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13 Feb 2012 15:39


Politics: Washington legalizes same-sex marriage…but there’s an asterisk

  • I’m proud that the children in our schools and neighborhoods will no longer have to wonder why their loving parents are considered somewhat different than other loving parents.
  • Washington Governor Chris Gregoire • Upon signing legislation today that legalized same-sex marriage in her state. The law is set to take place in June, but there’s a catch: If opponents of marriage equality succeed in putting a ballot initiative on the November ballot, the law won’t take effect until after the election returns in December. source

08 Feb 2012 02:00


Politics: “Judge Reinhardt wrote his opinion for an audience of one: Justice Kennedy”

  • Judge Reinhardt does not hold there is a right to same sex marriage, only that CA had no rational reason to take away the label of marriage for use by gay and lesbian couples after the state had had already given it. By crafting the argument in this way, and making the case that the only reason for passing Prop. 8 was anti-gay animus, Judge Reinhardt has given Justice Kennedy a way to decide the case without embracing a major holding recognizing a right to same sex marriage generally.
  • Rick Hansen • Regarding the nature of the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling on Proposition 8 earlier today. Hansen is suggesting that Judge Reinhardt cast the ruling in an intentionally narrow sense so as to make it easier for Justice Kennedy, the Supreme Court’s most notorious swing voter, to uphold it on appeal. The distinction we made earlier could thus affect the future of gay marriage in California. In short, court rulings often possess a strategic, as well as a legal, foundation. source

23 May 2011 21:51


U.S.: Silver lining: Financial meltdown saved marriages!

  • 5% of married couples were considering a divorce prior to the recession
  • 38% of those couples put their plans on hold once the recession hit source
  • » Follow our logic here: George W. Bush fancied himself a man of family values, right? And surely, there’s no greater family value than the institution of marriage. The economic policies put forth by Bush plunged our country into a recession, at which point couples that may have gotten divorced stayed together due to lack of funds. So in a weird way, Bush accomplished his goal. He saved marriage! Yay! This theory is perfect!

20 Apr 2011 23:19


U.S.: A majority of Americans support same-sex marriage

  • YES polling indicates majority support for gay marriage
  • In 1988, 10% of Americans supported equal marriage rights. Now, after twenty-three years of rather intense political struggles, proponents of gay rights can plausibly claim a mandate. Polling over the last eight months strongly suggests that a majority of Americans—51% in the latest CNN poll—support same-sex marriage, and while public policy regrettably hasn’t caught up with public opinion yet, this is nonetheless a huge milestone for the gay rights movement, and civil rights as a whole. The aforementioned CNN poll was the fourth in eight months implying majority support.
  • 2009 two years ago, opponents of gay marriage outweighed supporters by 11%
  • 2012 in a year and a half, gay marriage advocates will outnumber opponents by 16% (if current trends continue)
  • 4% per-year increase in support for gay marriage since 2008; usually, it’s usually around 1-2% per year source

17 Feb 2011 10:53


World: Same-sex civil unions about to become legal in Hawaii

  • YES Neil Abercrombie plans to sign the successful bill source

22 Nov 2010 20:13


Culture, U.S.: Depressing: Plurality against children for same-sex couples

  • 43% think same-sex parents are “bad for society” source

21 Nov 2010 12:54


World: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Girls should marry before they’re 18

  • 15 the age girls can get married in Iran (upgraded from nine in 2004)
  • 16-18 the age Ahmadinejad thinks that girls should get married
  • 19-21 the age Ahmadinejad thinks guys should get married source
  • » Why so young? Well, strangely, hardline Iranian leaders think that waiting to get married helps to encourage the “spread of immorality among youth.” Conversely (and strangely), they’re also worried about high rates of divorce, which logic dictates might be caused by people who get married too early. Ahmadinejad says that there’s no reason that women should wait until they’re 24 to get married. We have a pretty good one, actually – so you won’t get divorced before you’re 24.

08 Sep 2010 09:06


Culture: How Rodney King’s beating reportedly led to his engagement

  • 1991 Rodney King is brutally beaten by a bunch of police officers. It’s caught on tape.
  • 1992 An initial not guilty verdict in his police brutality case sparks off the L.A. riots.
  • 1994 After winning a $3.8 million civil suit, he briefly dates one of the jurors in the case.
  • 2010 On a hunch, he calls the juror to say hello; now they’re reportedly engaged. source

04 Aug 2010 20:19


01 Aug 2010 11:07


Culture: So, apparently Bill Clinton’s daughter got married yesterday

Fun fact about Chelsea’s wedding yesterday – Julius got arrested. We told him not to go, but he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stalk her one last time. source