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01 Jun 2011 14:50


Music: Lady Gaga gets assist from Amazon in million-selling week

  • 1,108,000 number of copies of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sold in its first week, the tenth-largest week of sales in SoundScan history
  • 1,140,000 number of copies 50 Cent’s “The Massacre” sold in its first week back in 2005; Gaga’s album is the largest sales week since then source
  • » Lady Gaga’s album set a record for digital sales, but Lady Gaga can’t get all the credit. Amazon was selling the album for 99 cents on its first day (even though it kind of backfired), contributing about 440,000 copies in the first week. Not surprisingly, Amazon’s deal upset some retail outlets, namely music stores who lost sales because of the insanely low price Amazon sold the album for. (Best Buy also had a similar deal, where they gave an album away with a cell phone. And it also sold at some kinda weird outlets, like CVS and Whole Foods.)

23 May 2011 22:11


Culture: Lady Gaga MP3 deal backfires; Amazon users pissed

  • sweet! Lady Gaga’s latest album is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon MP3. What’s more, it comes with a free 20gb of cloud music storage!
  • aww no! The deal was so popular, it clogged Amazon’s servers. Users got cut off mid-download, and are now giving the album negative reviews. source

11 Dec 2010 21:03


U.S.: Military treats Wikileaks problem with lame, TSA-style solution

  • problem Bradley Manning reportedly took thousands of classified documents off government networks by pretending the CD he was burning to was actually a Lady Gaga CD, then gave them to Wikileaks.
  • solution? Rather than focus on the fact that the system created a loose cannon, the military has banned soldiers from using thumb drives or other portable storage devices. Ahh … the TSA approach to security. source

07 Oct 2010 11:07


Culture: Lady Gaga = Powerful woman. At least that’s what Forbes says

Forget that Michelle Obama is on top of Forbes’ most powerful women list. Some are in disbelief that Lady Gaga beat out Nancy Pelosi (who’s third in line for president). source

20 Sep 2010 20:59


24 Aug 2010 21:49


19 Aug 2010 21:41


Culture: Lady Gaga should overtake Britney Spears on Twitter any day now

  • 5.646
    the number of followers Spears has; she’s at the top of the heap but won’t be for much longer
  • 5.635
    the number Lady Gaga has; Justin Bieber could top her within six months, though source

23 Jun 2010 10:03


Music: Real headline: “Weird Al ponders Lady Gaga parody”

  • I don’t want to give anything away. All you’ve got to do is look at the top of the Billboard charts; that’s what I’m looking at, too.
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic • Discussing the process he uses to make parodies of pop songs. He’s currently in the midst of working on a new album; he hasn’t had a big hit in a few years. (We have to admit that the headline made us think of this.) He claims his job is tougher nowadays because of the high number of parodies online. “It makes it harder to be fresh and unique,” he says. “It’s frustrating, but it does help me step up my game. If I can’t be the first and only, I can be the best.” We just want to see him wearing a Lady Gaga hatsource

21 Jun 2010 10:25


Culture: Larry King should retire because he sucks: The NYT & us

  • In Lady Gaga, Mr. King had a willing, wildly famous subject. If he can no longer hit a hanging curve ball over the middle of the plate, shouldn’t CNN be thinking hard about who is on deck?
  • New York Times media writer David Carr • Suggesting exactly why Larry King kinda sucks at his job. He has flopped with numerous recent interviews, specifically with Gaga. And the worst part? CNN doesn’t have anyone to replace him. They’re so desperate to find someone to replace Campbell Brown that they’re talking to Eliot Spitzer (which we actually think would be a good idea). And, ultimately, Carr argues, he may find himself in a Helen Thomas situation if he doesn’t get ready to move on. Do the right thing, Larry. Retire. source

26 May 2010 20:53


Culture: Dammit, Greyson: Ellen Degeneres is now a music mogul

  • Greyson Chance is the first signee on Ellen’s new label. Two weeks ago, the preteen Web sensation was made into an even bigger Web sensation by the hand of Ellen Degeneres, who put the Gaga-mimicking singer on the phone with Lady Gaga. Now he’s on Ellen’s new label, eleveneleven. We hope it’s a failure. Sorry Ellen. source