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19 Aug 2011 13:13


Politics: Christine O’Donnell apparently had too much going on Wednesday night

  • I want to apologize for being so late, I know that’s not respectful of your time, so please accept my apology. We started out at about five o’clock in the morning at Fox and Friends and we’ve gone nonstop until the final stop at CNN a few minutes ago.
  • Christine O’Donnell • Talking to the Women’s National Republican Club in NYC on Wednesday night — a meeting she had apparently double-booked with the taping of “Piers Morgan Tonight” — you know, the one she walked out on after being asked a question about gay marriage. Sounds like someone made up a mini-controversy in an effort to get out of something. source

17 Aug 2011 21:14


Politics: Christine O’Donnell walks off Piers Morgan’s show over gay marriage

  • Welcome back, Christine! Piers Morgan asked Christine O’Donnell about gay marriage, and she wouldn’t discuss the topic because it wasn’t relevant to her book. She’s gonna talk about what she wants to talk about, and that ain’t gay marriage. “We turned down another interview,” she says. Hey Piers, ignore the comments about you being rude. You’re always charming in our book. Christine O’Donnell, meanwhile, is now on the same level as Carrie Prejeansource

29 Jun 2011 22:23


Politics: Thirteen US Senators make “It Gets Better” video

  • And the ball continues to roll: Earlier this year, a spat of polls showed, for the first time, majority support for same-sex marriage. Last weekend, New York state passed the Marriage Equality Act, granting equal marriage rights to all New Yorkers. Now, thirteen US Senators have filmed an “It Gets Better” video. When you think about the political prospects for gay rights even five years ago, this is kind of astounding — these thirteen individuals (all Democrats; Republicans apparently weren’t asked to participate) are amongst the most powerful people in the most powerful country in the world. Much respect to Senator Chris Coons for posting this; Coons, you’ll recall, was the 2010 candidate everybody wrote off until the Republicans nominated Christine O’Donnell to run against him. So, in a weird way, we have O’Donnell to thank for this video. Thanks, Christine! (via gaywrites, thegayrepublican) source

29 Dec 2010 19:56


Politics: Christine O’Donnell: The Establishment set me up! Seriously!

  • I have faith that our supporters and the general public will see right through these thug tactics. This is simply an Establishment trick to stop the anti-establishment Tea Party movement in its tracks.
  • Christine O’Donnell • Regarding reports that the FBI is investigating her for election fraud. Protip: Have a second career besides being a candidate so you can ensure that you aren’t spending campaign donations on rent and other expenses. It’s wasteful, Christine. We like Wonkette’s take on the matter: “Isn’t it strange how a person who has earned no income over the past half-decade and yet is not living on the streets could be charged with any kind of financial fraud? Same old lamestream FBI bullshit.” True ’nuff. source

09 Nov 2010 10:51


Culture: (Most) other late-night hosts commend Conan’s return

  • I want to congratulate Conan O’Brien and his crew. They’re back on television tonight. I don’t know when… son of a bitch! They’re on the same time as me. Now I’ll never be able to watch me.
  • Jon Stewart • Making a hilarious but well-placed commendation of Conan O’Brien’s return to late night on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Letterman, George Lopez and Craig Ferguson also made some pretty good send-offs to the returning late-night host. Note that none of those guys are on NBC. Just saying. (On a side note, Leno’s getting fellow pariah Christine O’Donnell later this week. Fitting?) source

02 Nov 2010 20:23


Politics: Two key Tea Party races end just like everyone expected

  • yes Marco Rubio will be Florida’s next Senator – and like everyone thought, Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek split the vote.
  • no Christine O’Donnell didn’t win; Chris Coons coasted to an easy victory in Delaware. So why did Gawker post that story again? source

29 Oct 2010 23:08


Politics: Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell shaming rationale: She’s hypocritical

  • No, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with what Christine O’Donnell did on Halloween three years ago. We think there’s something wrong with what she’s done every day since, though. And we’re happy to expose the hypocrisy.
  • A post from “The Staff of” • Explaining their rationale for the Christine O’Donnnell one-night stand piece. While one might consider this a fair rationale (and there’s a lot of explanation here backing up their point), we’re not so sure. Who does it benefit to inform the world of this woman’s grooming options? And like we said earlier, it’s not like this is going to change anything. O’Donnell is already unpopular among voters. Know when to pick your battles, Gawker Media. The iPhone 4 thing was impressive, and a perfect example of when your paying-for-stories method almost kinda works. The Brett Favre thing, while not particularly classy, came at the nadir of his popularity and made sense from an coverage standpoint. This just feels wrong, and dirty. source

29 Oct 2010 17:28


Politics: Gawker Media: Great job being all classy about Christine O’Donnell

  • Let’s get it on the record: We were really uncomfortable with posting anything about Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell get yesterday. For lots of reasons. First, she’s going to lose next week almost assuredly, and it’s just kicking her while she’s down. Second, the anonymous dude who wrote it is a vile human being. Third, he wrote some nasty things about her. Fourth, and this is the most important one, we don’t want to give Gawker the traffic for this story. This is so loaded with classlessness all around that it’s entirely possible that people might vote for her on Tuesday out of remorse. She’s had a rough few weeks, and she might get some votes out of this. For the love of God, Gawker. This woman is allowed to be a human being. source

17 Oct 2010 10:34


Politics: Christine O’Donnell wants it both ways with the GOP

  • We’re asking the National Republican Senatorial to help us shine a spotlight on my opponent’s negative record. We’re hoping that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will help us. But it’s two and a half weeks left, and they’re not.
  • Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell • Talking on ABC’s “This Week” about how she can’t get help from the national GOP in fighting Chris Coons. But the same day as the interview, she had this to say to a local rotary club: “If you want a senator who has had to fight her own party and is still fighting her own party, please vote O’Donnell for U.S. Senate.” Hmmmmmmmmm. One point to make here is that she’s kicking Coons’ butt when it comes to spending, including getting the maximum donation from the NRSC. But she’s still losing. source

13 Oct 2010 21:13


Politics: Aww, how sweet: Christine O’Donnell pulls out the “Marxist” card

For those keeping score at home: Chris Coons is a Marxist. Christine O’Donnell, on the other hand, is you. We’re left scratching our heads. source