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13 Feb 2012 15:39


Politics: Washington legalizes same-sex marriage…but there’s an asterisk

  • I’m proud that the children in our schools and neighborhoods will no longer have to wonder why their loving parents are considered somewhat different than other loving parents.
  • Washington Governor Chris Gregoire • Upon signing legislation today that legalized same-sex marriage in her state. The law is set to take place in June, but there’s a catch: If opponents of marriage equality succeed in putting a ballot initiative on the November ballot, the law won’t take effect until after the election returns in December. source

30 Dec 2011 12:15


Politics: On Kelly Clarkson, Ron Paul, and angry fan responses

  • For some Paul is seen as a homophobe and a racist. So for her fans, that may be sending them a message that she concurs with his homophobic and racist ideals. This is a problem since she does have a wide variety of die hard fans which include gays and a wide range of ethnicities who are offended by her endorsement.
  • Cooper Lawrence, author of the book “Cult of Celebrity” • Discussing why Kelly Clarkson’s endorsement of Ron Paul struck such a raw nerve with many of her fans yesterday. Part of it, perhaps, was the timing of Clarkson’s endorsement — Paul’s long-dormant newsletters, racially-tinged tomes which he’s long claimed he didn’t write but has never fully resolved honestly and openly, resurfaced just a week ago. (The Economist has a smartly-written piece on Paul that’s worth considering for these sentences: “In the end, Mr Paul’s obsession with the Fed is an anti-government conspiracy theory. And in America, anti-government conspiracy theories attract a lot of wingnuts, some of whom have never read Hayek or von Mises.”) For us, though, the real question is whether this whole affair will cause a big enough decline in Clarkson’s career to force a movie sequel: “From Kelly Back To Justin Again”? Justin Guarini’s floppy, Muppet-like hair is waiting for your call, Kelly.  source

07 Dec 2011 19:00


Politics: Guess we’ve gotta remark on this new Rick Perry ad

  • Rick Perry, jockeying for the anti-gay vote: This ad, called “Strong,” has the Texas governor promising to end the Obama administration’s “war on religion” and touting his commitment to Christianity. “Something’s wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military,” Perry says, “but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas, or pray in school.” It’s unclear what policies President Obama has put in place to deny kids the right to openly celebrate Christmas. As of this writing, the video has 675 likes and 26,650 dislikes. source

04 Oct 2011 15:12


Politics: House GOP triples budget to fight same-sex marriage

  • $1.5 million in funding to prevent gays from marrying source
  • » Don’t forget, this is taxpayer money, allocated by House Republicans to their legal counsel to defend DOMA in court. It was originally capped at $500,000, but that limit has since been tripled.

28 Jan 2011 15:10


World: Ugandan gay activist David Kato’s funeral marred by anti-gay pastor

  • Here’s what this Anglican pastor Thomas Musoke had to say: “The world has gone crazy. People are turning away from the scriptures. They should turn back, they should abandon what they are doing. You cannot start admiring a fellow man.” Hey, Mr. Musoke, this is a GAY MAN WHO WAS KILLED BECAUSE OF ANTI-GAY BIGOTRY. AND YOU HAVE THIS TO SAY AT HIS FUNERAL?!?!? This world is a disgrace sometimes, and we’re not sure we even want to be on the same planet as people such as these. David Kato was the gay activist beaten to death Wednesday, which we noted in an article that shocked many on Tumblrsource

27 Jan 2011 12:38


World: Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato beaten, killed in home

  • A sad day for human rights: Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato was found beaten to death in his home yesterday. His picture recently appeared on a Ugandan magazine next to the words “hang them,” a byproduct of a violent, anti-gay political climate fostered by David Bahati’s disgusting homosexuality legislation, which prescribes the death penalty for “serial offenders.” Bahati is a member of the potent U.S. Evangelical group “The Family,” home to many American politicos, so don’t expect this story to go away too easily. We hope like hell it won’t. source

03 Dec 2010 18:45


Culture, U.S.: Church pastor: Sure, we’re a hate group

  • I do hate homosexuals and if hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group, then that’s what we are.
  • Pastor Steven Anderson • Of the Faithful Word Baptist Church. The Tempe, Arizona church was recently classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group; this was the church’s response. source

10 Oct 2010 10:29


U.S.: 8 of 9 “despicable,” “cowardly” NYC hate crime suspects arrested

  • These suspects deployed terrible, wolf-pack odds of nine against one, which revealed them as predators whose crimes were as cowardly as they were despicable.
  • NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly • Regarding the recent hate crime allegedly committed by nine gang members against three gay men in three separate attacks last weekend. We won’t go into all of the details of the brutal attack, but we’ll note that it’s bad enough that the suspects allegedly went out of their way to clean up the crime scene – painting walls, removing carpet and even dumping bleach down the drains. Honestly, that speaks volumes of how bad it was. Yikes. Eight of the nine suspects have already been apprehended in a crime mayor Michael Bloomberg says “sickened” him. He hopes their speedy arrests will let others know that people who commit hate crimes in the city “will go to jail for a very long time.” source

21 May 2010 07:20


World: In Malawi, gay rights isn’t exactly a “thing” they promote

If nothing else, the country, which just jailed two gay men for indecent acts, has pretty clever signs. Oh, and apparently a very conservative culture. source

09 Apr 2010 21:39


Politics: Poll: Tea partiers may have more racist and homophobic attitudes

  • 35% of tea party supporters agree that blacks are largely hard-working,
    vs. 55 percent of
    anti-tea partiers
  • 59% of tea party supporters think immigrants are stealing jobs from citizens, vs. 24 percent of anti-tea partiers
  • 36% of tea party supporters think gays should be
    allowed to adopt,
    vs. 87 percent of anti-tea partiers source