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17 Feb 2012 12:24


Culture: Report: Family emergency led “Colbert Report” to stop production

  • what Earlier this week, with little warning, “The Colbert Report” stopped taping shows without offering a full explanation, leading to much speculation online. It was the first time that ever happened in the seven-year history of the show.
  • why It appears the issue is family-related in nature. Reports suggest Stephen Colbert’s 91-year-old mother, Lorna, recently had a life-threatening medical emergency. The show itself wouldn’t confirm this, though. source

01 Sep 2011 16:42


Politics: Stephen Colbert more popular with SC independent voters than Obama?

  • 12% Stephen Colbert’s poll numbers for a hypothetical presidential run in his home state of South Carolina — in a three-way against Perry and Obama
  • 24% Colbert’s level of support amongst “independent” South Carolinians, just behind Perry at 27%, and actually besting Obama at 22% source
  • » And obviously, there are other horses in the race. The surprise takeaway of this poll, the endlessly amusing inclusion of Colbert-related polling values aside, is the divergence in the state primary and national prospects of Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Despite being favored to beat Romney in a primary, Romney polls much stronger in a South Carolina general election against Obama than Perry does. The key may be those “independent” voters again — Romney leads Obama by 16% amongst independents, while Perry only leads Obama by 3%.

30 Jun 2011 13:41


Culture: So, Stephen Colbert has his own PAC.

  • Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.
  • The slogan for Stephen Colbert’s PAC • Yeah, you read that right. Stephen Colbert now heads a PAC, and he can raise money and run ads for candidates at his choosing, so long as he has the money. The main battle Colbert has been fighting, though, is when he has to disclose what he’s paying for the ads. As long as they air during his show, he won’t have to say how much he’s paying because of a media exemption. In trying to get an exemption, Colbert was able to expose some loopholes in the law, causing for a pretty narrow ruling on it…which is a good thing, as it leads to more disclosure from big companies contributing to political campaigns. source

02 Dec 2010 00:34


Culture: Stephen Colbert chats with Reddit about being “Stephen Colbert”

  • Let me say that the President could not have been nicer, especially to my mother. I have some lovely pictures of her with him.
  • Stephen Colbert • Discussing his interactions with George W. Bush at the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner, where he made a controversial 2006 appearance. Colbert was asked about the situation by a Redditor in a lengthy, out-of-character interview that he largely wrote in all-caps. Other interesting topics covered: A congressman tried to walk off the stage while he was shooting in DC (but they got him to stay), he always tells his interviewees that he’s in character (“I admire Sacha Baron Cohen, but I am not doing Ali G.”) and he claims that the dumber he sounds about a topic, the more he knows about it. Fun read. source

31 Oct 2010 22:04


Politics: Max Headroom: Examples of amplifying everything & hearing nothing

  • We hear nothing Jon Stewart had this killer line during his twelve-minute rant: “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.” It’s so relevant to this video that you know that the second this moron starts yelling that you can ignore basically anything he says. He obviously heard nothing in the speech.
  • Missing the point And here’s someone who missed the whole point of the whole driving-through-the-tunnel analogy, which is that we have our differences and such but we’re just normal people. This guy instead suggests that “sanity” will be restored by Tuesday’s election. Not the same thing, buddy.
  • Here’s the point You know what critics of the rally are missing out of all of this? The inherent, almost simplistic euphoria that was around the event. The excitement that was there. There’s no politics in this video. Only a simple exchange between a random dude and a hot girl holding an “America” sign. Fuck yeah!

31 Oct 2010 20:26


Politics: DC Metro numbers suggest huge “Rally to Restore Sanity” crowds

  • 350,000 number of trips the DC Metro has on an average Saturday
  • 825,437 number of trips the DC Metro had yesterday source
  • » To put it in perspective: The rally had the highest Saturday ridership ever – passing the record set in June 1991, when a rally was held for Operation Desert Storm. That rally gave Metro around 786,358 trips that day. And assuming the riders went round-trip yesterday, that means 237,719 extra riders were on the Metro yesterday. That doesn’t mean 237,719 extra people – the tally doesn’t account for multiple trips by the same rider – but suffice it to say that the crowd was really huge yesterday. And no, the Beck rally (which also took place on a Saturday) didn’t even rate in the top five (which is what we know you were really wondering).

30 Oct 2010 19:36


Politics: Stewart/Colbert rally: The highlights of the awesomest event evah!

  • There were many great moments in today’s Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear. But above is probably the best. The way Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert raided their record collections to pull three well-known artists that have nothing in common (other than really famous songs with word “train” in the title) was brilliant. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight for a good thirty years, partially by choice. And, as certain conservative pundits will remind you, he said something very stupid 21 years ago. So what? If anything, Stewart’s use of Islam only proves the point of the rally. Other key parts of the day:
  • oneThe Mythbuster dudes turned the rally into a giant science experiment, complete with “The Wave.” Awesome use of a crowd.
  • twoStephen Colbert first came out using a contraption not unlike the one used to rescue the Chilean miners. LOL. Freaking brilliant.
  • three Jon Stewart said this: “Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the promised land, it’s just New Jersey, but we do it anyway.” source
  • » Oh, and the signs! We can’t forget the signs. There were many of them. Here are some of the highlights. And here are some more. And to the users of Reddit: Way to come out in force for this one! Digg only wishes it had this kind of influence on current events.

27 Oct 2010 10:36


Politics: Obama’s headed to “The Daily Show” for totally calculated reasons

  • The President hasn’t been shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case. And I think that’s what he’ll do on the show.
  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs • Admitting that Obama’s reasons for going on “The Daily Show” are a last-ditch effort to build some momentum going into the midterms. Which, let’s face it, there are much worse ways to do that. We just wish it wasn’t so calculated. In other Jon Stewart-related news, TBD has a pretty entertaining takedown of all the media pundits who have been freaking out over “The Rally to Restore Sanity” and “The March to Keep Fear Alive,” many of which are along the lines of “omigodhe’sgonetoofarthistime” screeds. Use your heads, guys. It’s no worse than any other rally. source

26 Sep 2010 11:44


Politics: House leaders on both sides trash Colbert for hearing

  • majority Steny Hoyer had this to say: “I think his testimony was not appropriate … an embarrassment for Colbert more than for the House.” Translation: “I’m completely out of touch.”
  • minority John Boehner used Colbert’s routine as a way to attack the Democrats: “They have time to bring a comedian to Washington, D.C., but they don’t have time to end the uncertainty.” source
  • For what it’s worth: Colbert may have gotten ripped by House leadership on both sides, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had his back. “He’s an American. He comes before the committee. He has a point of view,” she said. “It can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. I think it’s great.” This was the correct response, Steny.

24 Sep 2010 12:47


Politics: “U.S.A., Number 1”: Stephen Colbert stumps for migrant farm workers

  • I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, sliced by a Guatemalan . . . and served in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian.
  • Stephen Colbert • Speaking at today’s House subcommittee hearing on immigration in the U.S. The point being made? That working farm labor jobs, as many illegal immigrants do, is really freaking hard. Colbert knows. He’s tried it before. He suggests it’s a job you, too, should try. “Americans may consider taking jobs once conditions are better,” Colbert said. “I trust both sides will work on this together in best interests of the American people – as you always do. U.S.A., Number 1.” source