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12 Apr 2011 16:18


Offbeat: Obama brain surgery scar conspiracy hits the web

  • At absolutely any cost: Conspiracy theories can be dangerous at their logical extremes. That said, they can also be pretty funny, when the jumps in logic and assumptions become so pronounced and inane that you can almost see the rumor’s creator feverishly hammering a square peg against a round hole. With that in mind: this picture proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our President has had brain surgery. See that innocuous looking, faint line through the side of his hair? That’s hard proof. And if somebody’s been tinkering inside Obama’s brain… well, just think of the implications of that! (h/t Mediaite) source

14 Feb 2011 14:23


Politics: thinks they may have video proof of apocalypse

  • journalism? “The Fox Nation is committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse, and fair and balanced coverage of the news,” says the mission statement at, an online arm of the Fox News Channel.
  • nope! “Is this the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?” So asks Clayton Morris, a Fox News weekend anchor, whose ludicrous claim of end-times evidence was then reblogged by (big hat tip to Mediaite on this). source

17 Sep 2010 20:41


01 Sep 2010 20:44


U.S.: A numerical breakdown of James J. Lee’s many demands

  • 15 uses of the word “must” in Lee’s epic eco-manifesto
  • 32uses of the word “human,” the target of his ire
  • 14uses of the word “stop”; he’s very demanding in this thing
  • two uses of the word “need”; they come at the end of the manifesto source
  • » The brunt of his argument: Lee, who admits to being inspired by Daniel Quinn (whose bestseller “Ishmael” currently ranks number 317 on Amazon’s book listings) thinks that humans are causing many bad things in the world, and he wants them to stop their damage and destruction. So, he’s suggesting the network create a new game show that will encourage humans not to procreate. In general, he thinks that the world needs fewer humans, because they cause great damage to the planet. He’s a rare breed – he’s not pro-life or pro-choice. He’s anti-life. That’s rare.

21 Aug 2010 12:02


World: Well, that was fast: Rape charges dropped against Wikileaks founder

  • 6 the number of hours that the stupid case had big media play source

07 Aug 2010 14:15


Offbeat: Just what the world needed: Topography, in carpet form

It’s a good thing foam isn’t painful. This little guy is walking on a “topographical carpet” – a series of foam bars designed to look like a topographical map. Neat. source

31 Jul 2010 10:38



30 Jul 2010 21:53


05 Jul 2010 09:49


Tech: Glenn Beck has an online university, a crazy demeanor

  • If this shows up on a resume, potential employer, you know what to do. The Fox News and radio host, who has a tendency to bring up Nazis at a moment’s notice, is starting an online university, complete with professors, which plans to “show you how they influence America’s past, her present and most importantly her future.” It’s kinda like Regent University or Oral Roberts University, except the graduates come out even stupider than before. If Julius had his own university, he’d teach you how to rant in 200 words or less. source

23 May 2010 12:03


Offbeat: Belgian dude loves his marbles while in the process of losing them

  • This is like an episode of “The Office.” This Belgian dude, 72, spends his days playing with marbles. He has his own room set aside just for the purpose of playing with marbles. He’s had the obsession since he was 12. Look, we understand obsession. We run a blog. But, come on. This is pathetic.