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03 Nov 2010 10:17


Politics: Black senators: The election’s most depressing statistic

  • 0 black senators; but on the plus side, no Roland Burris anymore source

02 Nov 2010 20:23


Politics: Two key Tea Party races end just like everyone expected

  • yes Marco Rubio will be Florida’s next Senator – and like everyone thought, Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek split the vote.
  • no Christine O’Donnell didn’t win; Chris Coons coasted to an easy victory in Delaware. So why did Gawker post that story again? source

28 Oct 2010 22:14


Politics: … and here comes the denial from the Kendrick Meek camp

  • report Politico sets the Florida Senate race on its head with a claim that BILL FREAKING CLINTON tried to convince also-ran Democrat Kendrick Meek to quit the race so Charlie Crist would win.
  • denial Meek’s campaign manager Abe Dyk denied it: “The article is not true. Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race and will never drop out of this race.” source

28 Oct 2010 19:09


Politics: Bill Clinton to Kendrick Meek: Quit so Charlie Crist can win

  • what Bill Clinton asked Florida Democrat Kendrick Meek to drop out of his Senate race – twice.
  • why Meek is splitting the vote with indie kid Charlie Crist, meaning Marco Rubio is gonna win.
  • reaction Meek apparently agreed – twice – and then changed his mind both times. Fail. source

25 Aug 2010 00:37


Politics: J.D. Hayworth no match for comeback king John McCain

  • hypothesis J.D. Hayworth, sensing weakness in John McCain’s abilities after he ran for president, thought Arizona could use a new senator.
  • reality Despite Hayworth’s stronger conservative credentials, McCain spent a lot of money and came out on top tonight. source
  • » Oh yeah … McCain has an election in November, but this will likely be a formality. See, McCain lives in Arizona, a state that leans far enough to the right that it allowed a crazy immigration law to take effect. There’s no way the’re electing a Democrat to the Senate.
  • » Other races: The other key state, Florida, was half-boom, half-bust for big-spending outsiders. While Democratic senate candidate Kendrick Meek easily won his race over Jeff Greene (a guy who’s a billionaire and made a lot of money off the housing market bust), multi-millionaire Rick Scott toppled Attorney General Bill McCollum in the GOP gubernatorial primart.

24 Aug 2010 20:42


23 Aug 2010 10:43


Politics: Proof money alone can’t buy you elections in Florida

  • $39 million the amount Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has spent on his campaign; he’s down by nine points in the primary
  • $23 million the amount Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene spent; he trails Kendrick Meek by a dozen points in the primary source

21 Jun 2010 11:36


Politics: Charlie Crist’s indie defection looks like a smart move

  • 42% would vote Crist to the Senate in Florida
  • 31% would vote for bizarro hippie rockstar Marco Rubio
  • 14% prefer underexposed Democrat Kendrick Meek
  • 12% don’t really have much of an opinion either way source

29 Apr 2010 20:15


U.S.: Charlie Crist goes indie, just bought his first Crystal Castles album

  • My decision to run for the U.S. Senate as a candidate without party affiliation says more about our nation and our state than it says about me. Unfortunately our political system is broken. I think we need a new tone in Washington.
  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist • Who’s now an indie kid in the Florida Senate’s political race. (Though he went out of his way to say “independent.” WTF?) He loses a lot of backing by turning his back on Republicans, but polls suggest he has a much better chance of winning now that he’s out of the primary. The moderate got pushed out as part of a rightward lean by the party, who’s backing bizarro hippie favorite Marco Rubio. The New York Times suggests that Crist may suffer from that lack of infrastructure, though if Rubio or Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek can’t expand their collective bases, he’s the winner. source

16 Apr 2010 11:32


U.S.: Charlie Crist plays Russian Roulette with teacher pay law veto

  • The people spoke, and they spoke loudly, and boy, did I hear from them this week.
  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist • On his move to veto a Republican-backed education bill which would tie teachers’ pay to their performance. The move was controversial on all sides of the aisle – the GOP strongly stood behind the bill, while teachers werelargely against it. Even some bizarro hippies didn’t like it. The decision is raising speculation that our boy Charlie will run as an independent in the gubernatorial election, where he has a genuine shot of winning against bizarro hippie-endorsed Marco Rubio (who’s leading Crist handily in the Republican primary) and Democrat Kendrick Meek. source