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09 Jan 2012 16:11


Culture: Tim Tebow’s stat line decides to mess with atheists, football fans

  • 3:16 Tim Tebow’s favorite Bible verse, from the book of John (it’s many peoples’ favorite)
  • 316 number of passing yards Tebow had in Sunday’s playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 31.6 number of yards per completion the noted evangelical had; your mind is blown source

07 Dec 2011 19:00


Politics: Guess we’ve gotta remark on this new Rick Perry ad

  • Rick Perry, jockeying for the anti-gay vote: This ad, called “Strong,” has the Texas governor promising to end the Obama administration’s “war on religion” and touting his commitment to Christianity. “Something’s wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military,” Perry says, “but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas, or pray in school.” It’s unclear what policies President Obama has put in place to deny kids the right to openly celebrate Christmas. As of this writing, the video has 675 likes and 26,650 dislikes. source

23 Nov 2011 16:06


Culture: Pat Robertson gaffe of the month: “Is mac & cheese a black thing?”

  • Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful that every couple of months, Pat Robertson drops another whopper on the world. This time? Robertson asks, in response to the fact that Condoleezza Rice plans to have macaroni and cheese at her Thanksgiving table, “Is mac & cheese a black thing?” It’s like he thinks he’s talking in a vacuum, except he’s not. For what it’s worth: We’ve been at Thanksgiving celebrations where the main dish is baked ziti. Your move, Robertson. source

12 Nov 2011 16:45


Politics: Herman Cain: God told me to run for president

  • You da man, Herman. You da man!
  • God • Telling Herman Cain he should run for president — at least according to Herman Cain. In an Associated Press article released on Saturday, Cain said God encouraged him to run for president. God also told Michele Bachmann to run for president back in July and God also apparently supported Tim Pawlenty’s run for president back in April. We’re not entirely sure the above is what God directly said to Cain — if He said anything at all — but we’re pretty sure it’s close. source

14 Oct 2011 16:09


U.S.: Kansas City bishop indicted for failing to report child abuse by priest

  • The first time a Catholic Church official has been charged: In what’s a major development regarding the sexual abuse scandals that have engulfed the Catholic Church since the 1980s, an official — and his diocese — have been charged with a crime. Bishop Robert Finn, above, who leads the Catholic Church diocese in Kansas City and nearby St. Joseph, has been charged with failing to report child abuse (the photography and possession of child pornography, specifically) allegedly committed by one of his priests. The diocese itself was also charged. Finn’s lawyer denies the allegations. Either way, yikes. source

22 Sep 2011 19:02


U.S.: A local government cracks down on … wait for it … Bible study

  • San Juan Capistrano, calif. claims it’s a zoning issue. A couple in California has held a number of twice-weekly Bible study meetings in their home, but the city says that went against city zoning codes. So they fined them $300. A spokeswoman for the city says that it was to stop them from “transforming a residential area into a place where people regularly assemble” — but emphasizing that the city was in fact not trying to block people from being able to hold Bible studies. Pacific Justice Institute (a “religious legal non-profit group” which sounds like the ACLU, except for issues of Christian faith) is fully prepared to take this to the Supreme Court “if necessary.” source

16 Sep 2011 18:06


U.S.: FBI claims anti-Muslim training materials were work of one person

  • There may not be a ‘radical’ threat as much as it is simply a normal assertion of the orthodox ideology. The strategic themes animating these Islamic values are not fringe; they are main stream.
  • A FBI training presentation • Suggesting that mainstream — not just radicalized — Muslims are dangerous. The training materials, leaked to Wired by FBI whistleblowers, seem to suggest that normal religious behavior protected by the Constitution is a tell sign of terror ties. The training documents, some of which were produced solely by William Gawthrop, seem to support fairly controversial views he’s previously pushed forward on such sites as WorldNetDaily. The FBI responded to Wired’s article today, saying that the presentation was only given one time, was the work of one person (presumably Gawthorp), and doesn’t reflect FBI policy as a whole. “As of August 2011, the individual who delivered the presentation no longer provides training on behalf of the FBI,” their response states. “These corrective measures were made before recent media attention was given to this topic.” The real question: How did this guy get in a position where he could make such a presentation in the first place? This is a huge black eye for the FBI. (thanks kateoplissource

14 Sep 2011 21:13


Culture: Pat Robertson: It’s OK to divorce someone with severe Alzheimer’s

  • I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her.
  • Pat Robertson • Telling a man looking for advice that it’s OK to divorce someone — if they’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, which he refers to as “a kind of death.” Um … we really have no clue what to say about this other than that we wouldn’t do this ourselves. Sometimes, our boy drops some whoppers.  source

17 Aug 2011 10:11


World: This is unexpected: The Vatican releases internal files in priest abuse case

  • what In a surprise move for an organization famously known for it secrecy, the Vatican released a series of internal files on the late Rev. Andrew Ronan, who has been accused of child abuse in both Ireland and the U.S.
  • why According to Vatican attorney Jeffrey Lena, the move is meant to “calm down those people who are too quick to make sensational and unfair comments without taking the time to get an adequate understanding of the facts.” source

21 May 2011 13:39


U.S.: Is Harold Camping’s ministry in trouble after his failed prediction?

  • However, there is no escaping his failed 2011 ‘Doomsday’ prediction. He painted himself into a corner by using words like ‘guaranteed’ and ‘without any shadow of doubt.’ His massive publicity campaign just made it worse.
  • An International Business Times editorial • Offering harsh words for Harold Camping, the dude who claimed that the rapture was afoot today. Their words for the Family Radio leader are pretty harsh. “In all likelihood, his ministry will be destroyed,” they write, noting that he made it seem like such a sure thing that there was no room for error in his prediction. Other, more mainstream, religious leaders and groups (Pat Robertson, the Jehovah’s Witnesses) have been down this road before, but not with the level of certainty that Camping pushed. That’s why he probably won’t be able to recover from this craziness. source