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18 May 2011 00:25


Politics: Trying too hard: Dan Adler’s unfortunate quest to go viral

  • Wannabe Rep. Dan Adler really wanted to go viral. The Democratic entertainment exec, who is gunning for Jane Harman’s vacated seat in an election whose primary took place Tuesday, has released dozens of clips on his official YouTube channel in an attempt to go viral. Clips featuring his son saying the word “shit.” Clips with Adler sitting on a donkey’s ass. Clips featuring celebrities like Sean Astin and Patty Duke (since this is an L.A.-based district). But the clip above, where he talks to a couple of Korean-Americans about he’s just like them and how they should “stick together” — an ill-advised racial approach which has brought hellfire and brimstone, along with a bizarre endorsement from Glenn Beck of all people — was the one that actually did. (Yeah, he’s probably gonna lose this primary … badly.) source

12 May 2011 17:08


Politics: Meghan McCain responds to Glenn Beck’s “vomiting” at the sight of her

  • There really is no need to make something like my participation in a skin cancer PSA into a sexist rant about my weight and physical appearance, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Glenn: You are the only one who looks bad in this scenario, and at the end of the day you have helped me generate publicity for my skin cancer PSA, a cause that I feel quite passionate about.
  • Meghan McCain • Responding to Glenn Beck’s rather terrible criticism (if you can call pretending to vomit at the sight of somebody a criticism) of her involvement in a PSA about skin cancer awareness. The spot features a myriad of pseudo-celebrities posing in ways to make them seem nude, without showing anything explicit. Presumably because Meghan is a bit curvier than some of the others, Glenn Beck decided it was a ripe time to pretend to puke for a few minutes. McCain is absolutely right about this. Beck looks like the worst kind of crass antagonist, a millionaire in his middle age acting like some petulant, unfunny little boy because a younger woman doesn’t suit his ideal of beauty. It’s wholly sexist, and utterly shameful. source

21 Mar 2011 00:00


Politics: Max Headroom: Glenn Beck, Lawrence O’Donnell ignore Japan for pettiness

  • Meanwhile, while Glenn Beck and Lawrence O’Donnell are arguing/agreeing about whether or not the Japan nuclear crisis is going to end the world (it’s not), thousands have been killed, thousands more are currently without a roof over their head, and millions more could face electricity issues for months after the Japan quake seriously damaged the power grid. Good to see they’re keeping things in perspective by arguing over who’s right. source

17 Feb 2011 20:14


U.S.: Glenn Beck rips on Google because of Wael Ghonim. WTF?

  • And so it begins: “I’m really not sure I want my search engine involved in government overthrows,” says Glenn Beck, who did exactly what we pointed out might be the side effect of Wael Ghonim’s activism – that people would start ganging up on Google because of its employee’s side projects. “I’m not leading any boycott,” he said eventually. “I hate boycotts: you do with your time, your money, and your information what you want.  For me personally, I’m not feeling real comfortable about the current direction of Google, the more I find out.” He then goes into that kooky conspiracy theorist thing that he does. Shoot us now. source

17 Feb 2011 13:42


Politics: A quick look at what some right-wing folks think of the WI protests

  • beck “You are about to see this president start embracing the uprisings … the teachers unions and all of the unions that are marching on the streets.”
  • paul ryan “[Gov. Walker] wants public workers to pay half of what our private sector counterparts and he’s getting riots. It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days.”
  • malkin “If this brave Republican governor can stand up to the immense amount of power and thuggery, essentially, by these unions, it bodes very well for other states.” source

13 Jan 2011 22:17


Politics: Whoa! Glenn Beck has something nice to say about President Obama!

  • This is probably the best speech he has ever given, and with all sincerity, thank you Mr. President, for becoming the president of the United States of America last night.
  • Glenn Beck (!) • On President Obama’s speech last night. Is this the most complimentary thing Beck has ever said about Obama? Probably. But it wasn’t without a catch; Beck took a dig at Obama for saying “what he should have said on Saturday,” and added that “a leader says that on Day 1.” Still, not so bad from the guy who once called our President a racist. source

08 Dec 2010 23:15


Politics: Glenn Beck: Surprisingly good at explaining Julian Assange sex case

  • Glenn Beck has made a lot of wacko clips in his day, but this may be one of his most entertaining ever. In it, our boy explains in great detail what Julian Assange did to encourage his arrest on sex charges in Sweden. Beck’s main point in this clip? While he doesn’t like what Assange represents, something smells kinda funny to him. source

06 Oct 2010 22:34


Politics: If you haven’t seen the Donald Duck/Glenn Beck mashup yet …

  • The creator of this new classic has earned a full-on scornful reaction from Glenn Beck, who says that it’s “some of the best well-made propaganda I have ever seen.” And it is well-made. We disagree on the propaganda part. We think it’s less an attempt to attack Beck and more an attempt to make us question the political climate as a whole. Beck is just the easiest example of how this works. There’s no reason the creator couldn’t have used Hannity or Maddow or anyone else, left or right. The point is not simply the message, but the way that one hears and instantly accepts the message. To us, all this clip is saying is to remain skeptical of and diversify your sources of information. Just for sake of contrarian value, here’s the D.C. Examiner’s take, which is essentially that we should be questioning the politicians, not the talk-radio blabbers. source

13 Sep 2010 00:19


Politics: Bill Gates’ “death panels” fracas: We got his back here

  • Look, you know how this kind of thing works. Pretend that Bill Gates is shaped like an ACORN employee. Or maybe he’s looking a bit like Shirley Sherrod nowadays. Because, like those examples, this clip is only a minute long and takes some stuff he said out of context and makes him look like a monster. This guy is giving nearly all of his money away to charity! Not buying it. It’s a hit piece, pure and simple, and you should view it as such. And let’s face it – the way it was presented, it’s basically designed to be the kind of thing that’s going to gain traction in the mainstream press. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Let’s criticize him for things worthy of criticism, like that Seinfeld ad he didsource

31 Aug 2010 21:34


Politics: Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”: Well, the design is kinda cool

  • Credit where credit’s due: The Blaze, clearly Glenn Beck’s attempt at a Huffington Post-style site, has a design that tops pretty much every site of its kind out there. HuffPo is an exercise in throwing a ton of crap on a single page. The Daily Caller, while it had an engaging pitch at launch, definitely had a by-the-numbers design that looked out of date before it had ever heard of Journolist. The Blaze, while sticking with WordPress, has a downright elegant, photo-heavy, type-focused look. Too bad it’s as adversarial and divisive as Beck can be. source