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01 Mar 2012 23:57


Culture: Celebrate March 1 celebrity birthdays with these spirited quotes

  • one Heavy partier Ke$ha Sebert: “I’ll be the one in the corner with my laser gloves having a dance party.”
  • two Justin Bieber (he’s 18, everyone, and still dreamy): “dear cougars. i see the jokes. im legal. hahaha”
  • three“Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles: “You can’t eat too many because then you get Gummi tummy.”
  • four’90s star Mark-Paul Gosselaar: “I don’t want to be known as somebody that everybody knows about.” (Deep.)

16 Nov 2011 15:43


Culture: Woman drops paternity suit against Justin Bieber

  • DNA, babies, and Bieber: Mariah Yeater, a young woman who accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her child, has withdrawn her paternity suit against the young star. Bieber had vocally denied the claims, and said he would submit to a DNA test once back in the U.S. from touring. When it was revealed Yeater had initially (and falsely) insisted her boyfriend was the child’s father, this outcome wasn’t too hard to see coming. (Photo courtesy of “iloveJB123”) source

14 Feb 2011 10:11


Music: On Justin Beieber fans defacing Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page

  • Look, these attacks appear personal. It appears that Ms. Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page has been attacked by the Bieber faithful for her win for Best New Artist at the Grammys last night – a ringer who beat out four well-known acts. But, a piece of advice to Bieber fans: If you want to deface a page, how about the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences one? It’s their fault that the Grammys are completely out of lockstep with pop music, that favors music completely out of the popular zeitgeist. Otherwise, stop watching The Grammys. There are other, more useful, ways to show your love for musicians. source

12 Feb 2011 17:38


Culture: Justin Bieber’s 3D flick scores biggest opening day of 2011 so far

  • $12.4
    made so far by a movie we will admit to having seen twice this weekend (actually, we take that back – we’ve seen it three times)
  • $9.7
    made on Friday by a movie that stars two of the best-known actors in the world, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston – how did this happen? source

07 Sep 2010 11:04


19 Aug 2010 21:41


Culture: Lady Gaga should overtake Britney Spears on Twitter any day now

  • 5.646
    the number of followers Spears has; she’s at the top of the heap but won’t be for much longer
  • 5.635
    the number Lady Gaga has; Justin Bieber could top her within six months, though source

09 Aug 2010 22:59


Culture: Justin Bieber + Water Bottle = Instant Schadenfreude

  • The feel-good story of the day. That’s right, folks. He got what he deserved. (Thanks David Miller of Wasted Seconds, a good friend from back in the day.)

05 Jul 2010 09:57


Music: Justin Bieber may have met his match with 4chan (thank God)

  • cause Justin Bieber’s people put up a poll on his Web site asking people where they think he should tour next.
  • reaction 4chan decided to vote it up, pushing the teen pop singer to communist foothold North Korea (ahahaha). source

19 Jun 2010 14:14


Culture: Larry King’s suspenders + Justin Bieber’s smile = Oil spill telethon

  • Alternate title: “The Creepy Old Man and the Sea.” Let’s admit it, we were due for an oil spill telethon, weren’t we? CNN’s going to deliver Monday night, with King hosting the telethon with Bieber getting top billing. Sting’s going to perform too, as are other celebrities, but who cares? He’s old and not so dreamy. source

25 May 2010 11:52


Music: Our latest on AOL News: Justin Bieber’s Twitter stranglehold

  • Back in February, we gave Bieber a deeper analysis than he’s probably ever gotten at any other point in his career. Now, we’ve done it again – all-updated-like – for AOL News. Here’s a fun fact: Our boy the Bieb is responsible for approximately 23 million tweets over the last six months, which sounds like a lot until you consider it’s out of nearly 8 billion. Still though. It’s a freaking lot. OK, we need to take a shower. We know way too much about the teen heartthrob. We might be mistaken as a fan. source