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14 Feb 2012 22:01


World: Americans are beginning to sour on foreign intervention

  • 63% of Americans believed, in March 2011, that the US had no obligation to intervene in Libya
  • 73% of Americans believe, as of today, that the US has no obligation to intervene in Syria source

20 Nov 2011 09:51


World: Libya won’t hand Gaddafi’s son over to the International Criminal Court

  • what Despite the fact that the new Libyan government has yet to put together a justice system of its own, the country says it plans to try Saif al-Islam Gaddafi within its borders, rather than sending him to the International Criminal Court.
  • why “The ICC is just a secondary court, and the people of Libya will not allow Seif al-Islam to be tried outside,” claimed information minister Mahmoud Shammam. Gaddafi’s son is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity. source

19 Nov 2011 16:15


World: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured alive, complete with iconic photo

With perhaps the most iconic photo to come out of a capture since Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Gaddafi’s most notorious son, fearing for his safety, gave himself up without a fight early Saturday. source

25 Oct 2011 10:46


World: Why Muammar Gaddafi was buried in an unmarked grave

  • what Muammar Gaddafi was buried  (along with his son as well as a former defense minister) Tuesday, days after his death, in an unmarked grave. The ceremony followed Islamic traditions.
  • why Fear of vandalism, or the possibility that his grave might get turned into a shrine by his hard-line supporters. By keeping Gaddafi’s location hidden, it prevents his grave from being disturbed. source

23 Oct 2011 10:52


World: Western leaders call for investigation into Muammar Gaddafi’s death

  • It’s certainly not the way we do things. We would have liked to see Col. Gaddafi going on trial to answer for his misdeeds.
  • British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond • Calling for an investigation into Muammar Gaddafi’s violent, bloody death on Thursday. The Libyan leader’s method of death — Human Rights Watch suggests it’s an execution that took place after the leader was detained — could cast a violent pall on the new government. Gaddafi’s wife Safiya, as you might guess, also wants an investigation. “I am proud of the bravery of my husband, Moammar Gadhafi, the holy warrior, and my sons who confronted the aggression of 40 countries over the past six months,” she told Syria-based Al-Rai TV. source

25 Sep 2011 11:23


World: Libya: Mass grave from 1996 massacre discovered

  • 1,270 bodies from 15-year-old massacre found source
  • » Memories still linger: The 1996 massacre at Abu Salim prison in Tripoli was one of the many catalysts to the civil war that effectively toppled Muammar Gaddafi. And this will be a difficult one to decipher. “We are dealing with more than 1,270 martyrs and must distinguish each one from the other for identification by comparing their DNA with family members,” said Libyan medical official Dr. Osman Abdul Jalil. “It may take years to reach the truth.”

19 Sep 2011 10:44


World: Six months in, and with Gaddafi rendered powerless, Libya turns a corner

  • The delay in the new government isn’t important. It’s like a sick man. He has to move slowly before he can walk at a normal speed. We need time to recover. … Look, we finally got rid of that bloody monkey. We are better than before.
  • Libyan engineer Mustafa Shaab bin Ragheb  • Discussing the current situation with the Libyan government, six months into the war. Yes, friends, today is the six-month anniversary of NATO getting involved in Libya’s civil war, which remains controversial for some but has led to the crumbling of Gaddafi’s regime. There are many issues to deal with from here — including a splintering rebel movement — but “we finally got rid of that bloody monkey” certainly seems like a good result of a lengthy civil war. source

01 Sep 2011 11:00


World: Libya: Muammar Gaddafi drops sexist call to arms in statement

  • We will not give up. We are not women. We will continue fighting.
  • Muammar Gaddafi • Dropping a suitably sexist statement in regards to his losing battle against the Libyan rebels, during a message aired on Al Arabiya television. We don’t even know where to start with this. source

31 Aug 2011 15:26


World: Libyan transition deputy chairman says Gaddafi is in Bani Walid

  • Libyan rebels believe Gaddafi is cornered: The New York Times is reporting that the Libyan rebels believe Muammar Gaddafi has been pinned down in Bani Walid, a desert town that sits about 150 miles from Tripoli. Said Abdul Hafith Ghoga, the deputy chairman of Libya’s transition council: “Since today we have learned that he is staying in Bani Walid, we are waiting to give him a chance to surrender.” It’s worth remembering that yesterday, Libyan council leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil gave Gaddafi loyalists a four-day surrender deadline. source

31 Aug 2011 11:06


World: Duh: Gaddafi’s spokesperson rejects demands his boss step down

  • No dignified, honorable nation would accept an ultimatum from armed gangs.
  • Still-around Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim • Denying that his boss would give in to demands that the longstanding Libyan dictator should give in to the rebels. Time’s running out if Gaddafi actually plans to surrender — the rebels plan a major military strike if he doesn’t. source