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12 Feb 2012 10:45


World: Libyan rebels-turned-prison-guards exacting revenge on Gaddafi backers

  • They told us that they planned to shift control of a few prisons this week, but it has not happened. … The government has to take over the prisons one by one by negotiating with the people who run it. It is not uniformly or automatically done.
  • A United Nations official, based in Tripoli • Discussing the situation with Libyan prisons, where conditions in the post-Gaddafi era have gotten quite bad, as rebel-sympathizing prison runners are using the prisons to exact revenge on people who supported the former Libyan leader during the revolution. Prison owners have tried to tell a different story, but some humanitarian groups have stopped helping Libyan prisons due to torture allegations. The United Nations has complained about the problem for months, noting that the government should be in control of the prisons to ensure fair treatment, not former rebels. Roughly 8,500 detainees, many sub-Saharan Africans suspected of fighting for Gaddafi, are being held in detention centers nationwide. source

23 Aug 2011 16:32


World: Video shows rebels storming Gaddafi compound

  • Breaching the walls: Scenes from Tripoli earlier today, as rebel forces successfully breached the compound of Muammar Gaddafi. source

08 Aug 2011 21:21


World: Libyan rebels dissolve cabinet after death of important general

  • The interruption is not good. But this is not something we are going to worry about. This is not going to stop us.
  • Libyan rebel finance committee member Mazin Ramadan • Discussing the dissolution of the Libyan rebels’ own cabinet — which occurred as the result of the death of Gen. Abdul Fattah Younes, the Libyan general who defected to the rebel side. They were sacked for the vague “improper administrative procedures” reason. Whatever happened, the fact of the matter is, dissent amongst Libyan rebels at this critical juncture could have the potential to damage the long-term prospects of the movement. This could be bad. source

06 Apr 2011 10:51


World: NATO, Libyan rebels have war of words over seemingly weak airstrikes

  • All operations are carried out in a very vigilant way. … The ambition and precision of our strikes has not changed. The facts speak for themselves.
  • NATO spokesperson Carmen Romero • Defending the organization from withering criticism by Libyan rebels that the airstrikes have weakened in recent days. “NATO is not doing their job, the airstrikes are late and never on time. NATO is not helping us. Gahdafi still gets ammunition and supplies to his forces, that’s why he is pushing us back,” said current rebel and former Gaddafi official Pvt. Mohammed Abdullah. “We don’t know what he would be able to do if there are no airstrikes.” Ouch. That’s harsh. source