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14 Feb 2012 22:01


World: Americans are beginning to sour on foreign intervention

  • 63% of Americans believed, in March 2011, that the US had no obligation to intervene in Libya
  • 73% of Americans believe, as of today, that the US has no obligation to intervene in Syria source

12 Feb 2012 10:45


World: Libyan rebels-turned-prison-guards exacting revenge on Gaddafi backers

  • They told us that they planned to shift control of a few prisons this week, but it has not happened. … The government has to take over the prisons one by one by negotiating with the people who run it. It is not uniformly or automatically done.
  • A United Nations official, based in Tripoli • Discussing the situation with Libyan prisons, where conditions in the post-Gaddafi era have gotten quite bad, as rebel-sympathizing prison runners are using the prisons to exact revenge on people who supported the former Libyan leader during the revolution. Prison owners have tried to tell a different story, but some humanitarian groups have stopped helping Libyan prisons due to torture allegations. The United Nations has complained about the problem for months, noting that the government should be in control of the prisons to ensure fair treatment, not former rebels. Roughly 8,500 detainees, many sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for Gaddafi, are being held in detention centers nationwide. source

20 Nov 2011 09:51


World: Libya won’t hand Gaddafi’s son over to the International Criminal Court

  • what Despite the fact that the new Libyan government has yet to put together a justice system of its own, the country says it plans to try Saif al-Islam Gaddafi within its borders, rather than sending him to the International Criminal Court.
  • why “The ICC is just a secondary court, and the people of Libya will not allow Seif al-Islam to be tried outside,” claimed information minister Mahmoud Shammam. Gaddafi’s son is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity. source

19 Nov 2011 16:15


World: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured alive, complete with iconic photo

With perhaps the most iconic photo to come out of a capture since Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Gaddafi’s most notorious son, fearing for his safety, gave himself up without a fight early Saturday. source

27 Oct 2011 14:54


World: UN Security Council votes to end Libyan no-fly zone

  • This marks a really important milestone in the transition in Libya. It marks the way from the military phase towards the formation of an inclusive government, the full participation of all sectors of society, and for the Libyan people to choose their own future.
  • British ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant • Speaking on the UN Security Council unanimously voting to end the no-fly zone that they had previously approved in Libyan skies. The no-fly zone will be lifted on October 31st, marking the official drawing down of NATO’s military involvement in the country. The Security Council also implored the new Libyan government “to refrain from reprisals” against foreign nationals and African immigrants who were targeted by the rebels as being supporters of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi. source

25 Oct 2011 10:46


World: Why Muammar Gaddafi was buried in an unmarked grave

  • what Muammar Gaddafi was buried  (along with his son as well as a former defense minister) Tuesday, days after his death, in an unmarked grave. The ceremony followed Islamic traditions.
  • why Fear of vandalism, or the possibility that his grave might get turned into a shrine by his hard-line supporters. By keeping Gaddafi’s location hidden, it prevents his grave from being disturbed. source

24 Oct 2011 14:45


World: Libyan NTC says they will investigate Gaddafi’s death

  • Let us question who has the interest in the fact that Gaddafi will not be tried. Those who wanted him killed were those who were loyal to him or had played a role under him. His death was in their benefit.
  • Mustafa Abdel-Jalil • Speaking on the NTC’s new committee to investigate the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, after what glimpses of video have made clear was an initial live capture of the deposed dictator. The tact of this quote is a little bothersome, though, for the simple reason that Abdel-Jalil is already implying that Gaddafi’s people, not his people, are to blame for this. At best this is an opinion for which there’s yet no evidence, or none the NTC has presented — we’d feel a bit better about this if, with today’s formation of a Libyan committee to investigate the killing, the NTC leader wasn’t promoting any pre-conceived notions of may have happened. Hopefully the committee will be impartial, and pursue an independent analysis of what took place, even if it doesn’t end up reflecting well on the rebels who surrounded Gaddafi in his final moments. It’s an early test. source

23 Oct 2011 10:52


World: Western leaders call for investigation into Muammar Gaddafi’s death

  • It’s certainly not the way we do things. We would have liked to see Col. Gaddafi going on trial to answer for his misdeeds.
  • British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond • Calling for an investigation into Muammar Gaddafi’s violent, bloody death on Thursday. The Libyan leader’s method of death — Human Rights Watch suggests it’s an execution that took place after the leader was detained — could cast a violent pall on the new government. Gaddafi’s wife Safiya, as you might guess, also wants an investigation. “I am proud of the bravery of my husband, Moammar Gadhafi, the holy warrior, and my sons who confronted the aggression of 40 countries over the past six months,” she told Syria-based Al-Rai TV. source

20 Oct 2011 15:25


World: NTC says Libyan forces, not NATO, killed Gaddafi

  • Libyan NTC claims credit for Gaddafi killing: It’s been a rather wild day as far as world news is concerned, which you’d probably expect when a notorious dictator of forty years is slain; in the aftermath, Libya’s National Transitional Council has said that Gaddafi’s capture and subsequent death (what happened exactly is yet unknown, as video has surfaced of Gaddafi once being alive under rebel custody, albeit in chaotic circumstances) was the work of Libyans, contrary to speculation NATO may have had a hand in it. Said spokesman Ahmed Bani: “It was our courageous revolutionaries who have killed the tyrant and not NATO.” source

18 Oct 2011 16:02


World: Sec. of State Clinton visits post-Gaddafi Libya for first time

  • We want to do everything we can to prevent him from causing trouble for the new Libya. We don’t know where he is, but we hope he can be captured or killed soon so you don’t have to fear him any longer.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton • Speaking in Libya, to the interim National Transitional Council. Clinton is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Libya since the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi’s government during August, though the former dictator is still in hiding and his loyalists have continued to clash with NTC forces in places such as Brega. In light of the NTC’s somewhat daunting task in rebuilding Libya, especially with Gaddafi still at large and presumably eager to derail that process, Clinton and the U.S. wanted to lend some support that would also be beneficial from an optics standpoint — it should be noted, though, that the U.S. has said Clinton’s “captured or killed” phrase isn’t meant to represent any change in policy.  source