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25 Jan 2012 14:17


Politics: Marco Rubio rips Gingrich ad calling Romney an “anti-immigrant candidate”

  • This kind of language is more than just unfortunate. It’s inaccurate, inflammatory, and doesn’t belong in this campaign. The truth is that neither of these two men is anti-immigrant and both have positive messages that play well in the Latino community.
  • Florida Senator Marco Rubio • Condemning a radio ad released by the Gingrich campaign, which referred to Mitt Romney as “the most anti-immigrant candidate.” This is an issue on which Rubio carries a lot of heft, as both a member of the young Republican surge in 2010, as well as the GOP’s most prominent Latino voice. The political effect of his remarks, whether intended or not, is to give Romney a leg up. Though Gingrich’s immigration reform ideas are far from progressive, that he’s further left on the issue than Romney is undeniable; Romney has reveled in staying to the (at times somewhat absurd) far-right of every opponent on the issue. If he’s given cover from criticism about it, however inartful that criticism may be, it means he won’t have to bear the cost of that clear political calculation. Gingrich pulled the ad from the airwaves following Rubio’s remarks. source

18 Jan 2012 14:51


Politics: SOPA loses support among congressional sponsors

  • 3 SOPA/PIPA sponsors withdraw support on day of blackout source
  • » Feeling some heat? Of these three co-sponsors of the SOPA or PIPA legislation, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is by far the biggest name. Rubio cited concerns about “a potentially unreasonable expansion of the federal government’s power to impact the Internet.” The other two co-sponsors were Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska, and Rep. Ben Quayle of Arizona. A Quayle spokesman, Zach Howell, made it clear the Arizona congressman could vote for a reworked bill: “The bill could have some unintended consequences that need to be addressed. Basically it needs more work before he can support it.”

23 Oct 2011 11:09


Politics: Marco Rubio’s back-and-forth with the Washington Post does draw blood

  • first The Washington Post published an article that punched holes in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s life story — saying that his parents left Cuba before the 1959 revolution.
  • then Rubio responded in an op-ed for Politico: “The essence of my family story is why they came to America in the first place,” he wrote, “and why they had to stay.”
  • now But the article did lead to some changes. Though Rubio shot back against the article, in the end, his staff changed the bio on his Web site to reflect the Post’s article. source

15 Mar 2011 01:41


Politics: Marco Rubio slams Congress for postponing budget debate again

  • I did not come to the U.S. Senate to be part of some absurd political theatre. I will no longer support short-term budget plans.
  • Sen. Marco Rubio • Letting off some steam about Congress’s refusal (or, perhaps more accurately, inability) to pass a long-term budget. The House and Senate will (likely, but not assuredly) pass another continuing resolution tomorrow in lieu of an actual budget. This one will fund the government for the next three weeks; after that, it’s either another continuing resolution, a budget for the full fiscal year, or a government shutdown. Let’s hope Congress can actually figure something out this time, and not just postpone the inevitable again. source

24 Jan 2011 22:35


Politics: Rubio to caucusing Tea Party senators: Count me out

  • NO Marco Rubio won’t join the Senate Tea Party Caucus source

17 Jan 2011 22:24


Politics: The Senate’s Tea Party Caucus: Is three really a caucus?

  • yeah… January 27th will mark the first meeting of the Senate Tea Party Caucus. Sen. Rand Paul, the founder of the group, will be joined by Sens. Mike Lee and Jim DeMint.
  • but…That’s only three people. Other Tea Partiers, like Marco Rubio, haven’t committed. If no one else joins, how much power can a three-man caucus really have? source
  • » Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story had a pretty bad error in it. Appropriate parties have been informed/chastized/made fun of. Our bad.

02 Nov 2010 20:23


Politics: Two key Tea Party races end just like everyone expected

  • yes Marco Rubio will be Florida’s next Senator – and like everyone thought, Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek split the vote.
  • no Christine O’Donnell didn’t win; Chris Coons coasted to an easy victory in Delaware. So why did Gawker post that story again? source

28 Oct 2010 19:09


Politics: Bill Clinton to Kendrick Meek: Quit so Charlie Crist can win

  • what Bill Clinton asked Florida Democrat Kendrick Meek to drop out of his Senate race – twice.
  • why Meek is splitting the vote with indie kid Charlie Crist, meaning Marco Rubio is gonna win.
  • reaction Meek apparently agreed – twice – and then changed his mind both times. Fail. source

24 Aug 2010 20:42


22 Aug 2010 20:37


Politics: Guess which Tea Party candidate is backing off all of a sudden

  • The solution isn’t just to paralyze government. Vote for us because you couldn’t possibly vote for them? That’s not enough. It may win some seats, but it won’t take you where you want to be.
  • Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio • Appearing to make a break from the Modern Tea Party script. Why’s that? Well, uh, Charlie Crist went independent and turned Rubio’s plan to be a hard-line conservative candidate upside down. So now he has to say things like this to appease the moderates that Crist is going to win over in the election because he didn’t give in. Remember, guys, the Marco Rubio you’re voting for isn’t the one who says things like this. It’s the one who gave this speech at CPAC. He only moderated himself out of necessity. source