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27 Oct 2011 14:54


World: UN Security Council votes to end Libyan no-fly zone

  • This marks a really important milestone in the transition in Libya. It marks the way from the military phase towards the formation of an inclusive government, the full participation of all sectors of society, and for the Libyan people to choose their own future.
  • British ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant • Speaking on the UN Security Council unanimously voting to end the no-fly zone that they had previously approved in Libyan skies. The no-fly zone will be lifted on October 31st, marking the official drawing down of NATO’s military involvement in the country. The Security Council also implored the new Libyan government “to refrain from reprisals” against foreign nationals and African immigrants who were targeted by the rebels as being supporters of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi. source

24 Mar 2011 20:32


World: NATO: You want us to take over in Libya? Let us sleep on it.

  • What we have decided today is that NATO will enforce the no-fly zone. We are considering whether NATO should take on overall responsibility. That decision has not been made yet.
  • NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen • Speaking about NATO’s plan to help enforce the no-fly zone in Libya. However, Obama wanted more than this from NATO.  He wanted them to take over the whole UN-backed operation — including the airstrikes bit. From what it sounds like, something’s holding them back from doing something like that. Hm. We wonder what. source