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25 Jan 2012 10:43


Politics: Michele Bachmann, after tough presidential bid, running for Congress again

Despite the belief among analysts that her skills might better be suited for Fox News, the Tea Party Caucus leader will stick with Minnesota’s 6th district for now. It’ll be Bachmann’s fourth term if she wins. source

04 Jan 2012 10:23


Politics: Bachmann to drop out this morning, “doesn’t see a way forward”

  • While she remained confident last night, it sounds like the Tea Party stalwart could be ready to let realism set in. On top of canceling a trip to South Carolina, Michele Bachmann has a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. EST (which we’ll cover), but The National Journal got a bit of a preview this morning: A campaign spokesperson says Bachmann “doesn’t see a way forward in her campaign for the GOP nomination for president and will make an announcement to that effect this morning.” He stopped short of saying she’d be dropping out, but there are certainly lines to read between here. Update: The National Journal is now saying that Bachmann will suspend her campaign. Wow, that was fast. (Photo via Gage Skidmore on Flickr) source

03 Jan 2012 10:53


Politics: Iowa Caucuses: Michele Bachmann defends herself to voters in long-shot bid

  • I hope that people will go to the polls and forget all the media people that say this one can’t go on or that one doesn’t have the money, because this is the process, and if we don’t let the process happen — I just think it’s so unfair and I hope that people will vote their conscience.
  • Michele Bachmann • Offering a strong defense of letting people make up their own minds in Iowa. Bachmann is banking on such sentiment — she’s far behind her rivals in the polls and even longtime supporters, like Sarah Palin, are suggesting she quit the race. In related good timing, Bachmann dropped this line in reference to Margaret Thatcher, currently the subject of a Meryl Streep biopic: “My goal is to be America’s iron lady.” Would she make a good Iron Lady for the U.S.? Do Americans need one of those? source

29 Dec 2011 13:43


Politics: Bachmann claims defected Iowa co-chair paid off by Paul campaign

  • Kent Sorenson personally told me he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign. Kent campaigned with us earlier this afternoon and went immediately afterward to a Ron Paul event and announced he is changing teams. Kent said to me yesterday that ‘everyone sells out in Iowa, why shouldn’t I?’, then he told me he would stay with our campaign. The Ron Paul campaign has to answer for its actions.
  • Michele Bachmann • Trying to explain the late-stage defection of campaign co-chair Kent Sorenson, who yesterday jumped to the Ron Paul camp. In trying to explain this situation, which carries a big political cost to her already sub-tier candidacy, Bachmann is leveling a pretty loaded claim. It’s also one that Sorenson has flatly denied — he says the conversation Bachmann recounts never happened. source

29 Dec 2011 00:16


Politics: Michele Bachmann loses Iowa campaign chairman days before caucus

  • Kent said to me yesterday that ‘everyone sells out in Iowa, why shouldn’t I.’ Then he told me he would stay with our campaign. The Ron Paul campaign has to answer for its actions.
  • Michele Bachmann • Discussing the surprise departure of her Iowa campaign chairman, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson, who defected to the Ron Paul camp. This is not good news for Bachmann, especially since the move comes less than a week before the Iowa caucus. Ever since Bachmann won the straw poll in Iowa back in August, it’s been diminishing returns, to the point where some are calling for her to drop out. They’re also calling for Rick Santorum to drop out, but that’s probably not going to happen because Santorum is suddenly on an upswing. For Bachmann, however, she might be reaching her endgame. source

08 Dec 2011 11:55


Culture: The Roots’ punishment for the Bachmann incident: Heavy bureaucracy

  • 3 NBC execs will now have to screen Questlove’s intro song choices source

23 Nov 2011 13:19


Politics: Bachmann rips The Roots over “Fallon” song choice

  • This is clearly a form of bias on the part of the Hollywood entertainment elite. This wouldn’t be tolerated if this was Michelle Obama. It shouldn’t be tolerated if it’s a conservative woman either.
  • Michele Bachmann • Expressing rage after finding out that the music that played ahead of her recent appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” was an instrumental take on the 1985 Fishbone song “Lyin’ @$$ B*@!&” — a song choice by The Roots, who haven’t hidden their political views and aren’t beyond inspired song choices when performing as Fallon’s house band. And you don’t get much more “inspired” than implicitly calling a presidential candidate a something-or-other via a clever song choice. Jimmy Fallon apologized to Bachmann via Twitter; Bachmann hopes The Roots get disciplined over the incident. We like The Roots, but we agree with Bachmann here; if The Roots wanted to get a quick rip in on Bachmann, there are plenty of other songs out there which don’t add a misogynistic element to the whole thing. We recommend “Lies” by The Knickerbockers.  source

21 Nov 2011 23:01


Politics: Is Donald Trump’s toupée a good luck charm? Uh, no.

  • 73% of Americans don’t care who Trump supports source
  • » So why has Bachmann met with him four times? So far, Michelle Bachmann seems to be promoting Donald Trump’s advice better than she’s promoting herself — she’s currently sitting at 4% in the latest USA Today/Gallup poll.

30 Oct 2011 11:34


Politics: The heat is off: Michele Bachmann’s Iowa polling numbers fall flat

27 Oct 2011 23:20


Politics: Tea party group: Michele Bachmann riding our coattails

  • It’s time for Michelle [sic] Bachmann to go.
  • Tea party training group American Majority’s president, Ned Ryun • Offering up an assessment of the GOP candidate for president. Ryun doesn’t seem too pleased with Bachmann’s campaign thus far, claiming that she “has ridden her tea party credentials from obscurity to a national platform like no other.” With a wide reach — the group is active in seven states and trains thousands of budding activists — the group could prove dangerous to her presidential run. Even though Bachmann’s campaign manager claimed in response that Ryun is a Rick Perry supporter (Ryun denies the endorsement), American Majority has not endorsed any candidate, saying they “don’t care which one of the personalities wins, as long as they’re conservative.” We’re assuming they’d prefer if the winner wasn’t Bachmann, however.  source