvious the last year or so (the title of his recent book, Courage To Stand, basically says all you need to know about his ambitions). However, the timing of this official announcement works to Pawlenty’s favor — it comes quickly after the GOP was set reeling by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ decision not to run. Suddenly facing down a field with virtually no electable candidates, save the primary-vulnerable Mitt Romney, Pawlenty is in a prime place to gain ground, if he can get a little buzz going. A tip from us to T-Paw, though — you don’t have a southern accent, and it’s weird to try to pretend otherwise.

19 Apr 2011 16:53


Politics: Iowa GOP voters wouldn’t mind seeing that birth certificate

  • When the fringe becomes the norm: The past couple years, the birther issue has been a touchy one in Republican politics; it’s a dangerous internal wedge issue for them. Say he was born in Kenya (or merely imply your doubts), and you look like a kook of the highest order. Say he was born in Hawaii, and you’ve alienated a non-negligible amount of your traditionally ravenous base. If the GOP Presidential field had managed to stay in the middling, “I take his word for it” zone, averting the problem — no Republican would have disdained their party’s strongest looking candidate because he didn’t think Obama was foreign. But with Donald Trump diving into the deep end of the birther pool, this constituency becomes volatile and impossible to predict. source

09 Mar 2011 15:29


Politics: The Obama administration tries to doom Jon Huntsman with praise

  • The things he did on behalf of this administration and the closeness in which he worked with the President, is much appreciated. And I’m sure he’ll talk about that in the primaries.
  • White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley • Referring to the Jon Huntsman, the U.S. Ambassador to China who is quietly positioning himself for a presidential run in 2012. Say what you will about the political acumen of the Obama administration, but their strategy to de-fang a potential Huntsman candidacy is clear and somewhat amusing; heap so much praise on the man for the work he did with the President that Republican primary voters won’t trust him. Obama strategist David Plouffe once identified Huntsman as the Republican he felt most threatened by in 2012, so it comes as little surprise that they’re seeking to nip his run in the bud. source

14 Sep 2010 21:12


Politics: Twitter’s talking about today’s big Congressional primaries

14 Sep 2010 10:48


Politics: Three major things to watch for in today’s primary races

  • delawareGOP establishment candidate Mike Castle takes on Tea Partier 
    Christine O’Donnell; if Castle wins, he wins in November. If O’Donnell does, all bets are off.
  • rangel The ethics-tainted congressman hasn’t lost the establishment and could win today, though that wouldn’t mean he’s out of the ethics woods by any means.
  • palinThe political kingmaker has endorsed five different candidates in today’s primaries. Are any of them gonna win, anyway? It could be a bellwether. source

23 Aug 2010 10:43


Politics: Proof money alone can’t buy you elections in Florida

  • $39 million the amount Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has spent on his campaign; he’s down by nine points in the primary
  • $23 million the amount Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene spent; he trails Kendrick Meek by a dozen points in the primary source

10 Aug 2010 23:25


U.S.: Democratic primaries: One guy holds on, another gets an upset

Obama-backed Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet held on after a challenge within his own party. Someone did score an upset, though. Not Bennet’s cute daughter, though. source

09 Jun 2010 00:06


U.S.: From Blanche to Meg, it’s ladies night in the 2010 primary races

  • yes Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas survived a Democratic primary runoff against Lt. Gov.  Bill Halter to stay in the race in the fall.
  • no South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki “scandal target” Haley didn’t get enough votes to prevent a runoff – but she almost did.
  • yes Meg Whitman easily won the Republican primary in the California governor’s race. If you can call easily spending lots of your own money. source
  • » Still on deck: Carly Fiorina’s the likely favorite to win the Republican primary for the Senate in California, but it’s still to early to call that race. And Nevada’s Republican Senate primary – a.k.a. the fight to win Harry Reid’s seat – hasn’t been decided yet.

18 May 2010 20:58