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13 Nov 2010 19:26


Politics: Democrats could invent leadership post for James Clyburn

  • Because, hey, that’s one way to solve the problem. Out of all of the people in the Nancy Pelosi-still-wants-to-lead drama circling Democrats in the House, nobody’s getting screwed more than James Clyburn. Not that he’s showing it. In a letter today, Clyburn announced that he’ll pushing for House Democrats to create an “assistant leader” position. Why the downgrade/job change? “To me,” he said “the best way to resolve this issue, maintain diversity in the leadership and cohesion in our caucus is to pull up another chair to the leadership table with a substantive, well-defined portfolio that will contribute in a meaningful way to our important work and to regaining the majority.” Is that something like “Assistant to the Regional Manager”? Just saying. source

08 Nov 2010 20:15


Politics: Awkward: Steny Hoyer chooses to fight James Clyburn for his job

  • awkward Despite much controversy over her reign, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides that she wants to be House Minority Leader – pushing Steny Hoyer out of his job.
  • awkwarder Hoyer decides, rather than battle Pelosi, he’ll run for House Minority Whip – against James Clyburn, who’s probably the most powerful black member of the House. source
  • » Why this is kind of pathetic: If Hoyer really wanted to make some waves, he could’ve taken on Pelosi. Instead, he’s pushing for the second-ranked position. Both men will remain Democratic leaders, yeah, but if Pelosi is so unpopular among so many people, why not try for her job? You might just win. (On a side note, we have no opinion on the Pelosi thing.)

26 Sep 2010 11:44


Politics: House leaders on both sides trash Colbert for hearing

  • majority Steny Hoyer had this to say: “I think his testimony was not appropriate … an embarrassment for Colbert more than for the House.” Translation: “I’m completely out of touch.”
  • minority John Boehner used Colbert’s routine as a way to attack the Democrats: “They have time to bring a comedian to Washington, D.C., but they don’t have time to end the uncertainty.” source
  • For what it’s worth: Colbert may have gotten ripped by House leadership on both sides, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had his back. “He’s an American. He comes before the committee. He has a point of view,” she said. “It can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. I think it’s great.” This was the correct response, Steny.

21 Mar 2010 09:53


Politics: Can the House Democrats pass the health care bill today?

  • YES at least that’s what the House Democrats say source

06 Nov 2009 11:26


U.S.: Will the House have the 218 votes needed for Health Care?

  • House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer says probably. On the likely eve of the health care vote, Hoyer says they might be able to pull off the votes needed, although it will be very close and might be the result of a sleepless night or two, along with some convincing of on-the-fence members. Steny, just have Barney Frank talk to them. He’ll get them to change their minds. Either that, or he’ll call them a kitchen table. source

10 Aug 2009 09:57


Politics: In a move seemingly designed to incite, Pelosi writes an op-ed

  • These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.
  • Democratic House members Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer • Talking about town hall meetings in USA Today. In their opinion, the more fiery people at the meetings drown out actual discussion on health care. They want it to stop so that people can have an actual dialogue on health care. Of course, Pelosi merely posting this means that those very types of people have loaded the comments up with torrents of spew against her. We’ll gladly take some of that spew off your hands, Nancy. • source