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14 Dec 2011 21:08


Politics: MSNBC is sorry…for what, exactly?

  • An unnecessary apology? Yesterday, a post over at America Blog noted that “Keep America American,” a phrase Mitt Romney sometimes uses while campaigning, is also a slogan once used by the Klu Klux Klan. Now, while this is embarrassing for the Romney campaign, it’s probably not an intentional effort by Romney to co-opt the KKK’s message, or pander to the group’s base. That is, it’s almost certainly just an unfortunate coincidence. What’s odd, though, is that hours after reporting on the story, MSNBC felt the need to issue an apology. But why? We missed MSNBC’s original report, but as you can see above, Chris Matthews specifically apologizes for “report[ing] on a blog item that compared a phrase used by the Romney campaign to one used by the KKK way back in the 1920s.” But…the phrase was used by both groups. It’s a fact. MSNBC doesn’t dispute this. So why was it, in Matthews’ words, “irresponsible,” and indicative of an “appalling lack of judgement,” for the network to point it out? Can someone who saw the original report shed some light on this? source

03 Nov 2010 01:18


25 Oct 2010 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Juan Williams’ sloppy wet kiss from Fox News

  • Racism = Promotion? Newsbusters pulled this clip as if to vilify Andrew Sullivan for his views on Juan Williams, but it seems like they don’t have much to go on. It seems to us he’s questioning the corporate culture in general here.
  • Clip after clip Rachel Maddow made a good point about the Juan Williams thing here, noting that controversial comments about Muslims are a common theme on Fox News – and importantly, it’s not a first amendement issue.
  • After the storm On “Fox News Sunday,” there was a lot of rallying around Juan Williams, who is now a full-time anchor for the network. It seems, in fact, downright lovey-dovey. Aww, it’s a love-in with Brit Hume!

30 Jun 2010 21:23


Politics: Retreat your armies: Rick Barber’s big talk fades away on “Hardball”

  • Why do you keep saying government is tyranny?
  • Chris Matthews • During an interview with Alabama congressional candidate Rick “gather your armies” Barber, who completely flopped during his interview with the MSNBC talker. He doesn’t seem so convicted about his anti-income-tax, pro-rebellion criticisms in front of Matthews, who takes apart every claim of Barber’s colonial-motif ad and lays it flat on the table. It’s like Rand Paul, except more embarrassing. source

28 Jan 2010 10:58


Politics: “Forgot he was black”? Chris Matthews stumbles on his words

  • Dude. Dude. Dude. Why do pundits think it’s a good idea to bring up Obama’s race? It’s clearly a boondoggle every time it happens. He’s trying to make a good point about how his race doesn’t matter, but it’s worded so poorly that it just makes him look like a massive moron. “I maybe shouldn’t talk about it, but I am.” Yeah, pretty much.

07 Jan 2010 10:40


Politics: Chris Matthews sees only white tea leaves at GOP protests

  • “They’re all white. All of them, every single one of them is white.” Chris Matthews is a wee bit obsessed with the race of the Tea Partiers, noting that he doesn’t see a single non-white person in the mix. It’s a line begging for rebuke. And wouldn’t you look at that! There’s a couple black tea partiers, right on cue! source

30 Nov 2009 00:07


Politics: Max Headroom: Chris Matthews has the biggest talking head of all

  • Yeah, that’s him Family Guy recently had a pretty spot-on parody of Chris Matthews recently, noting both his forehead and the way that he never lets people finish. Hilarious. (On a side note – NewsPolitics is no longer on YouTube, and are now hosted by Mediaite. That’s great, but: Dear Mediaite, fix your messy embed codes!)
  • She’s been there On “Fox News Sunday,” former Bush press secretary Dana Perino talked about her experiences with public events and how something like the gate-crashing incident could’ve happened. Ultimately, the main point she makes is that Obama wanted to lighten up White House security, but he really can’t do that.
  • A ticking time bombRecently, Glenn Beck made a reference to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu being a hooker for supporting the health care bill after multiple concessions for her state. Fellow radio host Bill Press says that Fox News – beyond showing hypocrisy for letting Beck be sexist – is setting themselves up for a huge, public Glenn Beck blow-up.

24 Jul 2009 12:24


Politics: The Obama “birther” movement gets an iconic smackdown video

  • Chris Matthews pulls no punches in laying the smacketh down on Republican Congressman John Campbell, who’s co-sponsoring a bill requiring presidential candidates to provide U.S. birth certificates. However, this video doesn’t put the issue to rest for some, as the YouTube comments clearly question Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth. We’re convinced this issue won’t die simply.source