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22 Nov 2010 09:58


Offbeat: Some genius figured out how to put Jimmy Wales on every site

  • Meet our new favorite extension ever. Some clever bastard decided to make a Google Chrome extension that takes those Jimmy Wales guilt-you-into-donating banners and puts one on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Here’s one on, just to show the power of this amazing, immaculate banner. Worth an installation just for a laugh.¬†source

17 Nov 2010 10:42


Tech: Most popular plugin ever: Adblock Plus. Publishers grow very sad

  • 100
    number of downloads the plugin, most popular on Firefox, has had since it was released in 2006
  • 12.3
    number of active users the plugin currently has, which means millions in lost advertising income source

25 Oct 2010 10:16


Tech: Firesheep: Bringing light to a serious problem, but at what cost?

  • From a hacker’s perspective, releasing this was a good idea. Firesheep is a Firefox plugin that allows you to spy on people’s cookies from within a wi-fi network, effectively allowing you to log into other people’s accounts without knowing their passwords. Great, this will get people to work on this very significant issue and force HTTPS connections. But the problem is, you’ve released an exploit that makes it easy for people to spy on anyone, something that anyone can use. And most of those people will not have the idealistic ethics of the creator of this program. Yes, you’ll get Facebook to use HTTPS, even though it’ll cost them money. But you’ve enabled script kiddies to read personal information at coffee shops everywhere. Not everyone is a hacker. Not everyone is going to appreciate the existence of this. They’ll just feel violated. source

08 Oct 2009 23:04


Tech: Eolas, the biggest patent troll ever, is trolling for more lawsuits

  • 23 companies, including Apple and Google, were sued source