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21 Nov 2011 23:01


Politics: Is Donald Trump’s toupée a good luck charm? Uh, no.

  • 73% of Americans don’t care who Trump supports source
  • » So why has Bachmann met with him four times? So far, Michelle Bachmann seems to be promoting Donald Trump’s advice better than she’s promoting herself — she’s currently sitting at 4% in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

19 May 2011 16:26


Politics: Jon Stewart dominates Bill O’Reilly’s own poll

  • Credit where credit is due: The O’Reilly Factor’s viewer polls always have a big stamp on the bottom that says “NOT A SCIENTIFIC POLL,” and that’s as true now as it was when we didn’t find their outcomes so amusing. That said, such a disclaimer also means O’Reilly and his people probably didn’t have to unleash this dispiriting (for him) result to the world. Just look at that map! Jon Stewart is one of the most convincing and talented talkers in the public eye, and it’s his willingness to have nuanced yet incisive debate with his ideological opposites that make him so. source

19 Apr 2011 16:53


Politics: Iowa GOP voters wouldn’t mind seeing that birth certificate

  • When the fringe becomes the norm: The past couple years, the birther issue has been a touchy one in Republican politics; it’s a dangerous internal wedge issue for them. Say he was born in Kenya (or merely imply your doubts), and you look like a kook of the highest order. Say he was born in Hawaii, and you’ve alienated a non-negligible amount of your traditionally ravenous base. If the GOP Presidential field had managed to stay in the middling, “I take his word for it” zone, averting the problem — no Republican would have disdained their party’s strongest looking candidate because he didn’t think Obama was foreign. But with Donald Trump diving into the deep end of the birther pool, this constituency becomes volatile and impossible to predict. source

12 Apr 2011 22:20


Politics: Polling suggests drop in support for House GOP

  • That pendulum always swings: Count us amongst those who were skeptical about the emphasis put on the Republican wave that rolled into Congress last year, at least from a big picture, long-term standpoint — these two parties have been losing and gaining back ground for decades. Just as Barack Obama’s election caused media personalities to jump the gun in declaring the Republican Party dead in the water, so too have they rushed to heap dirt on the Democrats since the 2010 elections. Rest assured, if somebody strenuously tells you either liberalism or conservatism is dead, they may be taking an overly simplistic view of chaotic, real world political events. source

10 Oct 2010 11:19


Politics: Poll: Most Americans think the government sucks at doing its job

  • 55% of people polled say that they think government isn’t paying attention to the big issues
  • 80% of Republcians say that the government’s priorities are completely misplaced
  • 20%think it may not even be possible for the government to be run efficiently source

26 Sep 2010 19:53


U.S.: California leaning towards waving its pot flag high

  • 49% of residents support legalizing pot in the state via Prop. 19
  • 42% don’t think it should be legalized at the ballot
  • 9% were too stoned to know what was going on source

12 Sep 2010 02:18


Politics: CNN asks dumb, controversial poll question about gay TV characters

  • bad CNN’s Headline News recently had a report on the “surge” of gay characters on TV, and their potential impact on culture. The anti-gay Media Research Center was quoted.
  • worse With the online version of the story, they included a poll asking: “Is the surge in gay TV characters ‘bad for society’?” GLAAD rightly got them to take the poll down, but the article is still up. source

31 Aug 2010 09:03


Politics: “Republican candidate” looking pretty darn good this year

  • Gallup’s latest poll of generic candidates favors the GOP big time. While there’s a difference between John McCain and Sharron Angle, the fact of the matter is that the most recent result is the most extreme showing in the 69-year history of this particular poll. And the lead has doubled in recent weeks, too. Which leads one to think Democrats are going to be screwed in November.
  • 10% the lead over “Democratic candidate” in the latest poll
  • 7% the lead in the same generic poll as of two weeks ago
  • 5% the lead in the same generic poll as of one month ago source

27 Aug 2010 11:38


Biz: The numbers on the economy match the public sentiment

  • 83% of people agree that the economy freaking sucks source

28 Jul 2010 10:07


U.S.: Arizona’s immigration law: Before it’s enforced, most support it

  • 55% totally favor Arizona’s new immigration law
  • 40% think it’s a bad idea – this number spikes among Hispanics
  • 5% don’t know what immigration is, so they were confused source