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09 Nov 2010 10:38


Culture: Conan’s late-night return means another amazing cold open

  • Must hand it to Conan. Dude knows how to make a cold open to start a series. There were many good parts of his debut, but the intro is perhaps our favorite (though the “comma Brett Favre’s penis” joke was definitely a winner, too). Will he be the new king of late night? Newsweek seems to think so. Go read the article and see if they’re full of crap or not. source

21 Oct 2010 11:52


Offbeat: Dallas local news station takes piss out of social media

  • This seems like a not-so-subtle attempt to remind people that for all those Web-centric services out there, the local news was first. Our favorite part is when they pull out the Skype. (Thanks Charles Apple for bringing this clip to our attention.)

06 Oct 2010 22:34


Politics: If you haven’t seen the Donald Duck/Glenn Beck mashup yet …

  • The creator of this new classic has earned a full-on scornful reaction from Glenn Beck, who says that it’s “some of the best well-made propaganda I have ever seen.” And it is well-made. We disagree on the propaganda part. We think it’s less an attempt to attack Beck and more an attempt to make us question the political climate as a whole. Beck is just the easiest example of how this works. There’s no reason the creator couldn’t have used Hannity or Maddow or anyone else, left or right. The point is not simply the message, but the way that one hears and instantly accepts the message. To us, all this clip is saying is to remain skeptical of and diversify your sources of information. Just for sake of contrarian value, here’s the D.C. Examiner’s take, which is essentially that we should be questioning the politicians, not the talk-radio blabbers. source

03 Sep 2010 09:43


Tech: TechCrunch relives the early Twttr days with an old-school logo

  • There has to be a good story behind this decision. TechCrunch redid its logo today, but they redid it to look exactly like Twitter’s original logo, launched way back in 2006. Arrington posted an article noting how he was sort of wrong about how Twitter’s success would play out, and it’s a bit hilarious to see how off-base some of the commenters were. Blast from the past, indeed. source

23 Aug 2010 20:45


Politics: Ahahahahahaha: The Tea-Partier’s guide to D.C., made by a genius

View The Tea Party Guide to DC in a larger map

  • To our friends visiting Washington on August 28th to take part in Glenn Beck’s no-longer-9/12 protests: Here’s your map. (And some guy also made a dead-serious guide, too.) Visit the monuments, but don’t you dare leave the blue zone, or you’ll be in the red zones that signify D.C. You don’t want to be caught dead in Dupont Circle. It’s the ‘hood. source

20 Jul 2010 14:55


Politics: When The Onion plays it subtle, Tea Partiers get fooled

  • You’d think that the Onion logo on this years-old video would hint to people that this is actually a satire. Or the fact that keeps repeating the word “classified.” Or the fact that he’s clearly talking about flesh-eating zombies. But no. In fact, this clip has been repeatedly posted on Facebook as if it’s actually real and confirming the Modern Tea Party’s greatest nightmare. Too subtle?

14 Jul 2010 20:36


Tech: Parody video: Apple ignores older phones in its iOS updates

  • Apple has a new beta of iOS 4 coming down the pipe to deal with the dropped calls angering iPhone 4 users, but the old users seem to have a legitimate beef. The guy who made this video, Adam Burtle, says that his phone only started feeling slow after he upgraded to the new iOS. “Apple’s firmware has become bloated, with respect to the processing power of the 3G iPhone,” he writes. We’re on iOS 3 still, and we’ve noticed a lot of lag lately. This guy isn’t alone.

27 Jun 2010 11:49


Culture: Yo, New York Post, tell us how you really feel about soccer

  • A couple of weeks ago, we debated on a message board with a couple of English soccer fans what the New York Post’s cover about its tie to England really meant. We thought it was brilliant commentary of the fair-weather nature of American soccer fans. This panel, which ran in today’s paper, basically confirms it. The New York Post is making fun of Americans’ anemic love of soccer.

25 Jun 2010 19:49


Offbeat: The Whitest Kids U’Know nail the game of politics

  • Let’s face it. Everyone’s known this about politics for years. It’s just a game of sanding off as much about your personality as possible in an attempt to not outwardly offend anyone. Unless you’re Alvin Greene. Then it’s a matter of getting through another interview without completely falling apart. That’s the kind of game that we like.

23 Jun 2010 21:52


Offbeat: Dear Onion: Your avant-garde Obama story is one of your greatest

Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

  • For people who think that avant garde music and film is completely stupid, The Onion agrees with you. They agree with you so much, in fact, that they created this spot-on parody of the avant-garde movement, using Obama’s weekly video addresses as a vector. It’s the funniest non-good-timing thing they’ve done in a while. source