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23 Jan 2012 11:23


Tech: YouTube’s quickly growing — both in terms of uploads and videos streamed

  • 4 billion videos streamed on YouTube every single day (whoa)
  • 60 hours amount of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute
  • 3 billion number of videos the company monetizes each week source
  • » A quickly growing tally: With Google’s quickly-growing advertising prowess, the company is constantly looking for new ways to monetize content. And with YouTube, it offers a lot of opportunities to build upon the $5 billion in revenue it makes each year from graphical ads (many of which run alongside YouTube videos). The level of uploads and views is quickly growing, too: A year ago, the company had 48 hours of video uploaded per minute back in May, and the level of overall video views jumped by 25 percent from eight months ago.

02 Jan 2012 11:41


Tech: Wikipedia’s parent raises tons of cash from yearly fundraiser

  • $20 million in donations raised by the Wikimedia Foundation source
  • » Wikimedia’s best year ever: More that 1 million people donated to the Wiki-cause, a campaign that draws a bit of parody over the somewhat in-your-face nature of the fundraising calls. Honestly, they seemed a little bit more in your face in 2011 than 2010. Do you think Wikipedia should just start running modest ads? As one of the largest sites on the internet, they could easily hit the $20 million mark with some text ads. It’d be a lot less in-your-face, that’s for sure.

28 Sep 2011 23:56


Tech: Voltaire? Really, Kindle? That’s how you’re gonna play this?

  • “Fire” still looks cool, though: We kind of hate the pretentiousness of this entire ad. Amazon just released this ad to promote the new Kindle Fire … which appears to imply that a Voltaire quote inspired the name. Steve Jobs is probably cursing the hipster marketers at Amazon for just being so dang indie. How can the iPad compete with that?! source

28 Jul 2011 14:30


Tech: Twitter revamps ad offerings to entice more advertisers

  • “Promoted tweets” will now show up directly in Twitter users’ feeds. But they won’t be like ordinary tweets — they’ll appear near or at the top of users feeds, with a little promoted thing nearby (see above). Before, promoted tweets would only show up if a user searched for something relevant — now they’ll show up if you follow a company’s account. “When we decide to follow a favorite brand, business or charitable organization, we expect to be among the first to get a special announcement, access to exclusive content or a great offer,” Twitter stated in a blog post. “That’s why starting today, we’re introducing a way to ensure that the most important tweets from the organizations you follow reach you directly.” Essentially, advertisers pay to ensure visibility. source

11 Apr 2011 22:23


Tech: Amazon drops its Kindle price again … well, kinda

  • deal Amazon just dropped the price of its low-end Kindle by $25, from roughly $139 to $114 … making it an even easier impulse buy.
  • catch The cheaper Kindle will have ads — which will show up in menus and screen savers, but not while you’re actually reading a book. source

17 Jan 2011 11:18


World: China trying to look warmer, fuzzier to skeptical Americans

  • problem One in five Americans claim that China is the biggest threat to the U.S., way above any other country, probably because they stole all the jobs or something like that.
  • solution When President Hu Jintao is in the U.S., China plans to air ads on American TV in an attempt to soften their image. Hey, Yao Ming! Whoa, a Chinese astronaut! source

19 Dec 2010 22:59


Tech: Do Facebook’s new wider ads invade your space too much?

  • Does Facebook disrespect our space by constantly changing its design? And should we complain about it? One thing you may not have noticed about Facebook’s latest design change is that the ads got a lot bigger and more horizontal, at the cost of social media real estate. While we’d argue that it’s not nearly as big a deal as it seems, digital media strategist David Dalka (writing for TechCrunch) would argue that it’s something you should be angry about. “An offline analogy,” Dalka suggests, “might be when a television channel turns down the volume of their shows, while keeping the volume of commercials higher.” We’re not sure if wider column width is the new Billy Mays, but it’s an interesting argument, to say the least.  source

21 Nov 2010 11:30


Biz: In this post, we give the L.A. Times crap for having too many ads

  • We rip on the L.A. Times a lot for the massive amount of advertising it runs on its front page, on the front page of its Web site, and other places. One place we haven’t run them over the coals over is the article pages that often get linked on Google News. Above the ad is another 728×90 ad. So, in other words, you have FOUR ads above the fold. FOUR. And here’s a article about the dangers of buying precious metals from certain firms. And it’s surrounded by ads … that encourage you to buy precious metals. Whoever is on the staff of the ad side of the L.A. Times needs to do some serious thinking about the kind of precedent the heavy advertising creates for their paper. Because, we’ll tell you now – it’s not a good one. source

17 Nov 2010 10:42


Tech: Most popular plugin ever: Adblock Plus. Publishers grow very sad

  • 100
    number of downloads the plugin, most popular on Firefox, has had since it was released in 2006
  • 12.3
    number of active users the plugin currently has, which means millions in lost advertising income source

06 Nov 2010 12:30


Culture: Fark’s brilliant “Scott Pilgrim” ad: You need the Konami Code

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A: Put this key combination into the Fark homepage and you’ll be dragged into a Scott Pilgrim mini-game that makes us all of a sudden want to forgive Drew Curtis for being so rash the other day. source