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02 Mar 2012 17:38


Politics: Advertisers start pulling out of Rush Limbaugh’s show

  • 4 companies pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show today source
  • » Why? Because of this, of course. Really, we’re surprised that any advertisers offended by this weren’t offended by anything else Limbaugh’s said over the last twenty years. Regardless, advertisers aren’t the only ones reacting negatively to Limbaugh’s comments.

02 Mar 2012 17:34


Politics: The Republican establishment isn’t pleased with Rush Limbaugh

  • Rush’s attempt to increase his ratings and get noticed again do hurt Republicans…beating up on a college student is not good optics.
  • A senior Republican strategist • In response to Rush Limbaugh’s calling a pro-contraception college student a “slut” and a “prostitute” earlier this week. What we find interesting is that the speaker in question is identified by the Washington Post as “a senior party strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly out of wariness of crossing Limbaugh publicly.” This speaks not only to the enormous power Limbaugh wields amongst the Republican base, but also the sense of legitimacy that the GOP establishment continues to bestow upon him by refusing to denounce his statements publicly. To his credit, Rick Santorum, who’s as anti-contraception as anybody, called Limbaugh’s comments “absurd.”  source

24 Aug 2011 00:37


Culture: “Girls Gone Wild” founder accused of assault (again)

  • Noted sleazeball Joe Francis is in trouble with the law again. This time, the “Girls Gone Wild” founder and accused rapist is charged with false imprisonment and assault, and could serve five years in jail if convicted (it wouldn’t be his first time). The allegation: Three women entered Francis’ limo, believing he was giving them a ride to their car. When it became clear that they were actually headed to Francis’ home, they tried to get out, but Francis’ bodyguard, posing as a sheriff, prevented them from leaving. Once they arrived at the gated compound, Francis tried to pull one women away from her friends; when she resisted, he grabbed her by the throat and started slamming her head against a tile floor. This seems to be Francis’ modus operandi; two years ago, he was caught on video grabbing a woman by the hair and dragging her through a night club after she accidentally spilled a drink on him. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)  source

09 Aug 2011 20:16


Politics: Surprise: People find Newsweek’s Bachmann photo unflattering

  • No kidding: Newsweek’s cover on Rep. Michele Bachmann, the 2012 presidential candidate, has caused quite a stir on the interwebs over the past couple of days. It’s even inspired a couple of memes, though it’s mostly inspired anger over the magazine’s approach. Example: Terry O’Brien, the president of the National Organization for Women, said that “‘Queen of Rage’ is something you apply to wrestlers or somebody who is crazy.” Was this photo the best choice for the magazine’s cover? Take a look at the magazine’s own outtakes and judge for yourself. source

08 Jun 2011 21:24


U.S.: The gender pay gap: Still alive and kicking

  • $44,149 median starting salary for males with a bachelor’s degree, as of 2010
  • $36,451 median starting salary for a woman with the same degree source
  • » Just for the record, that’s a 17% difference between genders.

25 May 2011 23:25


Politics: Yes, MSNBC was right to suspend Ed Schultz

  • Un-ED-cceptable: MSNBC is giving Ed Schultz a one-week, unpaid timeout for calling Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut.” And good for them. Obviously, Laura Ingraham’s sex life is completely irrelevant to her political views, but more importantly, the use of the word “slut” as an insult implies that having many sexual partners is something bad, something to be ashamed of. This is exactly the kind of antiquated, 1950’s-era thinking that progressives have been trying to move past for the last fifty years, and for Schultz to resort to that kind of base rhetoric is not only offensive and inappropriate, it’s counterproductive to the cause he claims to champion. If anything, we say he got off easy. source

12 May 2011 17:08


Politics: Meghan McCain responds to Glenn Beck’s “vomiting” at the sight of her

  • There really is no need to make something like my participation in a skin cancer PSA into a sexist rant about my weight and physical appearance, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Glenn: You are the only one who looks bad in this scenario, and at the end of the day you have helped me generate publicity for my skin cancer PSA, a cause that I feel quite passionate about.
  • Meghan McCain • Responding to Glenn Beck’s rather terrible criticism (if you can call pretending to vomit at the sight of somebody a criticism) of her involvement in a PSA about skin cancer awareness. The spot features a myriad of pseudo-celebrities posing in ways to make them seem nude, without showing anything explicit. Presumably because Meghan is a bit curvier than some of the others, Glenn Beck decided it was a ripe time to pretend to puke for a few minutes. McCain is absolutely right about this. Beck looks like the worst kind of crass antagonist, a millionaire in his middle age acting like some petulant, unfunny little boy because a younger woman doesn’t suit his ideal of beauty. It’s wholly sexist, and utterly shameful. source

08 Feb 2011 22:11


Politics: Yikes: Cute babies + anti-violence commercials = Death threats

  • OK, this ad up here, which uses a cute baby (and we mean cuuuuuuute) to promote parenting that prevents violent offenders such as rapists, is anything but subtle, but the reaction to the ad is perhaps a little strong from some. The guy who created it, Josh Jasper of the Riverview Center in Dubuque, Iowa, is getting death threats because the ad was perceived as anti-male. “I appreciate and respect when people have differing viewpoints,” Jasper said. “But for individuals to take it to a personal level and threaten my life, that’s taking it too far.” The melding of visuals and messages in this ad make us a little uncomfortable, but honestly? It’s not really that bad considering what’s out there. And the message is good, even if the execution is a little overwrought. Disagree with someone. Don’t call their house. (thanks think4yourself & azspot) source

30 Nov 2009 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Chris Matthews has the biggest talking head of all

  • Yeah, that’s him Family Guy recently had a pretty spot-on parody of Chris Matthews recently, noting both his forehead and the way that he never lets people finish. Hilarious. (On a side note – NewsPolitics is no longer on YouTube, and are now hosted by Mediaite. That’s great, but: Dear Mediaite, fix your messy embed codes!)
  • She’s been there On “Fox News Sunday,” former Bush press secretary Dana Perino talked about her experiences with public events and how something like the gate-crashing incident could’ve happened. Ultimately, the main point she makes is that Obama wanted to lighten up White House security, but he really can’t do that.
  • A ticking time bombRecently, Glenn Beck made a reference to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu being a hooker for supporting the health care bill after multiple concessions for her state. Fellow radio host Bill Press says that Fox News – beyond showing hypocrisy for letting Beck be sexist – is setting themselves up for a huge, public Glenn Beck blow-up.

14 Sep 2009 10:01


Culture: “Family Guy” guy Seth MacFarlane interviewed by a total hater

  • Personally, I find the show’s rape jokes especially unfunny. In one episode, Peter learns that three co-eds were raped and murdered. He says to himself, ‘Everyone’s getting laid but me.’ Why is that funny?
  • New York Times Magazine reporter Deborah Solomon • Questioning Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane with the zest of a dimly-lit interrogation. Beyond this question, which clearly comes from someone who doesn’t like the show, she grills MacFarlane on other topics related to the Emmy-nominated show, such as sexism, abortion and the supposed low quality of the show’s animation. We hope he didn’t confess to a crime by accident. • source