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03 Jan 2011 11:03


Culture: Macaulay Culkin home alone, without Mila Kunis. Sigh

  • Eight years is a long time for a couple to be together when they haven’t married. Especially in Hollywood, where it seems like couples break up every week. So it’s understandable that one might feel bad for Macaulay Culkin, who has been dating Mila Kunis (the girl who started out as a co-star of “That ’70s Show” and the voice of the frumpy girl on “Family Guy,” and ended up a probable Oscar winner for “Black Swan”) for eight years. Poor Mac. Dude has had an ultra-weird life, but the normalcy of dating Mila Kunis probably helped. source

18 Sep 2010 15:25


Culture: Porn stars: We’re starving; pay for our greatest resource, porn

  • “This is my serious face.” No irony exists in this video, created a few months ago by a porn-industry group called the Free Speech Coalition and featuring numerous porn stars and behind-the-scenes figures, whose wholesome livelihoods are getting greatly damaged by the so-called “Tube” sites that offer a similar product for free. Apparently the popularity of those sites have knocked porn-company revenues down by a third or more. Which is why these porn stars decided to put their clothes on for a change. They’re all ready for the congressional hearing. source

10 Aug 2010 23:09


Offbeat: Woman has insane overreaction over Chicken McNuggets

  • Look, sometimes you’re hungry. Sometimes you’re emotional. Sometimes you really want some Chicken McNuggets. Sometimes you have to hit an employee. And sometimes you have to smash a window or two. Fair enough. source

06 Aug 2010 11:30


U.S.: Wanna see a pretty depressing number? Click this thang here

  • 71,000 freaking jobs added in July source

01 Aug 2010 12:14


Culture: A man’s life, recalled in thousands of Polaroid photos

  • A wild idea with a sad ending. A couple years ago, Chris Higgins of Mental Floss came across a man’s photos – apparently, he took one Polaroid every day for 18 years, in a period ranging from 1979 to 1997. What forced him to stop? Well, he got cancer. What started out as an goofy collection of photos grows much sadder and more emotionally gripping – and then, one day, it stops. Jamie Livingston‘s life. What a gut punch of a find. source

31 Jul 2010 16:58


Culture: “The Thief and the Cobbler,” the saddest story in film history

  • In the era of startup culture, there’s much to learn from Richard Williams. Williams, a brilliant, highly respected animator, had a crazy dream to build his own masterpiece, based loosely on Persian culture. Williams started the project in 1968 as a side-project on top of a bunch of other things, and later turned his skill into a gig as animation director for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” which won him a bunch of Oscars. That’s where the trouble began.
  • losing a projectThe film, built around two largely mute characters, was picked up by Warner Bros. in the late 1980s. They eventually grew angry with Williams after he went over deadline and over budget, and dropped out of the project altogether. The insurance company then kicked Williams out of his own project. The heartless bastards! What nerve!
  • blame “ALaddin”At the time that “Thief” had been pulled out from under Williams, a movie greatly inspired by his work was being produced by Disney. “Aladdin” was a monster success. When “Thief” was finally released as “Arabian Knight” in 1995, it was loaded with unnecessary dialogue, terrible songs, and cheap, awful animation. And it bombed.
  • legacy and lessons“Thief,” a massive failure that Williams doesn’t talk about anymore, has been re-cut by a fan (see above), but it’s not the same. If you ever needed proof that sometimes money ruins great things, here you go. Protect your ideas. Protect their integrity. Fight for their creative purity. It can be taken away like that. source

28 Jul 2010 10:57



06 Jul 2010 20:42


Culture: We admit, this Lindsay Lohan sentencing video broke us

  • We’re not completely made of stone. Heck, some might argue we’re made of softer substances, like flesh and bone. Those jerks would be wrong, but still, it’s worth emphasizing that seeing Lohan as a bucket of emotions is pretty powerful. Even constant tabloid subjects have souls.

06 Jul 2010 20:34


Culture: Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail, but who’s getting punished?

This just in: Jail has been sentenced to 90 days of Lindsay Lohan.Tue Jul 06 23:53:33 via Twitter for iPhone

  • The tall, lanky guy from “Avatar” gets it right. This is not a punishment for Lindsay Lohan. She’s so trashed that she won’t even notice what’s going on. The prison population on the other hand? They get screwed because they have to deal with Lohan for 90 days. Who wins? Twitter users sick of listening to Justin Bieber’s screed. source

22 May 2010 16:35


Tech: It’s official: Apple ditches its classic “Get A Mac” ads

The Apple exec who decided to get rid of these always-funny commercials should be fired. Unless it was Steve Jobs. Then he shouldn’t be. source