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25 Feb 2012 17:44


Politics: Juan Williams and Pat Buchanan bond over high-profile firings

  • I feel like we are brothers in understanding what these groups, on the left primarily, decided that you’re not to be allowed to speak. They will banish you and make you an outcast and Pat, I’m sorry that’s happened to you.
  • Fox News Contributor Juan Williams • Wrapping up an interview with former MSNBC analyst Pat Buchanan, during which the two discussed the repeated charges of racism that Buchanan has faced. In his first interview since being fired by MSNBC, Buchanan staunchly denied all charges of racism. When asked, point-blank, by Williams if he was a racist, Buchanan replied, “Do I hate black folks? That’s what racism mean — that I hate black folks, I want them discriminted against… No!” Watch the unedited interview heresource

16 Feb 2012 19:05


Politics: Is Sarah Palin a master of girl-who-cried-wolfing presidential elections?

  • I cannot predict what will happen in the future, but I know that I have got the fire in my belly to try to help, to try to make a difference and if that involves running for public office at some point in the future, I’m game for that.
  • Fox News analyst Sarah Palin • Continuing her long-running game of chicken with the idea of a future run for public office. Palin did not fully deny that she would jump into the presidential race if necessary. Sarah Palin may not be running for president, but she’s not entirely opposed to the idea either. In an interview Wednesday, she noted that she would “do whatever I could to help” in case the Republican party does not have a clear frontrunner by this summer.  source

15 Dec 2011 20:43


Politics: Three things we’re watching for during tonight’s debate

10 Dec 2011 10:11


Politics: Could Herman Cain’s next stop be Fox News commentator?

  • What might be next for Herman Cain? Because I have no doubt that there is a TV-radio future if you wanted one.
  • Sean Hannity • Discussing what Herman Cain should do next, now that he’s suspended his presidential campaign. Hannity had Cain on his show Thursday night, his first TV appearance since he suspended his campaign amidst allegations of a long-term sexual affair about a week ago. He has since endorsed Newt Gingrichsource

10 Oct 2011 09:35


U.S.: “Fox News Lies”: Geraldo booted off the Occupy Wall Street island

  • Not a banner day for Geraldo Rivera: In a crowd with fresh memories of Jesse LaGreca’s epic takedown of Griff Jenkins, Geraldo’s not-so-warm welcome is a tad heartwarming. Now, granted, his coverage of the protests — complete with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West talking from a studio — was pretty balanced, and not in that “Fair and Balanced” way, either. But his network affiliation led to some chants over his news broadcast — not fun — and eventually led to this rough exit, captured by Russia Today. source

05 Oct 2011 10:53


Politics: Three fairly edgy things Roger Ailes said in his AP interview

  • one On networks that criticize Fox News: “Everybody who’s getting their ass beat vilifies the opponent. This is the first rule of fighting.” Boom.
  • two On an anchor he thinks does it wrong: “Wolf Blitzer is an excellent reporter, but he’s not a star.” He says his back is to the camera too much.
  • three And the coup de grace, on one of his most notable hires: “I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings.” Whew. source

03 Oct 2011 20:02


Politics: Oops: Hank Williams Jr. isn’t “ready for some football” after comments

  • He compared Obama to Hitler. Now his iconic song is off “Monday Night Football” tonight. Hank Williams Jr. has been the voice of Monday Night Football for over 20 years, but a comment in this “Fox & Friends” segment, where he suggests that John Boehner playing golf with Obama “would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli leader) Benjamin Netanyahu,” has cost Williams a spot on ESPN’s long-running franchise this week. (The “Fox & Friends” anchors immediately had a not-so-lovely look on their faces after Williams said that line — with not a little bit of anger, mind you.) Williams, despite being an on-air personality for ESPN and therefore banned from running for political office, has nonetheless expressed interest in running for the U.S. Senate in 2012. source

20 Sep 2011 11:14


Biz: Ted Turner: Rupert Murdoch may have to resign from News Corp.

  • From one rich mogul to another: Former Turner Broadcasting owner Ted Turner, who knows a thing or two about running his mouth, says that Murdoch has made tactical errors in his handling of the phone-hacking scandal, including his claim that he didn’t know anything about the hacking. “Well, he should have known,” Turner said. “He was chairman of the board. He’s responsible. I took responsibility when I ran my company. You never heard me say, ‘Well, I didn’t know.’” The two moguls once famously feuded, after Turner claimed Murdoch’s media outlets (including Fox News, a direct rival to the Turner-founded CNN) were largely behind the Iraq war, because it helped his company. Turner says they eventually buried the hatchet, however, after he bought Rupert a bison burger and praised the Wall Street Journal. Well, this may perhaps change that situation once again. Heh. source

25 May 2011 23:25


Politics: Yes, MSNBC was right to suspend Ed Schultz

  • Un-ED-cceptable: MSNBC is giving Ed Schultz a one-week, unpaid timeout for calling Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” And good for them. Obviously, Laura Ingraham’s sex life is completely irrelevant to her political views, but more importantly, the use of the word “slut” as an insult implies that having many sexual partners is something bad, something to be ashamed of. This is exactly the kind of antiquated, 1950’s-era thinking that progressives have been trying to move past for the last fifty years, and for Schultz to resort to that kind of base rhetoric is not only offensive and inappropriate, it’s counterproductive to the cause he claims to champion. If anything, we say he got off easy. source

11 May 2011 11:22


Politics: Lame: Rapper Common now in the same boat as William Ayers

  • If this was somebody who used the same type of rhetoric about violence against President Obama I would be against it. . . . This is inappropriate for a President and he goes back to his radical roots again and again and again. Ayers, Wright, Pfleger.
  • Sean Hannity • Saying a bunch of stupid crap about how Common (a pro-Obama rapper) is a bad influence and shouldn’t visit the White House and stuff. We don’t have much to add to this, other than this: SHUT UP YOU AREN’T A RAP FAN AND YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW WHO THIS GUY WAS UNTIL YOU WERE HANDED A CUE CARD WITH HIS NAME ON IT BEFORE THE SEGMENT. Also, you can’t criticize Common’s poetic license until you take back this approval of Ted Nugent’s non-poetic license, brah. source