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16 Feb 2012 19:05


Politics: Is Sarah Palin a master of girl-who-cried-wolfing presidential elections?

  • I cannot predict what will happen in the future, but I know that I have got the fire in my belly to try to help, to try to make a difference and if that involves running for public office at some point in the future, I’m game for that.
  • Fox News analyst Sarah Palin • Continuing her long-running game of chicken with the idea of a future run for public office. Palin did not fully deny that she would jump into the presidential race if necessary. Sarah Palin may not be running for president, but she’s not entirely opposed to the idea either. In an interview Wednesday, she noted that she would “do whatever I could to help” in case the Republican party does not have a clear frontrunner by this summer.  source

14 Jan 2011 14:49


Politics: Michael Steele unintentionally nails his legacy with the RNC

  • “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Guess which book Michael Steele thought this iconic quote was from? (Hint: Not from “A Tale of Two Cities.”) Anyway, even though he completely misattributed the quote (he said it was from his favorite book, “War and Peace”), let’s face it, that’s everything you need to know about his two years as RNC chair. Despite the immense level of success the Republican Party had in winning elections in 2009 and 2010, their current financial situation is pretty much the polar opposite of what one would expect from the party of fiscal responsibility. So, let’s take a moment to honor the RNC weirdo in his last stand, the one whose party succeeded despite his own personal failures. And the fact that he attributed this quote to the wrong book explains everything about why he won’t return. (Edit: He’s currently behind in the vote, which is taking place now … he’s not doing bad but losing support.) source

14 Jan 2011 12:18


Politics: Today’s big vote: So, who’s going to be the next RNC chair?

So, much of the betting money is leaning towards this Reince Priebus guy (who we’re totally going to call Prince Riebus by accident) becoming the RNC chair. Sayonara, Michael Steele. source

22 Oct 2010 10:51


Politics: Do Texas voting machines have a Green Party-favoring glitch?

  • You would think that electronic voting machines wouldn’t be so hard to screw up, but as this Texas guy here proves, it’s not the case. He tried to vote for the Republicans straight ticket and he got the Green Party instead. Some, however, are suggesting this clip is fake. Look at the position of his thumb and judge for yourself. source

21 Jul 2009 12:52


Politics: The GOP latches onto a Lady Gaga parody as a shining example

  • 23-year-old Matt Damon … er, Peter Cowman is currently being used as a shining example of how to do social media right in terms of spreading a political message. Cowman, from Republican Rep. Dave Reichert’s district in Washington, re-wrote the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s newfangled classic “Just Dance” to criticize overspending in Congress and by Obama. It’s clever, but it’s no Penny guy or Auto-Tune the News. source

19 May 2009 22:55


Politics, U.S.: Michael Steele speaks like he’s grown a backbone. Has he?

  • If we have the courage of our convictions, and we do, then we will and we must stand up against disastrous policies, regardless of the president’s popularity.
  • GOP head Michael Steele • Who is trying to make a return to the public eye after looking like a freaking idiot ever since he was elected GOP chair. In his speech, he said that the party needs to sharply attack Obama’s policies head-on, rather than pussyfoot around them. Did he succeed at making a return to the public eye? Twitter largely sez no, and that he sucks at public speaking to boot. • source