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06 Jun 2011 21:29


Music: Bridging the piracy gap: Apple’s iCloud cleverly inverts Napster 1.0

  • We totally have to give Apple credit: The conceit around the iTunes portion of the iCloud service, while not exactly what we expected (it’s not Lala 2.0, sadly), manages to pull off an interesting trick — it creates a revenue model from a place where only piracy existed before. By upgrading your music’s quality and making it easily accessible from the cloud, it adds value inexpensively, and gets around a major sticking point for the major labels cleverly. And music industry officials see it as a positive. “It allows for revenue to be made off of pirated music in a way that consumers don’t feel that’s what they’re paying for, and that’s what I find fascinating about it,” noted Jeff Price, the CEO of TuneCore Inc., which helps independent artists sell their music online. Our music anywhere for $25 a year? Sure, we’ll pay that. source

04 Mar 2011 15:56


Tech: Apple still doesn’t do streaming music yet, or why we miss Lala

  • issue Apple bought this really awesome company called Lala, then quickly killed it, making a few music fans (like us) start crying profusely. It killed a weekly music feature we had, quite sadly.
  • reason Well, Apple has a huge facility to allow this sort of streaming, but no streaming deals with the record labels – but they’re working on it. Note to Apple: Please make albums embeddable if this happens. source

23 Jan 2011 21:14


Tech: App Store milestone winner thought winning phone call was prank

  • The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a genuine call. The girls were getting quite tense. They never would have forgiven me. They would have held it against me for all eternity.
  • Gail “Thank you very much; I’m not interested” Davis • Revealing that she initially hung up on Apple as they offered her a $10,000 iTunes gift card for downloading the 100 billionth app from the store. Eventually realizing that she was the winner (her daughter downloaded the app), she frantically called back the help desk, getting an unhelpful person, then later got another phone call from Apple’s VP of iTunes. The lesson of this story: In case you’re ever presented with this situation, don’t do this. Alright, interwebs? source

22 Jan 2011 19:43


Tech: Like milestones? Apple’s App Store just reached a major one

  • 10 billion apps have been sold as of today; we downloaded a few source
  • » And the lucky winner: Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK, will be the lucky recipient of a lovely $10,000 iTunes gift card. Be sure not to spend that all on one app, OK? That Wolfram Alpha app is cool and stuff, but is it really worth it?

16 Nov 2010 10:04


Music, Tech: Yeah, Apple announced The Beatles on iTunes. Snore…. zzz

  • We’d like to thank The Wall Street Journal for making this so anticlimactic. source

15 Nov 2010 21:01


Culture: One more footnote from Apple vs. Apple: Mr. Guy Goma

  • One of the greatest gaffes in TV history, Guy Goma, a guy going for an interview in the BBC’s IT department, found himself on-air talking about the Apple Computer-vs.-Apple Corps case, which the Mac makers won in 2006. Goma, who has a very strong French accent, rolled with the punches when pretending to be tech journalist Guy Kewney. Kewney died earlier this year, while there was talk of a Guy Goma movie a while back. Wonder where that guy is.

15 Nov 2010 20:21


Music, Tech: The long, winding road between Apple Inc. and Apple Corps

  • It’s been a very long time coming. The Beatles and Apple have been on each other’s bad side for so long that the rock legends’ appearance on the Apple Store is almost anticlimactic, and likely to be incredibly boring. But the WSJ’s reporting that it’s finally going to happen. We’d like to remind you all how this happened and the stakes that were involved.
  • 1967 The Beatles form their own company, Apple Corps, which they used mostly for their own music.
  • 1976 Two computer nerds and a third guy still kicking himself found Apple Computer. It’s a big hit.
  • 1978 One Apple sues the other, and they make a deal not to encroach on each other’s businesses.
  • 2003 Apple starts up its iTunes Music Store, causing another lawsuit, which they won back in 2006.
  • 2010 Reports come out suggesting that The Beatles will finally be on the iTunes store. Finally. source

15 Nov 2010 11:16


Tech: iTunes has major announcement in store. We can’t wait.

  • “We’re getting rid of this crappy iTunes Music store and replacing it with Lala.” We can dream, can’t we? That site was freaking awesome. source

11 Oct 2010 23:18


Music, Tech: By catering to majors, eMusic loses a simple, effective model

  • simple eMusic starts out with a basic, credits-based model which allows you to download tons of indie music each month.
  • busy To win over Sony and Warner Bros., they slightly modify the model to make full albums worth a little more.
  • complex To win over Universal, eMusic will charge a variety of different prices for different songs. This is a bad idea. source
  • » And credits are going away, too: To win Universal over, they’re going to have to charge 89 cents per track for some of their songs. While this is cheaper than iTunes, it’s also nearly twice as much as many of their other tracks. We don’t know what eMusic’s profitability is like, but this, to us, feels like it’s going to backfire. The changes are a little too extreme, and it no longer feels like they’re the cheap alternative. Can we lament the loss of eMusic (circa 2007) yet?

12 Sep 2010 21:00


Tech: “Google Instant” trend continues, this time with “iTunes Instant”

  • Instant is still the new black. And this example, which uses iTunes, proves it. Stephen Ou, all of 15 years old, has coded functionality that people have felt was missing from iTunes for a while. He gets affiliate money from Apple, to boot. Pretty awesome if you ask us. source