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03 Mar 2011 10:59


U.S.: Twenty years after Rodney King, the LAPD’s view on cameras evolves

  • Early on in their training, I always tell them, ‘I don’t care if you’re in a bathroom taking care of your personal business…. Whatever you do, assume it will be caught on video.’ We tell them if they’re doing the right thing then they have no reason to worry.
  • LAPD officer and recruit supervisor Sgt. Heather Fungaroli • Offering a fairly fresh assessment on the how the police department now views video. Twenty years ago, a video clip turned their whole view on the matter inside-out. The clip of Rodney King’s beating by multiple police officers, and the subsequent “not guilty” verdict in the case, led to a major riot in the city that drew national attention and led to 50 deaths. These days, the police force is quickly putting more cameras in police cars and even has its own videographers to cover incidents – advances which not only ensure better cop conduct but can help exonerate them in legal cases. source

08 Sep 2010 09:06


Culture: How Rodney King’s beating reportedly led to his engagement

  • 1991 Rodney King is brutally beaten by a bunch of police officers. It’s caught on tape.
  • 1992 An initial not guilty verdict in his police brutality case sparks off the L.A. riots.
  • 1994 After winning a $3.8 million civil suit, he briefly dates one of the jurors in the case.
  • 2010 On a hunch, he calls the juror to say hello; now they’re reportedly engaged. source