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14 Feb 2012 15:24


Politics: Herman Cain says no to Dancing With The Stars

  • Can Herman dance? That was the question the producers of “Dancing With The Stars” were fixing to answer, but Cain has reportedly turned the offer down, with his executive assistant, Lisa Reichert, explaining thusly: “He can’t dance in an eight-count. He can only dance in a nine-count.” As if we didn’t know already – few know how to hammer a theme home like Cain and his people. (h/t imwithkanye, Photo by John Trainor) source

10 Dec 2011 10:11


Politics: Could Herman Cain’s next stop be Fox News commentator?

  • What might be next for Herman Cain? Because I have no doubt that there is a TV-radio future if you wanted one.
  • Sean Hannity • Discussing what Herman Cain should do next, now that he’s suspended his presidential campaign. Hannity had Cain on his show Thursday night, his first TV appearance since he suspended his campaign amidst allegations of a long-term sexual affair about a week ago. He has since endorsed Newt Gingrichsource

01 Dec 2011 10:32


Politics: Herman Cain’s lawyer wants Ginger White’s phone records

  • Maintain common sense. Mr. Cain was extremely busy in his campaign. He didn’t have time to send a lot of texts.
  • Herman Cain’s lawyer, Lin Wood • Disputing the phone records that show Ginger White has been in nearly-constant communication with Cain via text message in recent weeks. (70 in a month … just 17 of those from Cain. Is 17 texts over a month “a lot of texts”? We think not.) Wood wants the records from White’s lawyer, so he can “ascertain whether the decision to grant interviews was politically motivated and to determine whether she has received or [been] promised money for participating.” Why do we always have to assume the worst in people, Mr. Wood? Could it be that maybe she’s telling the truth? Let’s focus on that part first. source

30 Nov 2011 20:13


Politics: Herman Cain decries “character assassination” against him

  • You may not want to admit this, but this is a character assassination on me. Why? Because I was doing so well. There is no other reason to basically explain it.
  • Herman Cain • Denying, to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, that he carried on a thirteen-year affair with a woman named Ginger White. This is a familiar rhetorical stance by Cain, when compared to his handling of sexual harassment claims against him — he has been very vocal in declaring his nearly blanket innocence, at one point suggesting an accuser, Sharon Bialek, had been brought forward by “the Democrat machine.” On that occasion he admitted that he had no factual basis to make such a claim, and he’s at least again being candid, saying that he believes somebody was “putting up” White to her claims, but that “we don’t know, we have no idea who that is.” source

29 Nov 2011 14:36


Politics: Who are the winners if Herman Cain quits?

  • With the latest scandalous allegation that’s been lobbed at Herman Cain (that he carried on a thirteen-year affair with a woman named Ginger White), and suggestions from the Cain camp that discussions are occurring as to how to proceed, the folks at The Atlantic ask a very good question: if Cain drops out of this thing, who stands to benefit? We agree with their analysis — the obvious and most consequential conclusion is “not Mitt.” A Cain withdrawal would be the first dropout by a well-polling candidate, and those voters will almost assuredly continue seeking a non-Mitt alternative. Paging Newt Gingrich, perhaps? (Photo by John Trainor) source

28 Nov 2011 20:18


Politics: Speedy Herman Cain denies affair allegations before they’re even public

  • In case you missed it earlier: Here’s Herman Cain denying allegations (to Blitz) that he had a 13-year-long affair — in a rare instance for a scandal of its nature, ahead of the story’s full release. They’re happening so often now that Cain can deny them preemptively. That said, this is a pretty impressive get for a local news station, in this case Fox 5 Atlanta. As for the allegations, Ginger White claims she announced the affair to the public so she could get ahead of the story herself. “It was pretty simple,” White told the station. “It wasn’t complicated. I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.” source

16 Nov 2011 13:33


Politics: Cain: Presidents don’t need to know about the world and stuff

  • I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy.
  • Herman Cain • Giving a novel take on the requirements–or lack thereof–for presidential candidates. Okay, seriously? Did he actually say this? Did he mumble? Or does Herman Cain actually not understand what the job of the President of the United States is? This is indefensible.  source

15 Nov 2011 15:19


Politics: Did Herman Cain really ask Henry Kissinger to be Secretary of State?

  • Dr. Kissinger turned my offer down to be Secretary of State. He said he’s perfectly happy doing what he’s doing.
  • Herman Cain • Relating an offer of his Secretary of State position made to Henry Kissinger. Kissinger, now 88, served as National Security Adviser under Nixon, and Secretary of State under Ford, but has not held a government position since. This is pretty bizarre — in the first place, Henry Kissinger is a phenomenally divisive figure in America history, heralded as a savvy elder statesman by some and an evident war criminal by others. He’s also plainly far older than we suspect most Americans would be comfortable with for such a demanding cabinet position. Further, he cited unavoidable conflict of interest due to his financial associations when he resigned as chair of the 9/11 commission, which seems disqualifying for a job like the Secretary of State. source

14 Nov 2011 12:44


Politics: Newt Gingrich barges into the lead

  • Flavor of the Week: It looks like Gingrich is the new Black Walnut. If history is any indicator, Newt’s lead will dissipate in a few weeks and Mitt Romney will once again bask in the warm light of inevitability, but hey, you never know. One thing to keep in mind: Primaries are conducted on a state-by-state basis, so national polls, while telling, aren’t the whole story. source

12 Nov 2011 16:45


Politics: Herman Cain: God told me to run for president

  • You da man, Herman. You da man!
  • God • Telling Herman Cain he should run for president — at least according to Herman Cain. In an Associated Press article released on Saturday, Cain said God encouraged him to run for president. God also told Michele Bachmann to run for president back in July and God also apparently supported Tim Pawlenty’s run for president back in April. We’re not entirely sure the above is what God directly said to Cain — if He said anything at all — but we’re pretty sure it’s close. source