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16 Sep 2011 18:06


U.S.: FBI claims anti-Muslim training materials were work of one person

  • There may not be a ‘radical’ threat as much as it is simply a normal assertion of the orthodox ideology. The strategic themes animating these Islamic values are not fringe; they are main stream.
  • A FBI training presentation • Suggesting that mainstream — not just radicalized — Muslims are dangerous. The training materials, leaked to Wired by FBI whistleblowers, seem to suggest that normal religious behavior protected by the Constitution is a tell sign of terror ties. The training documents, some of which were produced solely by William Gawthrop, seem to support fairly controversial views he’s previously pushed forward on such sites as WorldNetDaily. The FBI responded to Wired’s article today, saying that the presentation was only given one time, was the work of one person (presumably Gawthorp), and doesn’t reflect FBI policy as a whole. “As of August 2011, the individual who delivered the presentation no longer provides training on behalf of the FBI,” their response states. “These corrective measures were made before recent media attention was given to this topic.” The real question: How did this guy get in a position where he could make such a presentation in the first place? This is a huge black eye for the FBI. (thanks kateoplissource

10 Aug 2011 10:07


Biz: Whole Foods learns that Ramadan promotions are headache-inducing

  • claim After the company faced weeks of criticism from right-wing blogs who perhaps equate Muslims with terrorism too quickly, Houston Press claimed that Whole Foods backed away from a Ramadan promotion, which was meant as groundbreaking but instead created a bunch of headaches for the company. Fail.
  • rebuttal However, Whole Foods claims that they never ended the promotion. “We never sent a communication from our headquarters requesting stores take down signs or remove parts from this promotion,” the company tweeted. Instead, they say one regional branch decided to back away from the promotion (which led to the criticism). source

12 Jul 2011 12:54


World: Libya update: Possible NATO ceasefire, Gaddafi may leave

  • ceasefire?NATO forces are considering a ceasefire in Libya for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan which begins Aug. 1. Critics of the plan are worried it could backfire, while NATO leaders are afraid that a continued bombing campaign could lead to backlash from the Muslim community.
  • withdrawal?Meanwhile, the French are saying that Gaddafi is ready to leave power — so that ceasefire might not be necessary. Negotiations between the French and Gaddafi have been difficult, but now it seems that the dictator is thinking about leaving. That would probably be best for all involved. source

07 May 2011 15:40


U.S.: Back in vogue: Unfounded fears of Muslims flying on planes

  • what Two Memphis-based Muslim scholars — who passed a security check and were already on the plane, by the way — were barred from flying yesterday. Ironically, they were headed to a conference on American fears of Islam.
  • why Apparently, the pilot was to blame — he apparently forced them to go through additional security procedures, and after they passed those wouldn’t fly with the two men on board. All in all, a great day for religious tolerance. source

30 Jan 2011 20:24


U.S.: This is terrorism, right? Guy attempts to bomb huge Islamic center

  • who Roger Stockham, a 63-year-old California resident, was arrested last week in Michigan on felony charges over a “bias-motivated attack.”
  • what Stockman reportedly was arrested outside of a mosque with a very large number of consumer fireworks. They could’ve hurt a lot of people.
  • where Dearborn, Michigan, near one of the largest Islamic centers in the entire country. 30 percent of Dearborn residents are of Arab origin. source

08 Sep 2010 21:12


Politics: Does Sarah Palin support Pastor Terry Jones’ Koran-burning?

  • NO she says it’s as insensitive as the “mosque” source

29 Aug 2010 20:20


Politics: Obama doesn’t worry himself about whether people think he’s Muslim

  • There were those who said I couldn’t win. because I had a funny name. I trusted in the American people’s capacity to get beyond all this nonsense.
  • President Barack Obama • Taking on the unfounded claims about his religion by saying he’s not bothered by them. In other news, his old pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, totally had his back on his religion. Too bad the AP got that fact incredibly wrong. It’s “sycophants,” not psychopaths. Big difference. source

27 Aug 2010 14:05


Politics: Is the NY Post complicit in recent anti-Muslim incidents?

  • There’s some perspective. There’s been a bit of disagreement with some about whether the NYC cabbie slasher was part of a larger trend of anti-Muslim hatred (see, he worked for a leftist pro-Islam organization), to which this Colbert clip does a good job of putting it into perspective. The New York Post is willing to call the alleged attacker a “disgrace” on its front page, but it’s also worth noting that they had weeks of anti-Muslim headlines before that. And well, there was another incident which could clearly be connected to the recent anti-Muslim vibe going around NYC. Is it possible that weeks of angry New York Post covers had nothing to do with either of these incidents? Sure. But let’s just say that they didn’t really help, either. source

26 Aug 2010 10:52


U.S.: Now cab drivers in NYC are getting stabbed ‘cuz they’re Muslim

  • crazy A New York cabbie was allegedly attacked by some film student the other night. He had been stabbed multiple times.
  • crazier Said student was a volunteer for a pro-unity group who had been to Afghanistan before. Which is screwed up. source
  • » Hey, over-the-top Mosque haters, read this. The cabbie, Ahmed Sharif, had this to say about the whole “Ground Zero Mosque” thing, which has been blown out of proportion at this point: “I feel very sad. I have been here more than 25 years. I have been driving a taxi more than 15 years. All my four kids were born here. I never [felt] this hopeless and insecure before.” He plans to also hold a news conference today and talk with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Can we just emphasize how insane it is that a cabbie reportedly got attacked for his religion?

20 Aug 2010 17:34


Politics: The Rev. Franklin Graham learned absolutely nothing from his dad

  • I think the president’s problem is that he was born a Muslim, his father was a Muslim. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim, his father gave him an Islamic name.
  • Rev. Franklin Graham • Blowing smoke over the controversy around Obama’s faith. Because, you know what, this really helps our country and gives us another fake controversy to worry about. May we remind everyone that Franklin Graham was the same guy who wasn’t allowed to pray at the Pentagon during the National Day of Prayer because of his comments on the Islamic faith. (We gave him a slight show of support back then, but now we’re not so sure.) How does giving this jerk a megaphone help anything? See, the difference between him and his father, the Rev. Billy Graham, is that Billy built his legacy on bringing people together. Franklin is building it on dividing people. Shameful. This is the problem with our country. We’re building useless divisions. source