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14 Nov 2011 10:05


Tech: Wikipedia co-founder mistaken for Julian Assange by immigration agent

  • No, no, no. Different guy. Not wanted in Sweden.
  • Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales • Revealing, under embarrassing circumstances, that he had been mistaken for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange by an immigration official in Britain. This despite the fact that Wales runs one of the most popular sites on the Internet. And he likes using this power to stare at you. Wales used the point to emphasize, despite his site’s massive growth, he’s managed to remain mostly anonymous. Good work, son. You proved Julian Assange has more influence than you. Time to update your Wikipedia page. source

14 Jul 2011 11:23


U.S.: Carmageddon officials weirded out by bizarre requests

  • In planning for this closure, we gathered the best emergency around. We tried to think of everything but some of these requests are beyond even what we had anticipated.
  • Cmdr. Andy Smith • Expressing bewilderment at some of the ideas thrown in the general direction of officials planning for this weekend’s “Carmageddon” in Southern California —including a block party on the Santa Monica Boulevard ramp leading to Interstate 405, a group of bicyclists who want to ride down a steep incline, and some marketing dudes who wanted to use graffiti to promote the new “Planet of the Apes” movie. All of these incredibly awesome ideas were nixed due to safety concerns. Bummer. Fly jetBlue instead, dudes. source

07 Apr 2011 23:18


Offbeat: An April Fools’ Day prank so effective, we’re posting about it April 7th

  • If only all April Fools’ Day jokes were this successful. Our question: Who, seriously, would fall for such a thing? On April Fools’ Day, even? source

18 Sep 2010 15:25


Culture: Porn stars: We’re starving; pay for our greatest resource, porn

  • “This is my serious face.” No irony exists in this video, created a few months ago by a porn-industry group called the Free Speech Coalition and featuring numerous porn stars and behind-the-scenes figures, whose wholesome livelihoods are getting greatly damaged by the so-called “Tube” sites that offer a similar product for free. Apparently the popularity of those sites have knocked porn-company revenues down by a third or more. Which is why these porn stars decided to put their clothes on for a change. They’re all ready for the congressional hearing. source

30 Jul 2010 13:18


Politics: Peter King & Anthony Wiener: The Lemmon & Matthau of politics

  • Mediaite totally played up this Fox News clip as a “great television moment,” but before the two minute point or so, we were a bit skeptical. The issue? 9/11 first responder health care benefits – a bill which didn’t pass the House despite it being, you know, 9/11 first responder health care benefits. In the clip, Peter King first gets his point across, Anthony Wiener just stands there, livid. The second Wiener starts talking, it immediately lives up to the hype. For fans of wonkery, this is your “Citizen Kane.” (Side note: Thanks to Mediaite for improving your embeds!) source

27 Jun 2010 11:57


U.S.: Colorado’s medical marijuana biz revels in capitalism

Thanks to Obama’s loosening of marijuana regulation, business is booming in Colorado, which doesn’t force non-profit status on pot dispensers. source

03 Jun 2010 22:56


Culture: Conan handles the live-show wilderness with a dance-off or two

  • To those who say Conan isn’t funny and never has been, we submit this clip, where he engages in a dance-off with Stephen Colbert (and later, Jon Stewart). Full of win.

28 May 2010 11:48


Offbeat, Tech: Opera is faster than a potato, but does it really matter?

  • Google Chrome’s impressive browser tests were very ripe for a parody, and Opera has heeded the call with this awesome ad, which tries to see whether Opera is faster than a potato. (Spolier alert: Yes.) Nice execution, dudes.

11 May 2010 11:00


U.S.: Chatroulette’s maker more interested in surprise nudity than school

  • The last three years at school, I haven’t done anything. I just can’t make myself. There’s so much interesting stuff in the world, and I have to sit there with textbooks?
  • Chatroulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy • Regarding his feelings on school. An apparent juvenile delinquent, the Russian teenager created his way out of ever needing to finish school with Chatroulette, which is insanely popular, to the point that he only started making an effort to crack down on the nudity after Ashton Kutcher personally said something to him about it. Which is kind of hilarious. Actually, everything about this story is awesome. Well, except for the nudity. That’s pretty scary. source

10 May 2010 11:20


Offbeat: Turtles not exactly the fastest form of canine transportation

  • After the Greek debt crisis leaves us all broke and without means to support ourselves, we won’t find the humor in videos of dogs riding turtles. So we might as well take advantage of it now before the world ends. So, without further ado, a dog riding a turtle.