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28 Dec 2010 22:54


Tech: Nerds devise crazy way to make computers insanely fast

  • [Field Programmable Gate Arrays] are not used within standard computers because they are fairly difficult to program but their processing power is huge while their energy consumption is very small because they are so much quicker – so they are also a greener option.
  • University of Glagsow researcher Dr. Wim Vanderbauwhede • On the amazing technological discovery he and a team have discovered – a method of creating computer chips that runs 20 times faster than modern computers, and can fit 1,000 cores (rather than one or two) on a single processor. Basically if this actually gets on a real consumer-purchasable computer in the next few years, Moore’s Law will be matched – and then some. The programming issue is kind of a big deal – if they can figure out a way to make these mega-processors convenient to program, it could be a huge deal and a major computing breakthrough. source

05 Oct 2010 23:02


U.S.: Cool commercial: Moleskine obsessed with Pac-Man, just like us

  • Holy crap. This commercial singlehandedly made Moleskine cool again. The question, of course, is whether or not we can get our black notebook to eat random sugar off a messy desk. source

20 Sep 2010 09:44


Culture: “My Generation” may be fake, but its iPad app is pretty real

  • While we admit to being disappointed that the plot to this ABC series isn’t actually a documentary where a bunch of kids were followed and retraced a decade later, we will admit that this is pretty cool. This iPad app can detect audio from the episode and provide cues from within the app. We live in the future, guys. Kinda. source

15 Sep 2010 10:27


World: Chocolate + DNA + Crazed Nuts = Cracking the cocoa genome

You must have a beard this long to unlock the secrets of how to make cocoa taste better. Or to play Santa Claus at the local orphanage. source

14 Sep 2010 11:14


Tech: 3D printing looks kinda like the wave of the future

Could 3D printing replace manual labor for manufacturing? Well, it’s off to a good start. This architectural model was printed using a 3D printer. source

12 Sep 2010 21:00


Tech: “Google Instant” trend continues, this time with “iTunes Instant”

  • Instant is still the new black. And this example, which uses iTunes, proves it. Stephen Ou, all of 15 years old, has coded functionality that people have felt was missing from iTunes for a while. He gets affiliate money from Apple, to boot. Pretty awesome if you ask us. source

03 Sep 2010 10:06



31 Aug 2010 09:42


25 Aug 2010 21:59


Tech: Notewire: Because you need to take notes, and paper sucks

  • Need to take some notes? Check out this new tool by friend of the site Jeff Greco. A combination webapp and bookmarklet, it allows you to take notes anywhere and pull them right up on your mobile phone. A neat little trick that might save you some time. source

22 Aug 2010 23:39


Tech: Kevin Rose thinks Apple’s going to own the living room with iTV

  • With Apple’s iAds, content producers (eg. ABC/NBC/etc.) can directly monetize and distribute their content. This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an internet connection. Say goodbye to your monthly cable bill.
  • Kevin “I founded Digg!” Rose • Making a bold prediction about the Apple TV … er, iTV. He claims that the device will disrupt a few industries, most notably cable, and that the iPad will work like a giant remote for the device. He’s got a spotty track record – while he nailed the iPod Nano’s first iteration, he embarrassingly got the iPhone really wrong (which he shouldn’t feel bad about, because a lot of people did). source