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09 Apr 2010 21:39


Politics: Poll: Tea partiers may have more racist and homophobic attitudes

  • 35% of tea party supporters agree that blacks are largely hard-working,
    vs. 55 percent of
    anti-tea partiers
  • 59% of tea party supporters think immigrants are stealing jobs from citizens, vs. 24 percent of anti-tea partiers
  • 36% of tea party supporters think gays should be
    allowed to adopt,
    vs. 87 percent of anti-tea partiers source

23 Mar 2010 20:35


Politics: Mimes know how to deal with xenophobes at immigration rallies

  • Whoever came up with this way of handling dissenting opinion (making Roy Beck of anti-immigration group NumbersUSA basically freak out in this clip due to all the balloons and noisemakers) deserves a gold star and a cookie. If the tea partiers did this instead of getting all angry and stuff, Sarah Palin would probably be president right now. source