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02 Mar 2012 00:07


Politics: Jeb Bush: Not running for president, but not for lack of fanbois

  • Maybe more supporters than Santorum? Andrew Card, the former chief of staff for George W. Bush, said this earlier this week: “I have the perfect candidate — Jeb Bush. But he’s not running.” Even Democrats believe that Bush could be a threat if he uses his sway with middle-class and Latino voters. Could the former Florida governor with an impressively presidential bloodline be the Republican Party’s ace in the hole? Or will he wait until 2016? source

30 Mar 2011 13:51


Politics: First presidential debate postponed due to lack of candidates

  • thenLast Year, Politico and NBC News announced plans to host a Republican presidential debate on May 2nd of this year. It was to be the first debate of election season.
  • nowBecause so few candidates have declared their candidacy, NBC and Politico are postponing the debate until September. Now, Fox’s May 5th debate will be the first. source

28 Oct 2010 22:14


Politics: … and here comes the denial from the Kendrick Meek camp

  • report Politico sets the Florida Senate race on its head with a claim that BILL FREAKING CLINTON tried to convince also-ran Democrat Kendrick Meek to quit the race so Charlie Crist would win.
  • denial Meek’s campaign manager Abe Dyk denied it: “The article is not true. Kendrick Meek was never dropping out of this race, is never dropping out of this race and will never drop out of this race.” source

12 Feb 2010 09:24


Politics: Apparently, the Senate Democrats are a bunch of pansies

  • Grassley and three to four Republicans would have voted for it, but all the other Republicans would have beaten the living ^&%$ out of us [during the 2010 midterms], claiming the bill was too bloated.
  • A random Democrat who supported Harry Reid’s decision • Regarding the jobs bill that was cut by $70 billion. You guys are @(&@(@(. Get a backbone and call us later. Do you think FDR would’ve done something like this, knowing how badly the country needed it? It’s a jobs bill. $15 billion does not help create jobs. $85 billion does. What’s the point of having a majority if you’re not going to use it? source

04 Jan 2010 12:47


Biz: Political pubs HuffPo and Politico are profitable, but not massive

  • $12-16 million The Huffington Post’s estimated profit in 2009, which is peanuts considering its massive size
  • $20
    Politico’s estimated 2009 profits, which largely came from its print publication source

20 Dec 2009 10:40


Politics: Fox News’ angle on Ben Nelson: He sold his vote for his state!

  • Do the twist! Saying that the abortion concessions weren’t enough, Fox News claims that Nelson sold his vote for health care to win kickbacks. “It’s pretty obvious votes have been bought,” Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said. Nelson did get Reid to agree to help pick up his state’s future Medicaid tab, at a cost of $45 million. Most other states will get their tab picked up, but only over a short period.
  • Fair & balanced Politico covers the issue differently – they note it’s the kind of concessionary agreement made with legislation like this. Nelson’s fellow Democratic Nebraska senator, Tom Harkin, makes a good point: “… it is going to be the impetus for all the states to stay at 100 percent. So he might have done all of us a favor.” That’s right, the Feds might pay the balance of Medicaid for everyone eventually.

01 Dec 2009 10:11


Politics: Amusing: The White House’s war of sevens with Politico

  • seven Politico writes a story called “7 Stories Barack Obama Doesn’t Want Told.” It’s about as dry and harsh as it sounds.
  • seven The White House sends around an internal e-mail with their own, more hilarious, list of seven, which rips on Politico big-time. source

01 Nov 2009 09:03


Politics: What everyone missed with Dede Scozzafava: NY Republicans suck

  • Politico makes a good point on the matter. The quick wilting of Dede Scozzafava in a New York house race may be less a statement on Scozzafava herself and more on the New York Republican Party itself. “In just a few short years,” Politico argues, “the party’s presence in state politics has dwindled to the point of extinction-or irrelevance.” The party has no statewide elected officials and few members of the state legislature. All this is despite the fact that they’re running against a Democratic party loaded with political scandals such as Eilot Spitzer and unpopular leaders such as David Paterson. Yet things like this gum them up. source

02 Jul 2009 22:18


Biz, U.S.: Pay-for-play journalism with the Washington Post? No way, Jose!

  • We will not participate in events where promises are made that in exchange for money The Post will offer access to newsroom personnel or will refrain from confrontational questioning. Our independence from advertisers or sponsors is inviolable.
  • Marcus W. Brauchli • Executive editor of The Washington Post, talking about a report in Politico about a series of “salons” to offered lobbyists access to Washington Post journalists in exchange for their soul … er, money. The first meeting was reported to be at the publisher’s house July 21, and was going to have Post reporters, Obama administration officials and Congressmen. Word is that the flyer for the event leaked early and without proper vetting, and it was likely a marketing person’s vision. In other words, someone’s getting yelled at in a boardroom right now. (Disclosure: ShortFormBlog editor Ernie Smith is affiliated with The Washington Post’s Express, but the blog itself has no ties to The Post, nor does it express the opinions of the company.) • source